Combat Frame XSeed: SS

The absolutely apocalyptic second book in the hit XSeed: S series is now live on Indiegogo!

Combat Frame XSeed: SS - Brian Niemeier

Space is a graveyard

They came to destroy us ...

... Now they're humanity's only hope

The Guardian Angels race home to confront a traitor. Instead, disaster forces them into a savage battle with an invincible enemy bent on Earth's annihilation.

Can Jehu Red lead his team to victory over a power even greater than their XSeeds? Or will humanity burn on the funeral pyre of history?

If you like Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Mobile Suit Gundam, you’ll love the gripping continuation of #1 best seller Brian Niemeier’s Combat Frame XSeed saga! Back the project now and read the book before the official launch!

What Readers Said about Combat Frame XSeed S:

Giant robots in space. This is Niemeier’s best entry yet. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next one.

-Adam Lane Smith, bestselling author of Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross

 Brian Niemeier continues to find new approaches and situations with each new book. 

-The Pulp Archivist

This is the best XSeed novel yet. As always Brian’s books are impossible to put down and leave you thirsty for more. Can’t wait for the next release!

-Christopher Da Pra

Our fifth XSeed campaign is already off to a roaring start with, as of this writing, over a quarter of the initial goal met. Perennial favorite perks like Be in a Book are flying off the shelves, so if you want to Be a Character, Be Killed in a Book, or Build-a-Mech, get in while the gettin's good!

XSeed SS 270

As an extra incentive, we've got plenty more perks where the first batch came from. We may actually have topped XSeed: S's legendary stretch goals with the killer lineup in store for you this time! A new goal is unveiled for every thousand dollars raised, so claim some sweet perks to reveal new and tantalizing mecha delights.

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UPDATE: Combat Frame XSeed: SS has funded in 4 hours!

It's a new XSeed record! Thanks to all our awesome backers for funding the latest CFXS book in blazingly fast time! Our first stretch goal is an all-new exclusive XSeed short story, which all backers will receive when we reach 200% funding. Back it now!

XSeed: S 1K


  1. Brian

    Already sponsored! Look forward to this next one.


  2. Backed! I'm very excited for you Brian! I know I rarely comment anymore, though I read every post you write. I've generally been avoiding comments sections while I finish my own project.

    Just wanted to say Congrats! And Deus Vult!

    1. That's a relief to hear. I was getting worried after not having heard from you in so long!

      Thanks for your support :)