Perpetual Revolution


The Death Cult's sole means of interacting with society consists of plunging it into a state of perpetual revolution. That's why the Cult is incapable of building. It only ever parasitize existing institutions. 

Meanwhile, their self-styled opponents in the Conservative camp have proven incapable of conserving a single institution. In hindsight, it should have been obvious that a loose mob of individualists and free market fanatics whose battle cry is, "Every man for himself!" had no chance against the Cult.

The term gets thrown around so much that it's worth defining what an institution is. It's not a big building downtown with the company name in shiny letters over the door. To get an idea of what an institution is, consider the microcosm and model of all institutions: the family.

Institutions exist to serve people. If enough people believe a particular institution is of benefit to them, they'll give their time, treasure, and talent for it. Marvel, Disney, and oldpub failed as institutions because they stopped providing value and thereby stopped justifying their existence.

Conservatism's Libertarian influences blinds it to the true nature and origin of institutions. Embracing individualism precludes viewing the family as the fundamental building block of civilization. 

The same goes for Conservatives' devotion to Mammon. The actual Right understands the difference between worshiping the market like an Aztec god - which California public schools now require children to do - and recognizing market forces as emergent phenomena of human interaction. 

Seeking personal success in novel or comic book publishing isn't at odds with establishing new cultural institutions. In fact, they're complementary. Tor and Marvel were founded by entrepreneurs whose products attracted enough customers to make an enduring cultural impact.

Creating a lasting institution is a black swan event. Anyone else who tries to do it on purpose is like the guy who meticulously plans a party to recreate last weekend's spontaneous fun. You can't catch lightning in a bottle. All you can do is create favorable conditions and hope for the best.

The Cult-infested institutions aren't about to help fun, honest entertainment get noticed. That's why it's crucial for dissenters from the Death Cult to support indie science fiction like my mecha thriller epic Combat Frame XSeed.

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Combat Frame XSeed: SS - Brian Niemeier


  1. >The same goes for Conservatives' devotion to Mammon

    Cough ben shapiro cough matt walsh cough cough

    1. Terrible grifters, and I'm convinced that Daily Wire getting into movies is solely for convincing others that conservatives can't create great art.

    2. It's the same mentality as "Christian" entertainment industries.

      They will create a loose facsimile of a real product structured around getting a desired emotional response from the boomer audience who wants to be validated, and nothing more.

      The cult of the new Vs the cult of five minutes ago.

      They're both the same thing, in the end.

    3. You are right JD, and often it is even worse than that.

      Christian entertainment is xonsumed by a small group and any venture can be shot down by a small, vocal minority of that group.

      They tend to be dour and want as much Jesus as shallow as possible shoved into anything, but only if it is awkward. At least in my circles they decide what the church libraries purchase and church leadership is anxious not to rock the boat so...we get crap. But, you know, HOLY crap.

  2. Brian

    Your observation about enough people believing in an institution serving them coincides with Nicholas Nassin Taleb's.
    He advocates institutions come with an expiry date. If they still fulfill their original raison d'etre they continue if not, wind them down and start anew.


    1. That sounds great but the first thing to go is usually self-regulation.

      "If men were angels" I suppose.

  3. One thing that the old guard of conservatives had no care for was the importance of local community. Though honestly I don't know how much of that is specifically conservatives specifically and how much of it is general Boomerism. The mindset of "it's more important to go to a prestigious college and get a high paying job than it is to build up your community or stay in touch with your relatives."

    You can see this in how a lot of Christian Charity appeals have gone too: "Charity" means only sending a few bucks to (theoretically) help some children in Africa. But if someone is in bad circumstances in your own community, even if it is your own child, then he's on his own.