Zoomers vs Coomers

A major backlash against the Death Cult is fomenting among Generation Z.

Consider the following chart. Look closely at the generational trends in attitudes toward pornography.

Porn Chart

At first, you may be inclined to lament that more Zoomers want porn to stay legal than any other generation polled.

But on closer inspection, a couple of remarkable data points present themselves.
  1. More Zoomers than Millennials want porn banned outright.
  2. This stat marks a reversal in the trend that started with the Boomers of each successive generation favoring porn bans less than the last.
Perhaps most fascinating is how split Zoomers are on the porn question--more than any prior cohort. Factor in people's reliable tendency to grow more conservative with age and the high likelihood that many pro-porn Gen Zeds are having their freshman fling with Libertarianism, and odds are good that their green bar will shrink to the red bar's benefit.

Lest you still doubt the Zoomers' budding reactionary streak, take a look at another chart, this time on gun laws.

Georgia Gun Law

Note that the age delineations lump Gen Zeds in with some Millennials. It's a good bet that support for C&C is even higher among 16-20 year-olds.

Now, a common mistake older folks make is to impose their Left vs Right filter on groups that eschew that paradigm. By and large, Zoomers who reject the Death Cult's vision are ambivalent or even hostile toward Classical Liberalism, unrestricted free marketism, and government noninterventionism. The see those 20th century ideologies as failed pipe dreams that have no relevance in the post-Western world they've been relegated to.

What does interest Zoomers on our side is the family and faith life their grandparents took for granted and they themselves never had. We'd do well to help guide them to their goal.

And to stop funding people who hate us

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You

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  1. The most illuminating data point was the very low age limit that homosexual men wanted legal porn for young minors. The explosion in pedophilia has followed the mainstreaming of homosexuality.