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Accurate information is required to engage in any kind of conflict, be it social, spiritual, or--and this is best avoided--physical. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, if we lack a realistic understanding of ourselves and our enemy, we can't expect victory.

Time to face reality. The enemy spent the last hundred years on a long march through our institutions and now controls all of them. Don't expect any help or support from the mainstream media, Hollywood, New York publishing, academia, big business, or even most of the Church's hierarchy. In fact, you should expect to be attacked and resisted by all of these.

Before we delve into options for fighting back, we must define our terms, specifically, ourselves. The enemy has done the job for us, since they are the ones who have initiated an unprovoked war of conquest against a foe they are all to eager to name. The boogeymen they seek to destroy are straight, white, Christian men and the civilization they sustain.

But even more vital to knowing the enemy is identifying the enemy. Who is it that's actively campaigning to destroy Western civilization? There is far less consensus on who or what is ultimately driving the war on the West. It is tempting to simply invert the enemy's checklist, but the strife between factions of the Death Cult and straight, white, Christian men is an effect of enemy action; not the root cause.

Others point to the recently emerged elite class of rootless, cosmopolitan managers. Look at who really controls the American and most European governments, and you will find the same kinds of people from the same kinds of well-off families who attended the same tier of prestigious schools and live in the same class exclusive neighborhoods. Our managerial elite inhabit an incestuous hive mind where the desirability of multiculturalism, socialism, and globalism is taken for granted. They cannot comprehend anyone having a contrary opinion. Therefore cognitive bias compels them to dismiss those who reject globalism--most of the people they rule over--as backward rubes. And because rejection of the elites ideas is taken as an affront to their shared identity, our rulers respond with hatred.

As a result, our ruling class imports waves of incompatible foreigners from cultures with no concept of individual liberty, the intrinsic dignity of human life, or merit-based achievement. Seeing highly skilled but clannish and nepotistic invaders taking our high end jobs, low-skilled invaders taking our blue collar jobs, and unemployable savages beating and raping our women gives our rulers a rush of vicious glee. They firmly believe we have it coming, so they double down.

And yet, not even widespread noblesse malice fully explains the reckless hate directed at us by our rulers or the sadistic cruelty with which they not only seek to disenfranchise us, but to systematically remove all sources of joy from our lives.

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the premeditated alienation of their own audiences currently rampant in Hollywood and the comics industry. There can be no other motive for throwing a rock through a stained glass window than diabolical hatred of Beauty itself and the Truth that beauty reveals. 

We now know what we're ultimately up against. The enemies are sin and Satan.

Now that we know the enemy's definition of us and we've defined the enemy, here's what you can do to fuck up his malevolent, democidal plans.

1. Stop Giving Money to People Who Hate You

Quit the Pop Cult. The Death Cult high priests in charge of all major brands know they're alienating their core audience, and they don't care. Making money isn't their chief concern. Their primary aim is to make you miserable. As a result, they'll eventually destroy their industries, but they'll do catastrophic cultural and spiritual damage on the way down.

Hasten their demise and mitigate the fallout by simply not giving these reprobates the money their government cronies make sure you're earning less of. Do not pay to see any new Hollywood films. There is, bluntly speaking, no excuse for paying the major studios, Netflix, etc. to insult you.

Entertainment alternatives abound. Archive.org has a free library of classic movies you couldn't exhaust in a lifetime. They've also got tons of music and even books and short stories from the pulp era. If you'd like more contemporary reading material, find and support indie authors like yours truly.

2. Take creative political action

Hat tip to the commenters over at the Z Blog for this one. Perhaps the most important fruit of Trump's presidency was the full public exposure of the Samp/Deep State/Military-industrial Complex's control over the government. The curtain has been torn down, and the small, petty men pulling the levers of power stand revealed for all to see.

Only binary thinking dullards still labor under the illusion that there is an essential difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. Only Boomers wearing rose-colored glasses still think it's just "a handful of bad apples" disrupting operations at the DOJ, FBI, State Department, and CIA.

Representative democracy in America is a farce. We are ruled by unaccountable globalist bureaucrats whose desperate efforts to ensure our votes don't matter are growing increasingly brazen. Their endgame is to dissolve the people and elect another.

Options for fighting back at the ballot box are limited but not nonexistent. If you live in a district that reliably goes red in national elections, primary out GOPe traitors in favor of candidates running on an America First platform. All other policy considerations should be placed on the back burner until the present crisis has been dealt with.

If you live in a reliably blue district, vote in the Democrat primary for the most psychotic, intersectionalist candidate on offer. Choosing your guy's opponent is a patented Democrat trick that we should co-opt.

In either case, donate to the campaigns of populist nationalist candidates across state lines--always in conformity with all applicable election laws.

3. Get off the bench and in the game

As mentioned above, decades of infiltration into our institutions and national bureaucracy have greatly limited the effectiveness of dissident political action. But politics is downstream from culture, and it has never been easier for sane men to make effective cultural contributions.

If you have the talent and inclination, I strongly encourage you to begin producing works that will assist in preserving and rebuilding Western culture.
  • Self-publish a science fiction novel in the tradition of the pulps.
  • Get some friends together, rent a camera, and do some guerrilla film making.
  • Record and release a rock album that retains the genre's blues roots.
  • Produce an independent comic featuring virtuous men performing acts of real heroism.
  • Start a podcast or a vlog dedicated to some aspect of traditional Western culture.
  • Blog daily, offering constructive criticism aimed at helping other artists improve.
  • If you're not artistically inclined, support the creators who are.  
4. Get your ass to church

We contend not with flesh and blood, but with powers, principalities, and spirits of the air. Even our destruction is not the enemy's ultimate goal, but a means to his real aim of striking at the Christ. And without Christ's help, we cannot prevail.

Yes, much of the church's leadership is corrupt. Many of them enforced state-mandated restrictions that posed obstacles to church attendance and sacrament reception. But they are just the earthly tip of a vast transcendent reality that descends iceberg-like from heaven. However many Judases in the Church Militant the enemy corrupts, he cannot touch the Church Triumphant. If the temple is a den of thieves, go and cleanse it. A great cloud of witnesses cheers you on.

For the unbelievers among us, understand that you are walking unarmed into a spiritual battle. Your rejection of God is not sufficient cause for the enemy to spare you. The civilization that Christians built has afforded you the freedom you've abused to attack its source, and if Western civilization is destroyed, your license will perish with it. You can spend an hour every Sunday LARPing for the sake of Christendom instead of being the NFL's paypig.

The battle before us seems daunting. We face relentless attacks on all fronts from an enemy that cannot be appeased, dissuaded, or bargained with. But since they have us surrounded, there's no way the enemy can escape.

I understand that many people cannot take all, or even most, of the steps in this post. That's fine. Do what you can where you are with what you've got. If only ten percent of normal people stood up, we'd win the war tomorrow.

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  1. Brian serves up what most of the Internet can't or won't: Actionable Recommendations. Solid!

    Non-Creative Support to the Creatives:
    1. Buy creative works that support your values and culture as you can afford them. (Killing that Netflix subscription and brewing your own coffee makes for a lot of spare cash in the long haul.)
    2. Review works that you support. Post where you are able.
    3. Make word-of-mouth recommendations to family, close friends, and associates, if those individuals also support your culture and values. (This does more than posting a snarky comment on FB/Insta/Twitter.)
    4. Pray for these creators and the success of their messages to others.

    1. Online doomsayers whose message amounts to, "The Collapse is here, but don't ask me what to do about it" wore out their welcome with me a while ago.

  2. For the non-believers: Your humanism cannot win against theirs. Theirs is the ultimate ideal of humanism: an ultimate appreciation of the sort of human their values perceive as being such. Whatever does not fall into their framework of human is evil and must be punished until brought to heel, or destroyed. you cannot reason with them, because you are not human to them. This is because humanism, at its core, is anti-human. your view is antiquated and a stepping stone to get the ideology where it is now. This is its logical conclusion, and it will never go back to your ideal ever again.

    No one will fight for your right to smoke weed, masturbate to free pornography, or build ten foot fences to keep out the neighbors or cops. This antisocial behavior is what allowed current attitudes to foster in the current generation and allow them to see you, not as their neighbor, but as an alien party. A non-human.

    Your rights don't exist because they are made up, and those in charge outnumber you. Therefore, they can decide what your new rights are at the drop of a hat.

    This was always going to happen because the ideology was created to be anti-God and anti-civilization. You were sold it so you could be in the situation you are in now.

    It isn't 1995 anymore, and it never will be again. Lose the boomer mindset, or you will lose everything else.

    1. Just yesterday one of the sharper dissident commentators--who's also an open atheist--finally figured out that "Because I want to" is not an effective counter to the Death Cult inquisitors' "Why so racist/sexist/ableist/homophobic/etc."

      People who ultimately think all morals are arbitrary cannot contend with the fact that they lose precisely _because_ their morals are arbitrary while the Cult's are not.

  3. Echoing JD's point about anti-social behavior, let me add Action Step #5: Get to Know Your Neighbors.

    Make a map of your immediate neighborhood, and write down names as you learn them. Be neighborly: wave and say hello. When new neighbors move in, bake them some bread or cookies and introduce yourself. Deliver cookie trays at Christmas.

    In many regions of the US now, local culture is pretty much dead. You have a golden opportunity to be the seed of a new local culture in your neighborhood.

    1. The jetsetting cosmopolitan lifestyle Madison Avenue sold us was just an application of divide and conquer.

    2. Why do you think the media and government have been going full bore convincing you everyone's a leper and you're doing them all a favor by isolating? Depression isn't a side effect.

  4. Excellent post, as usual. However, I had a question about THIS point:

    'Record and release a rock album that retains the genre's blues roots.'

    I love blues-rock and played in bands for 20yrs. That said, I was wondering about the reason for its inclusion.

    1. It's a callback to a video by veteran producer Rick Beato who convincingly pinned the blame for Rock's death on the genre forgetting its blues roots.

    2. You are entering my wheelhouse. Rick Beato is right of course as it applies to the current state of affairs of music, but there is another layer to this onion. Rick is also a fan of '70s English Progressive Rock. Going so far as to feature "Roundabout" by the group Yes in his "What Makes this Song Great?" series.

      Funny thing about that is that there was hostility to prog-rock by neo-Marxist rock critics like Dave Marsh of The Rolling Stone. The complaint was that these groups, by exploring Western classical music such as sonata-allegro form, emphasis on technical virtuosity, etc., were abandoning the blues and thus were deemed as lacking "authenticity" (a Leftist buzzword like "empathy" and "racism"). They were full of crap about both prog-rock and the blues.

      Let me recommend Edward Macan's Rocking the Classics: English Progressive Rock and the Counterculture. The chapter on the critics of prog-rock and how they fundamentally misunderstood the blues (think Rousseauean "noble savage" nonsense) alone is worth it.

    3. The problem is that a lot of rock critics at the time (and let's face it, musicians too) had begun to take on the music as a religion by the early '70s.

      What this did was cause a lot of people who wanted use the music for social engineering to force themselves into positions of power. Rolling Stone magazine is the premiere example of this (which I wrote about on my blog), always trying to steer the conversation towards what they believed should be the focus.

      None of them cared anything about the blues or any sonic approach to rock, they just didn't like that bands like Yes and Rush weren't preaching the correct messages they wanted to be delivered to the unwashed masses.

      Just like how "authentic" became "derivative" when the roots didn't need to be weaponized any longer.

    4. I always enjoy telling blues worshippers that many of those legendary black bluesmen had set lists full of Gene Autry songs and "Chattanooga Choo Choo". They just wanted to entertain the audience and make a buck like anyone else.

    5. Rock and roll isn't dead! There's plenty of great music out there right now.

  5. Brian,

    A practical question about skin in the game:

    How do we avoid or fight back against kafka traps?


  6. Brian,


    Ordinary person: This latest shooting is a tragedy

    SJW: Proof of systemic racism fueled by White supremacy, and it's your fault for being white/white adjacent

    OP: Huh? How does my being white (or latest scapegoat minority) have anything to do with this crime? I didn't commit it.

    SJW: Your denial is proof of your unconscious white supremacy which provokes BIPOC to undertake direct action to overcome their oppression.

    OP: What are you babbling about? I'm not racist, I simply commented how this latest shooting is tragic

    SJW: As a white person you're incapable of empathy as your whiteness oppresses BIPOCs due to your congenital racism



    1. Just don't talk to these people. You're not going to convince them, and they will use your statements against you if they're able.

    2. Brian

      Got it. Ignore them and don't feed the trolls


  7. We need a website to curate and advertise our side's offerings. Books, comics, music, all of it.

    I have no social media presence. I got on Twitter recently to follow new authors on our side. But it's a lot to keep track of.

  8. Because of the Daughter Product's home school program, I have read, in recent succession:

    1. The Scarlet Letter (1850)
    2. An Old-Fashioned Girl (1869)
    3. Daddy Long Legs (1910)

    All three were written by what Vox Day (originator? popularizer?) called "heritage Americans". Nathaniel Hawthorne could trace his ancestry back to the Puritans who quite properly expelled Ann Hutchinson.

    Indeed, if some of the front matter is to believed, Mr. Hawthorne intended Hester Prynne as a slap in the face to those Puritans. She's not an anti-hero like Light Yaganami or Becky Sharp; you're supposed to root for her to have a happily-ever-after ending. Ugh. Men who do not want the responsibility of leadership skiving it off to women to don't deserve it and shouldn't have it.

    Lousia May Alcott was forced by Bronson Alcott's incompetence, weakness and failures to abandon any hope of marriage and children of her own and support her mother and sisters. There's a reason the author-insert Jo ended up with fatherly, authoritative German Mr. Bhaer instead of the feckless American aristo Laurie, no matter what a good friend or how good looking Laurie might be.

    Old Fashioned girl advocated persuasively that all women ought to have careers and vocations both because of using God-given talents and... Just in case. Early social mercy and public welfare schemes appear, as does "modern" education.

    By Daddy Long Legs, we have a character admitting that “everyone” in her social set, which is young girls going off to college, “grew up on” Little Women and Louisa May Alcott’s books. Who does not? Fabian Socialism is the hallmark of the creative, happy, positive person of both sexes (not the anarchy, rebellion kind. Just the slow careful boil). Finally freed to read and learn and have a life, our heroine discovers that the Garden of Eden is a pretty myth, “being in love” is preferable to marriage, and we’re all descended from apes. Moreover, even though most preachers are boring or hypocrites, or corrupt, or uncaring (no matter how they donate to the poor) there are some kind people who take the Bible stuff seriously. And they’re all old and stupid (but nice!) and will be replaced.

    Daddy Long Legs got stage plays and movie.

    Sound familiar?