Combat Frame Data: AZC-107R Avispón Asesino

AZC-107R Avispón Asesino
AZC-107R Avispón Asesino

Technical Data

Model number: AZC-107R
Code name: Refined Dolph Dragonfly
Nickname: Avispón Asesino
Classification: custom near space/full atmo superiority combat frame
Manufacturer: UCAF modification of a Zeklov-Astraea design
Operator: UCAF
First deployment: CY 97
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19.2 meters 
Weight: Dry weight 47 metric tons, full weight 64 metric tons
Armor type: titanium alloy/palladium glass/ceramic composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 2007 KW
Propulsion: EM impellers: 2x 64,000 kg, 4x 21,750 kg; top speed 3300 kph; maneuvering impellers: 20, 180° turn time 0.78 seconds; legs: top ground speed 197 kph
Sensors: VISOR (Visible & Infrared Scanning Optical Receptor) mounted in head, supplemental gravitic sensors
Fixed armaments: x2 1.7π steradian laser, mounted on chest and back
Hand armaments: x2 shield, left shield mounts x2 plasma cannon, doubles as x2 plasma lance, right shield mounts x2 rail gun
Optional armaments: missile pod, attaches to back, ammo and payload mission-customizable, standard configuration loads 100 high explosive micro-missiles, detachable in flight
Extra equipment: Ion field projector, transformation system

Fighter configuration

AZC-107R Avispón Asesino Fighter Mode

Length: 17.7 meters, wingspan 12.2 meters
Weight: Dry weight  52 metric tons, full weight 64 metric tons
Propulsion: EM impellers: 2x 64,000 kg, 4x 21,750 kg, 2x 9125 kg; RAM jets; top speed 4100 kph; maneuvering impellers: 22
Fixed armaments: x2 1.7π steradian laser, 1 dorsal, 1 ventral; x2 plasma cannon; x2 rail gun
Optional armaments: missile pod, attaches to ventral mount, ammo and payload mission-customizable, standard configuration loads 100 high explosive micro-missiles, detachable in flight

General Notes

Upon his promotion to commander of the UCS Sovereign Protector's UCAF carrier wing, Colonel Santiago Montoya commissioned a custom combat frame as a physical expression of  his new status.

Montoya started with one of the classics, an AZC-105A Dolph Dragonfly procured from Zeklov-Astraea. He then instructed his CF techs to let his personality and leadership style inspire their craftsmanship.

When the Colonel took command of the resulting AZC-107R, he declared the striking custom unit a suitable battle standard, rallying point for his men, and warning to his enemies. He christened the space superiority CF the Avispón Asesino after Earth's deadly breed of hornet.

The AZC-107R retained the basic structural and defensive characteristics of the AZC-105A. UCAF techs saw to it that the similarities ended there. The Dragonfly's plasma sword, rifle, and missile launchers were stripped out. Montoya's men replaced the rather dated armaments with an all-new weapons loadout, including a pair of plasma cannons, dual rail guns, and two hidden laser dots. Each laser could cover an exceptionally wide field of fire, giving unwary foes a nasty surprise.

Plasma cannons and rail guns were mounted on an outer and inner weapons pod, respectively. Both pods detached in CF mode to serve as shields. In a nod to the infamous YCR-015-1 Zwei Dolph Custom, both plasma cannons and rail guns could fire on any arc covered by the unit's arms while enjoying the shields' protection. The plasma cannons could also double as plasma lances for close-range combat.

The Dragonfly's dizzying array of missiles was simplified into a single missile pod that attached to the AZC-107R's ventral mount in fighter mode and became a backpack in CF form. Boasting a customizable payload which could be tailored to specific mission needs, the pod could hold up to 100 micro missiles which would drop unpowered from the rear on a half-second delay, after which the missiles would rapidly overtake the Avispón Asesino to swarm its enemies.

One drawback of the missile pod was that it obstructed the ventral laser dot. However, the pod could be jettisoned at will, and normally was when empty, allowing the ventral dot to fire. These weapon upgrades gave the AZC-107R offensive capability far superior to UCAF's standard MCF-122 Emancipator XSeeds.

The Avispón Asesino's lighter weight and updated EM impeller drives gave it a significant speed and agility boost over its Dragonfly predecessor. Montoya's personal CF easily outpaced his branch's frontline Emancipators. In fighter mode, it could attain higher speeds than the Navy's blisteringly quick MCF-121 Defender XSeed.

More than just a space fighter, the AZC-107R incorporated a set of RAM jets, enabling it to maintain peak performance in an atmosphere. It could even operate in the skies of gas giants, though Navy engineers warned the Colonel against flying in high-fluorine environments.

Montoya led the SP's UCAF wing against an Ynzu swarm in the Battle of Augusta in CY 98. There, the Avispón Asesino distinguished itself in combat, a feat made easier thanks to its vivid paint scheme. 

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