Moral Panic

Left Solutions

Spend enough time staring into the abyss toward which the Left is hurtling us, and you eventually notice that political ideology is just a thin layer of scum coating the surface.

Politics is, after all, the art of properly organizing society toward the greatest good for the most people. It's a strictly practical matter.

But listen to the Left long enough, and you realize that they never speak in practical terms. Their pitch is never, "Let's marshal these resources in this way to solve that real problem."

Instead, the Left always and everywhere speaks in strictly moral terms. To the extent that they express any concern for practical issues like pollution or poverty, the material problem is always ancillary to some moral panic.

To them, poverty is bad--not because people are hungry or homeless--but because they believe that poverty is a symptom of systemic social inequality between the majority and various sacred victim groups. The same goes for crime, education, and even healthcare.

Politics is just one tool the Left uses to advance its moral vision for the world. And an organization whose main purpose is spreading a particular moral vision based on a specific cosmology is called a religion.

When that religion's fervent aim is destroying the cultural bonds that hold civilization together, you call it what it is--a Death Cult.

Conservatives have missed this for years. They've stubbornly restricted their criticism of the Death Cult to the political realm. This fetish for practicality is why Conservatives disregard art, among other culture war fronts, and why the Cult runs rings around them.

Conservative Value

Politics - to the extent it even exists in a one-party state - has been stripped down to the pitiless business of rewarding friends and punishing enemies.

Unfortunately, most of the current regime's enemies have no idea they're the objects of our rulers' enmity.

Even more to be pitied are those who know they face the elites' ire yet have no faith to sustain them.

This Lent is a particularly good time to deepen one's relationship with Christ.

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  1. In the rare times when an outlet like PragerU says that something isn't a conservative value you should always tack on "but it will be in five years."

  2. > Politics is, after all, the art of properly organizing society toward the greatest good for the most people.

    What about the Schmitt sign?

    1. The domain of the political is the distinction between friend and enemy. "The most people" does not make that distinction.

    2. "The specific political distinction to which political actions and motives can be traced is the distinction between friend and enemy."

      Schmitt gives this as definition of what is political, as opposed to what is moral, aesthetic, economic, etc.

      "Politics is, after all, the art of properly organizing society toward the greatest good for the most people."

      How does your definition here relate at all to the friend-enemy distinction?

    3. Rather easily, when the present enemy seeks the genocide of the majority.

    4. The policeman protects the greatest many. The policeman divides society into two groups: friends and enemies. Enemies being criminals. The distinction is necessary to the function, not contradictory.

  3. Meanwhile, the pop cult keeps groveling for their next hit.

    I didn't think 2021 could prove even more pathetic all the way around, but we are definitely doing our best to hit new lows.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Synder's ritual distancing from G&G looked like a textbook case of Havel's greengrocer. But hey, the Snyder cut will "move the needle", right?

  4. It does seem like someone pushed the accelerator button on the clown world simulation.