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“Brian’s advice turned me from a hobby author into a professional

author earning my whole living from writing.” ~ Adam Lane Smith,

#1 Amazon bestselling author and writing coach

Pro Editing

Turn your 3-star writing into 5-star writing

Want your readers turning pages so fast their fingers blister? Looking to crack the top-ten in your genre and collect glowing reviews? Want to look like a professional and get book bloggers raving about your work?

To make money with your writing, you need to write like a professional. The main difference between amateur writers and professional writers is that professionals hire other professionals to polish up their works. Professional writing demands professional editing.

The proof is in the pudding. My #1 Amazon best seller clients keep coming back for more. Even writing coaches hire me to improve their work. And one author I helped had his very first novel nominated for a major literary award.

I’ve got years of experience both apprenticing under a professional editor and editing my own clients’ material. I won a Dragon award for my own published books. And I treat my clients like royalty. If you’re serious about maximizing your audience, and if you’re professional enough to work with an editor who gives you straightforward practical advice you can apply immediately, I stand ready to help you crank your 3-star book up to 5 stars.


I offer multiple packages based on client needs. My comprehensive editing package starts at $1,000 and includes both development editing and line editing. I also offer development editing and line editing individually starting at $600 each.

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