XSeed: SS After Action Report

Combat Frame XSeed: SS

The results are in! Not only did our amazing backers make Combat Frame XSeed: SS our fastest-funding Indiegogo campaign, you made it our biggest yet!

XSeed SS 861

XSeed S 821

Over an identical time span of 30 days, XSeed: SS raised $395 more than XSeed: S, with 13 more backers. Big thanks to everyone who's contributed!

To keep CFXS aficionados informed of the brand's status, here's an after action report on the initial leg of the campaign:
  • Combat Frame XSeed has legitimate juice as a brand. 
  • The current level of buzz & momentum it's generated mainly comes from the military thriller/sci fi market.
  • So far, significant penetration into the mecha sector has proven elusive.
  • Nevertheless, CFXS is approaching momentum levels sufficient to break into one or more new target markets.
  • That expansion will require adapting the IP into a new medium, specifically a visual one with a much lower end user time investment than books.
  • The Combat Frame XSeed: Pocket War card game is a prime candidate for that breakout adaptation.
  • Therefore, I have extended the campaign by 16 days, with a focus on drumming up card game playtest backers. This extension will hopefully fund the 3D-printed CF model stretch goal as well.
Combat Frame XSeed: Pocket War

If you're interested in card games that painstakingly simulate mech combat and reward sound tactics, we still have 3 Pocket War playtest perks left. Claim your seat at the table, and help Combat Frame XSeed reach the next level!


  1. Was happy to back this! FINALLY got around to reading XSeed which I backed to have a character named after me and was entertained throughout. Reading the second book now and will be purchasing the third via Amazon. Congrats on the successful campaign!

    1. Thanks for your support! I'm glad you're having fun.

  2. This is fantastic news, and if you can provide detailed information on how you know where that audience is coming from then I think I'd benefit from hearing it- as would other authors.

    1. My #1 funding source by far was my mailing lists. This blog came second and Twitter third.

      Facebook didn't bring in so much as a cent, which indicates it's a dead platform.