With the Trump phenomenon gone the way of the Reagan Revolution and the Death Cult's shock troops strangling alternatives in the crib, we've gained enough distance to place the past five years in context.

One of the most tragic yet edifying spectacles of the last two presidential elections was the gang of oddballs that emerged from the woodwork to support Trump. In a parallel universe, some of them might have had careers at Fox News. Most missed their calling as circus ringmasters. All of them put all their chips on Trump, and all of them went bust.

Milo Yiannopoulos is the model of a cancelled MAGApede. With his Breitbart column, Twitter accounts, and college tour, he arguably moved the needle for Trump more than anyone but Ricky Vaughn.

By his own admission, MILO also fell the farthest. The Death Cult even used him as an example in their witch burning manual.

There's a wealth of other examples. Gavin McInnes went from an edgy ex-punk turned Proud Boys ringleader to a guy streaming out of a closet. Self-styled philosopher Stefan Molyneux has rebranded as a bitcoin bug. 

Don't forget eternal moderate Scott Adams. Browse his Twitter feed, and you get the impression it's all that's keeping him from bugging out to the desert to start a UFO cult.

Now, most of these MAGA camp followers weren't malicious. By and large they were niche figures kicking around social media in 2015 wondering why they didn't have Fox News sinecures. A handful were talented enough to have gone mainstream in a saner world.

What they couldn't have known was how gravely mistaken their conception of the world was. Back in 2015 everybody still thought we were living in a somewhat dysfunctional but ultimately salvageable democratic republic. We've now learned that we live in a banana republic instead.

Under the old assumptions, which were drilled into most of us since grade school, it made sense to think that betting big on Trump would land his coattail riders an equally big payoff. 

Instead, Trump did the political equivalent of buying the Washington Generals and hiring new players and coaches to break their losing streak. We've since found out there's no trophy, no endorsement deals, and in fact, no game. The team Trump nominally captained has no incentive to win, since they make more from losing.

Conservatives love poking fun of Leftists' self-proclaimed psychological problems. But they miss the beam in their own eye: crippling abandonment issues that have them perpetually in search of a daddy figure.

Americans hate hearing this, but Daddy left for cigarettes years ago, and he's not coming back. No strongman is coming to turn the clock back to 1988. This isn't your country anymore. It's not a country at all. It's a giant international airport concourse.

The cultural, political, and economic institutions are fully in Death Cult hands. That Cult will not countenance heretics in their ranks.

We can't overthrow the Cult's anti-morality at the ballot box. Nor will arguing on their terms defeat them. We were warned where abandoning Christianity would lead. Now we've arrived at the inevitable end of that road.

America is under divine judgment. The chastisement can no longer be averted. But it can always be mitigated if we repent and turn back to Jesus Christ.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. As the Good Book says,"put not your trust in princes".

  2. If you really still have the exact same views on what is happening that you did 7 years ago then you are really not paying attention.

    I find a lot of people aren't paying attention.

    1. 2019 Right Wing Pundit: "We'll build our own platforms where we can freely speak our minds. Getting canceled just takes the limiters off!"

      2021 RW Pundit with the Limiter off: "MAGA is the bee's knees, yo!"

  3. Anonymous comments are not allowed.

    Regarding Milo, hearing of his repentance has been quite a white pill.

  4. We are under divine judgment, and boy do we deserve it. The best thing to do is to realize that voting is useless, at least on the national level, and that we have to band together. Individualism is a curse.

    Part of the problem, as has been said elsewhere, is that us dissidents have no warrior-monks ready to sacrifice all for the cause the way the progressives do. We are, on average, happier; more mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy; and have children. Therefore, we have more to lose.

    But there's even more to lose if we bequeath our children a rotten third-world hell-hole of a nation.

    Tough times. Get your ass to church.

    1. The time for our warrior monks came a went at least a decade ago.

      You've got to hand it to the enemy. They so thoroughly lulled most people into such utter complacency that they've accepted rule by the most odious psychos in history.

      They've proven there are no limits to the depth and scale of public deception achievable through total control of mass media. There will be no heroic pitched battle to overthrow their misrule. There will only be the slow grind of small, thankless, and largely unnoticed acts, each like a single raindrop eroding a mountain.

    2. Voting can still be significant on the local level, though. One of the few genuinely consequential acts being done right now is that passing of (or in some cases, the legislation of actual punishments for not enforcing existing) voter ID and election security laws.

  5. Funny how Scott Adams WAS a mainstream figure in a saner world, 25 years ago. I sometimes wonder who changed more, him or the world around him?

    1. It's all relative. Newspaper comic strip cartoonists are niche compared to cable news talking heads. Adams latched onto the Trump train because he saw it as his chance to land a spot as a regular contributor on Fox News, possibly even get his own show.

      He's now realized that was never going to happen, so he's sucking up to BLM on Twitter.