The Other Amazon

Amazon Diablo II

Original Diablo developer Mark Kern calls out Blizzard's woke revisionism in Diablo II: Resurrected.

Kern 1

Kern 2

Mark is better qualified to take Blizzard to task than most, being a pre-Ground Zero game dev from the days when developers made games for players, not for themselves.

Author Adam Lane Smith sums up Blizzard's aesthetic malpractice in one picture that speaks a thousand words.

Adam Smith Caesar

Caesar and the Amazon: separated at birth?

The evidence speaks for itself. AAA game studios no longer put serving their customers first. They haven't for a long time.

Instead, they serve the precepts of an inhuman cult that hates beauty - especially feminine beauty.

Playing Diablo II: Resurrected is tantamount to participating in a humiliation ritual. Don't give Blizzard the satisfaction.

Best-selling author Nick Cole offers firsthand testimony from AAA's fellow travelers in Hollywood.

White Christian Trash


  1. They are Amazons in the same way that teenage boys who think they are girls are women athletes. Removing feminine characteristics from characters that are supposed to be female makes as much sense as giving a Woman of the Year award to Bruce Jenner.

    1. We know that, and they know that, and they know that we know that, and we know that they know that we knoww that. The lie is entirely the point.

  2. Glad to see you covering this! I was fascinated by Mark's discussion, and that comment about white Christian trash. Women are being erased from this country: real, feminine women. It's horrifying.

    1. The openness is surprising. Yes they hate us. They are telling us straight to our faces. We should believe them.

    2. Chris

      It's not surprising. They can be brazenly open because they sense they'll victorious and be permanently ascendant. Thus they can crow histronically.

      Nick's rightbthe D+D's (druggies and deviants) have too much influence. Time to besiege them and starve them