The End of Politics


The last president of the United States has left the White House, and with his departure comes the end of politics dating back to America's founding. The hooting and gamboling from the Death Cultists who finally ended the American experiment says it all. They are simultaneously patting themselves on the back for saving democracy while forbidding anyone who disagrees with them from speaking.

For a perfect object lesson, see the shuttering of Parler. It was the preferred social media site of mild Baby Boomer MAGApedes. The victorious democrat party and their Big Tech bag men have now declared such people to be on par with tattooed skinheads. The enormity of that anathema snaps into focus when you consider that by the Left's own definition, they now share a country with 165 million violent extremists.

It doesn't take a genius to see the contradictions in the Left's positions. There can be no right or wrong answers in a democracy. The right thing to do is what 51% supports. If the majority voted to install an absolute monarch, sticking to democracy would mean getting rid of democracy.

Because democracy derives its legitimacy from the will of the people, silencing any segment of the populace, however nutty their ideas, pulls the rug out from under the whole process. By entering into the process with preconceived right and wrong answers which they hold their opponents to, the Left perforce deals in bad faith. A one-party state can't be democratic.

That's not to lodge yet another complaint about the Left's double standards. It's right and proper to help one's allies and harm one's enemies in wartime, and the Cult's main advantage is they know they're at war.

What democrats' increasingly paranoid spasms should do for normal people is finally open their eyes. We're not dealing with well-meaning but misguided people who disagree with us on tax policy. The US is not a one-party state. The leaders of that party are spiteful maniacs who hate half the country. Those same paranoid madmen have nigh unlimited resources which they are using to crush their enemies.

To navigate this perilous landscape, ordinary Americans must disabuse themselves of any thought that their rulers are rational. Our elites have spent years silencing dissenters by branding all dissent as violence. They reinforced this delusion by hyperventilating over some rubes trespassing on federal property Then they double down and wield the manufactured crisis as a bludgeon to further silence disagreement.

The point being, if you really believed half the country were trigger-happy savages that responded to censorship with deadly rampages, you wouldn't be so smug about telling them to shut up.

We now live in a country run by a demented cult. Too many people are responding to this realization by clinging to the vain hope of Trump's return in 2024.

Confronting the enemy's delusions with our own delusions is not a winning strategy. The easiest way to realign your thinking with reality is to look past the personalities and weight the outcomes.

Puppet Pal Joe is already erasing Trump's accomplishments with the stroke of a pen. In terms of legislation, Trump has no legacy. The enemy stole an election for this purpose. Not only will 2024 will not be allowed to matter, none of Trump's official acts will be allowed to matter.

The anger stage soon follows. Those who've cast off the illusion are now looking for people to blame. To be sure, there's no shortage of blame to go around. Establishment republicans co-opted Trump's movement for their own ends and cast him off like a soiled rag. The Q crowd let themselves get caught up in a cloak-and-dagger LARP that afflicted them with terminal bystander syndrome. Trump himself picked all the wrong friends and took all the worst advice every time.

Yet there's truth to the old saw about pointing fingers. Trump was never going to be the savior. We already had a Savior, and turning our backs on Him is the real reason we're facing chastisement.

Trump was only ever going to buy us time. He gave us four years to prepare for merciless persecution.

Did you use the time wisely?

The author nails the problems we are dealing with in modern pop culture, and how to deal with it. Don't feed the Death Cult!

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You


  1. It may be a good idea, if you haven't done so, to make preparations for leaving the country if you unexpectedly find yourself unpersoned and unable to find work.

    I'm going to be taking classes to get certified teaching English as a foreign language. This is something that will make it so that I'd basically be able to get work anywhere in the world. It helps that I'm white (REAL white privilege for you!).

    1. Don't count on this.

      One of the accomplishments of Trump was to expose the true extent of the enemy's reach. It IS international and trans-national.

      In short, people thinking they can run will find out that they can't escape that way, and now they are the alien or foreigner in a country not their own so the locals and their government rightly sees you as a problem to be solved by sending you back- maybe with more than what you're wearing.

      No, there's nowhere left to run. We stand here, or we fall here. We are on Death Ground.

    2. You misunderstand. I do NOT Think people should run. I think they should PREPARE to be able to if necessary. This is simple common sense disaster preparedness; it just so happens the disaster is the ability to find work.

      Stand and fight until you can't.

  2. One of the habits I've gotten into is the commemoration of the saints. There's a calendar at the back of my Anglican BCP that makes it easy. I noticed something rather interesting as I was laying out the commemorations for the coming week. January 18th was the Feast of the Confession of St Peter. January 25th is the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul. Yesterday was dedicated to Pope St Fabian, today to St Agnes, a virgin, and tomorrow to St Vincent of Saragossa, a Deacon in what is now Spain - all three are martyrs.
    The Roman emperors could not kill the Church, not even by martyring Popes. I looked on Wikipedia and discovered that something like ten Popes in a row were martyred for the Faith in the waning days of the Roman Empire.
    This gives me great hope and no small amount of peace. The American Republic is dead, but we have survived far, far worse than Joe Biden and the power-mad grifters of the Democrat Party. We have died, and our lives are hidden with Christ in God. May God give us grace to take up our crosses and follow, and to find walking in the way of the Cross to be the path of life and peace.

    1. The late Cardinal George of Chicago famously prophesied some years ago: "I expect to die in my bed. My successor will die in prison. His successor will die a martyr in the public square, and his successor will begin the slow work of rebuilding society."

      We're right on track.

  3. I am Spanish and I translate by writing in Spanish and I did it with Google, it will not be my fault if there are translation problems. I came across this website, by FilosofĂ­a de Films, an Argentine channel for movies and philosophy, the movie was Pleasantville, looking for information about Pleasantville and its satanic connection. I am an atheist, but I assure you that I am not as crazy and amoral as many of these crazy heads. If it is necessary to fight so much in America or in Europe, I will side with my fellow believers, they will not fight alone.