You Deserve What's Not Happening

Friend and Enemy

One of the first lessons folks in dissident circles learn is to hide their power levels around Left-leaning family and friends. It's not so much that they fear being disowned or ostracized, though both do happen. In many cases, having fewer cultists to interact with comes as a blessing.

The more common and tiresome scenario often occurs when Leftist associates overhear dissenters stating the friend/enemy political distinction. Pointing out that the practical end of politics is helping one's friends and rewarding one's enemies should not be controversial, least of all to the Left. After all, they are currently wielding state power to rake the defeated President over the coals and vindictively crush his supporters.

Putting the squeeze on the other side might not be as much of a problem if Conservatives ever reciprocated. Trump deserves his share of the blame here. If he'd followed through on bringing Hillary Clinton up on federal charges or declaring Antifa a terrorist group, His enemies might have thought twice before destroying him and his followers.

Yet, when it's pointed out to Leftists that their Cult has declared half the country traitors worthy of the firing squad, they take umbrage at calling it enmity.

Perhaps it's the well-known reaction bullies have against targets who finally stand up for themselves. The Cultists can perhaps be excused for their shock at dissident pushback when Conservatives have spent decades jumping through hoops for their enemies' favor.

The most edifying reaction Cultists tend to display when their enmity is highlighted isn't their oblivious denial. It's their common accusation that the dissident is somehow judging them. Note that the political friend/enemy distinction is amoral. It just states that political factions are engaged in a game of winner take all; not who's right or wrong.

Then again, we know that Cultists always seek to claim the moral high ground in every instance. They are Cultists precisely because they suffer from low self-worth and constantly crave moral validation. It's not enough to hold the elite-approved moral position. The Cultist must be seen to hold approved positions. Every social interaction becomes an occasion to seize the moral upper hand.

That's why correctly calling a Cultist your enemy will often earn you an accusation of passing judgment on him. It's a classic DARVO tactic in which personal shame and guilt are projected onto the target. It's also a tacit admission that the Cultist does in fact want you destroyed.

But he's right to do so, you see, because you deserve what's not happening to you.

The best way to avoid the urge to grab a Cultist associate and shake him is to stay incognito. If you do get made by the enemy, an effective response is to ask if he thinks George Floyd's death is indicative of a widespread attitude among police. Then ask the same question about Ashli Babbitt.

When the Cultist inevitably applies a double standard to these cases, taking him to task for hypocrisy is exactly the wrong response. In war, it's not hypocritical to help one's allies and harm one's enemies. Simply tell that to the Cultist and shrug.

Don't feed the Death Cult!

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You


  1. "Putting the squeeze on the other side might not be as much of a problem if Conservatives ever reciprocated..."
    Definitely. They've been the loyal opposition for nearly all my life, rather than actually leading in a direction.
    And thus we get the wimpy people who plead and beg that we Conservatives be the BETTER people! Don't be mean like that Trump fellow!
    All the while, the left laughs and keeps marching through our institutions because they know that the the right will not do anything other than point and complain, if they want to keep their sweet government jobs, and not be called racists, and so on.

    1. The real opposition to the Left hasn't taken the field yet, nor should they. You don't beat the Globetrotters by becoming the Lakers. You make their whole farcical game unplayable.

      That means several people working anonymously in secret. One releases a mouse at the concession stand. Another deflates the balls. Yet another shuts off the AC and cranks up the heat in July.

      These people don't wear either team's uniform. They could be anyone, which makes the players, coaches, and owners increasingly nervous. Soon they make mistakes.

      Before too long, game attendance drops to the point that the exhibition racket goes bankrupt.

    2. "You don't beat the Globetrotters by becoming the Lakers. You make their whole farcical game unplayable."

      Stealing that. Also, as usual, there's a Simpsons bit for that:


      In fact, that's my new motto for the GOP" I thought the Generals were due!

  2. The Establishment Republican cry is "If we fought back using legitimate means the left might retaliate in kind!"

    All said as he (or more likely the people he duped) are having their lives destroyed by the left by both legitimate and illegitimate means.

    The establishment right makes their case in pragmatic terms, rather than as a competing vision to the left. This by itself would be bad enough since the vision would always win. But the pragmatism they suggest is demonstrably at odds with reality.

    1. Establishment conservatives know this is a losing strategy and are well-paid to keep using it.

  3. I see people still engaging the other side trying to get them to act rationally.

    They don't understand we're already under occupation.

    1. Each day I grow more convinced that the vast majority of people do not understand anything, have never understood anything, and desire never to understand anything.