Reaping the Whirlwind

Fr. Kosco

Gen Xers and older may remember how the name Joe McCarthy used to be invoked as a warning against political conformity run amok. It is not insignificant that the Left made McCarthy a curse and a byword with lots of help from their nominal opposition.

More than one self-described Libertarian or Conservative has breathlessly lectured against Tailgunner Joe's evils. "That man ruined lives!" they declaim.

Aside from the wrinkle of being unable to name anyone whose life McCarthy ruined - he himself died of complications from alcoholism, a man broken by his enemies in the media - citing McCarthyism as a warning rings hollow today, as the spiritual descendants of the people who destroyed McCarthy now gleefully ruin ordinary people's lives every day.

One target of the hate mob that's got the Death Cult salivating is Fr. William Kosco, pastor of St. Henry's Catholic Church in Buckeye, AZ. The Reverend's crime against the Cult? Correctly applying Canon Law to another guy in politics named Joe.

Watch the homily that set the Witches on the priest:

In sum, Fr. Kosco stated that he would deny Puppet Pal Joe communion unless Biden repented first.

Cue the Cultists accusing Fr. Kosco of "injecting his politics in the Mass" and "preaching hate". In actuality, what he's doing is following Canon 915.
Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin* are not to be admitted to holy communion.
*Emphasis mine.

That is what we in theology circles call a slam dunk. There's no question that Biden is a persistent, manifestly grave sinner. His presidential platform, which includes support for legal abortion, satisfies that criterion by itself. 

Nor is Kosco the only member of the Catholic hierarchy to acknowledge the obvious conclusion.

We're talking about a priest who went undercover in his parish to work as a dairy farmer, a dishwasher, and a supermarket bagger - returning the cart guarantees citizenship. Yet it is Kosco who's being singled out for cancellation by an online coven urging their fellow Death Cultists to flood the Diocese of Phoenix with hate mail demanding he be punished.

It's a shame that courageous priests like Fr. Kosco now have to face mobs of frothing heathens that call for their heads anytime they speak the truth. Likewise, it's an equal sham that speaking the truth now requires heroic courage.

Yet it can't be overlooked that the Catholic hierarchy spent much of the past several decades sowing the wind. When dissidents - some of them within these shepherds' flocks - warned them that the Left had curdled into a parallel, hostile religion, many prelates instead clung to the polite fiction that Death Cultists are sincere but sincerely wrong political actors.

It's hard to see how honest priests would now be facing the hate mob if their brother priests and their bishops had stood in solidarity to enforce Church law. Instead, too many of them chose accommodation. Now they get to spend the decline reaping the whirlwind.

But just as excommunication is a medicinal penalty meant to get heretics back on the straight and narrow, God's chastisement serves to renew His Church. The more priests and bishops get hauled onstage to wear the devil horns in Death Cult morality plays, the sooner the scales will fall from their eyes.

If you'd like to voice support for Fr. Kosco, his parish's contact info is here.

The Death Cult's control of all major media outlets doesn't just impede priests and politicians from speaking the truth; it increases the burden on counterculture artists working hard to entertain you.

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  1. What does "returning the cart guarantees citizenship" mean? My apologies in advance if this is something obvious.

    1. It's a meme. Think Starship Troopers.

    2. To elaborate, the meme "Service Means Citizenship" is from Starship Troopers, meaning you have to serve (mimitary only in the movie) to be allowed to vote.

      Returning the cart at the grocery store is a basic citizenship test. It is a minor imposition and is objectively the right thing to do. If you are the kind of person who doesn't return the cart (exceptional circumstances aside), you do not belong in polite society.

  2. Every time McCarthy came up in school the lesson always started as "it's wrong to sow suspicion and paranoia" but ended as "communism was never a threat".

    1. This stresses the importance of grabbing entertainment culture. Most people's frame of reference for both McCarthy and witch hunts is 'The Crucible,' written by the same guy who wrote an entire play as a diss track against the writer of 'On the Waterfront' for being a stool pidgeon.

  3. You really should mention that anyone Mccarthy accused was later proven a Soviet agent when the venona decrypts were released. He must've had someone feed him names from those. I think the committee for unamerican activities but not Mccarthy himself might've had a few misses. He did not. McCarthy was right.

  4. I just watched that video and I was fist-punping the whole time. I'm not Catholic, but that rant of his made me want to become one. Just for the 'gender-silliness' remark alone. :-)

  5. Not American, but sent an email of support all the same. This is absolutely worth supporting.

  6. Also, and very irritatingly, my local branch of Amazon (The Ireland/UK branch) does not currently have any physical stock of the first Combat Frame XSeed, and if I get it from the American version, the cost of shipping actually exceeds the purchase price of the book itself (plus having to wait a minimum of a week and a half for it to be delivered). Dang. I want to read it, but that's a real pain. Not your fault, of course, but still, ouch.

    1. Send me am email. We'll sort it out.


  7. A plea for Jesus Christ's merciful justice.

    Whereas: Abortion and fatherlessness is in the world rampant and ubiquitous, and powerfully and expensively defended by the organs of state of almost all countries once pledged to Christ and built upon His legacy;

    Whereas: Jesus our Lord has not one but two Fathers, His true Father God Almighty and His Foster father St Joseph, both great and loving and an example to their Son, and has never known life without at least one of them in this world and the next, and was brought lovingly though humbly into this world, under difficulties greater than those which are used to justify the abortion of millions upon millions of His children;

    Therefore: I do plead with my Saviour, not singularly for Justice or Mercy, but jointly for Merciful Justice, that being that Our Lord correct this situation on Earth, He never being outdone in either Justice or Mercy, nor asking any human to face suffering He Himself would not willingly face on behalf of His children.

    Lord Jesus King of Heaven and Earth: I, a sinner, do ask you to please hear my prayer and consider my plea.