Combat Frame Data: Dowager Khan

Dowager Khan

Dowager Khan

Technical Data

Code name: Dowager Khan
Nickname: Gorilla-lizard, Ape-hanger, Quasimodo
Classification: Ynzu Controller combat frame
Manufacturer: Ynzu
Operator: Ynzu Controller, codename: Bluebeard
First deployment: CY 97
Crew: 1 pilot in full-immersion cockpit in torso
Height: 18 meters
Weight: 97 metric tons
Armor type: "1D" carbyne laminar armor enhanced with fractal diamond isomers
Powerplant: 2x nuclear fission reactor, mounted in arms, max output 1500 KW each
Propulsion: Nuclear thermal rocket, arm-mounted, 2x 169,000 kg; top speed 4000 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 20, 180° turn time 0.38 seconds; legs: top ground speed 192 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, gravitic, optical array
Fixed armaments: x2 carbyne wire, attached to x2 gravity anchor, mounted in forearms
Special equipment: Full-immersion cockpit, ion field generator, gravitic cloak, TC/D drive

General Notes

Humanity hoped that the defeat of the first Ynzu Controller in CY 60 would grant them a respite from the aliens' genocidal onslaught. Instead, the Ynzu changed their attack pattern from seemingly random hit-and-run strikes to a protracted siege of Earth.

ISBC researchers deduced the existence of a second Ynzu Controller years before the Coalition military encountered a bizarre new combat frame at L3's Orlando colony. Survivors reported that the anomalous machine destroyed entire XSeed Marine teams and appeared to call and direct a Nidulans swarm before singlehandedly scuttling a Daedalus-class carrier. But a communications blackout denied investigators conclusive proof of the CF's existence.

That proof would present itself in CY 98 when UCS Sovereign Protector came under attack by an Ynzu swarm at Augusta extrasolar colony. A misshapen combat frame vaguely resembling a Claviceps with two optical sensors mounted in a vertical configuration cut a swath through the carrier's defending XSeeds. Its main propulsion was confirmed as a pair of nuclear rocket arrays, one mounted in each pendulous forearm. 

The CF's only known weaponry consisted of an irregular spheroid attached to each arm. Launched by the same graviton-manipulation technology on which standard Ynzu drives were based, the spheroids could attach to any object or even anchor themselves in space. Each anchor trailed a length of ultra-strong carbyne wire, much like that carried by the XCD-001-3 Xanthippe. The unknown CF's main method of attack consisted of anchoring its wire and swinging through XSeed formations at high speed. Not even the XSeeds' carbyne laminar armor spared them from being sliced like butter under a hit knife by the hypersonic wire.

Despite its ungainly appearance, the unknown CF exhibited remarkable maneuverability owing to its drives' placement in its forearms. This configuration allowed the unit to direct its flight with motions of its arms. The thrust nozzles themselves also served as unconventional weapons by spreading a trail of radioactive material in their wake.

Lieutenant Kaiser Eckhart, who engaged the unknown CF in his MCF-Re124 ReXPro, stated his firm belief that the unit belonged to a second Ynzu Controller. UCP Military and ISBC analysts later confirmed Eckhart's assertion. The new Controller's seemingly erratic behavior left them speculating as to its intentions.

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  1. This would make for a very cool set of action figures.

    1. My artists have made the same remark. I'd love to make one, but the costs are prohibitive.