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The following report of high strangeness comes courtesy of a respected reader of this blog, whose identity will remain anonymous. You'll soon understand why.

So we've got a lot of government UFO stuff coming out of late, with the testimony before Congress that unidentified things keep buzzing our bases and ships. We also had the "Top" and "Tic Tac" F-18 gun camera videos that leaked a couple of years ago and were confirmed by the DOD late 2020. Some of these thing are described as conventional drones (possibly China, Russia, some private group screwing with us, testing readiness, etc.), others are odd things like the Tic Tac, Top, or the odd ball of light.

My dad was a military airlift pilot for an entire career in the USAF, then flew civilian night cargo for a whole second career until he aged out of flying. The UFO topic was mostly a joke to him. He says he's never seen UFOs, but he knew some guys who insisted they'd seen things. The Phoenix Lights incident was about the only one he really bought into until recently. They were never really a joke to my late mother though and sometimes she'd talk about UFOs in relation to her time in the USN.

Before my mom met my dad, she was Navy, working as an Air Traffic Controller at Lakehurst in the 1960's and 1970's. By the time she was in Project Bluebook was officially over, but they still had an office somewhere in a closet in the bowels of the Pentagon and were taking reports. They just weren't doing the active research and debunking in the press thing like they were at the start in the 1950's -the period you see in that History docudrama Bluebook show. Mom was the base's Bluebook reporting contact by random assignment for part of that time.

Most of her calls on that front were easy for her to confirm as regular traffic. Someone saw the glint off an airliner. They fired a missile in a training op offshore and some fishermen 15 miles away saw it. Someone spotted a prototype being tested. One old lady called every morning reporting "Unidentified Japanese Aircraft". It was a regular flight of P-3 Orions, if memory serves, that would fly out over her house on the way to the ocean on a patrol route.

Sometimes they would get head-scratcher reports by their pilots, which initially got official filings, but a couple year into her duty tour is when officially reporting UFOs became a career ender for pilots. They'd still talk to her unofficially though.

The two recurring primary unexplainables were the now infamous "Tic Tac" and this intense blue ball of light.

One of the things they did back in the day at Lakehurst was test the prototype fighters. It wasn't the primary proving grounds, but it was one of the places they'd do random test flights to and out of because the base is like 8-10 miles from the ocean and you could run out there at night with minimal exposure. She never said what fighters specifically they tested, just that it wasn't uncommon for them to have test birds. She also talked about this one F-4 unit a lot generally (I forget which one), so I think they were stationed there. If not, they rotated through frequently.

Both the test pilots and the F-4 guys ran into the "Tic Tac" occasionally. It seemed more interested in the test planes than the F-4's based on her descriptions. The F-4's would chase it and it'd out-speed and out-maneuver them, then eventually shoot off. It would sometimes show up and actively mess with the test planes though. It'd do things like buzz them, 'dogfight' with them (no weapons fired), form up on them and not be able to be shaken off. She said this thing was definitely some sort of craft based on what the pilots told her. Some sort of big jet-sized metal thing shaped like a pill with no discernible holes or windows. They had some radar tracks of it screaming in, doing all kinds of impossible maneuvers (the usual UFO maneuvering wonkery of instant stops, jinking sideways at a 90 degree angle without slowing, doubling back on itself at the same velocity it was going forward, going from a dead stop to zipping off at thousands of miles an hour instantly until it was off-scope). I don't think she ever saw this one herself, other than the radar return, based on what she's said. She just got a string of reports about it.

When that Navy gun camera footage of the "Tic Tac" was released then officially confirmed, dad said "Well, I guess she wasn't pulling our legs after all, huh?"

The other one they had pop up multiple times was a blue ball of light that didn't seem to be anything but light. Some of the pilots would see that occasionally but it seemed disinterested in air traffic based on what people reporting it told her. Sizes varied, but it was always a blue intense light. It messed with avionics of aircraft that did get close, but nothing that would cause a crash. They had one incident where it appeared hovering over the nuclear warhead storage bunker, stuck around for a few minutes, then zipped off into the sky. She told me about this years before I ever heard something similar about a similar story about the event at Rendalsham in England. She said it messed with their radars and radios. She talked like she actually saw it herself that time.

The interesting thing to me now about all this, in retrospect, is what she was telling us sounded out there at the time. More out there than the usual UFO stuff. Bear in mind, I started hearing about this back in the mid 1980's and what she said was consistent through the 2010's when she passed. When she first started talking about this stuff, the light orb accounts weren't a thing in the media. Neither was the now-infamous "Tic Tac". Everything you saw in shows like Unsolved Mysteries or In Search Of until the last 15 years or so was like the 1950's B movie flying saucers, or a diamond/wedge shaped thing (probably Have Blue and F-117 sightings), and the occasional flying wing (probably B-2 sightings mostly, but there's a few like the Phoenix Lights that don't match the B-2). Mom's stance on all of it wasn't explicitly that it was Aliens; but that it was a "load of weird" and "nobody, not us, not the Russians" could build what they were running into.

So what's going on now? A lot of that is probably foreign powers using drones to mess with us. That's n issue, but can be dealt with by using electronic warfare suite and intercept systems like the OICW if we really feel like enforcing exclusion zones around our ships and bases.

But there's a subset of all of that that's been going on for at least 50 years that I know of (probably longer given WWII Foo Fighter accounts). And that subset is odd not just in its performance and shape, but in its consistency over time. If the oddballs like "Tic Tac" are made by some country or cabal, they've got better security and tech than any other nation on the planet, since the tech hasn't been leaked in any way, shape, or form in all that time and it's still confounding our pilots and strategic planners. It probably doesn't help us on that front that this is one of those crazy verboten topics in professional circles, so the pilots running into it back then haven't relayed it to any but a few trusted confidants, so the new guys just keep repeating the same encounter whenever they see it, not talking about it, rinse and repeat down to now.

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