Combat Frame Data: Imhullu



Technical Data

Code name: Imhullu
Nickname: Bearded Demon, Red Devil
Classification: Ynzu Controller combat frame
Manufacturer: Ynzu
Operator: Ynzu Controller, codename: Barbarossa
First deployment: CY 60
Crew: 1 pilot in full-immersion cockpit in chest
Height: 18 meters
Weight: 66 metric tons
Armor type: "1D" carbyne laminar armor enhanced with fractal diamond isomers
Powerplant: Super high-efficiency micro fusion reactor, maximum output 6666 KW
Propulsion: Gravity drive: 360,000 kg thrust; top speed 3800 kph; 180° turn time 0.29 seconds; legs: top ground speed 196 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, gravitic, optical array
Fixed armaments: x3 mega graviton cannon, mounted on head, power rated at 13,000 MW ; x2 graviton sword, blade emitters embedded in palms, output rated at 6.66 MW
Special equipment: Full-immersion cockpit, ion field generator, gravitic cloak, TC/D drive

General Notes

In compliance with the ISBC Report of CY 55, Coalition Secretary-General Maritza Eckhart commissioned a run of mass-produced XSeeds and a new line of supercarriers to transport them. Many Coalition Defense Force officers called these costly measures a wasteful folly.

Eckhart's folly would receive a trial by fire in CY 60, when an Ynzu swarm wiped out the Bigelow City CDF base on the moon's dark side. The CCT-01 Daedalus was already stationed in Earth orbit, but the Ynzu's Nidulans units scuttled the new carrier in a lightning attack.

In desperation, Eckhart diverted the CCT-02 Sovereign Protector from her shakedown cruise. The SP's complement of ReXPros soon found themselves outmatched by the crab swarm. To make matters worse, a second, unique enemy CF type appeared amid the battle. Its gangling red frame, horned, bearded head, and stubby "wings" seemed to consciously evoke fiendish imagery. The Red Devil, as it was quickly nicknamed, earned its title by melting the Ural Mountains to slag from orbit.

CDF Lieutenant Viktor Karsten led an assault on the demon CF, but the Nids swarmed to the Red Devil's defense. It soon became clear that the red CF was directing the other Ynzu.

With the SP taking heavy fire, her XSeed wing outnumbered, and millions of casualties on the ground, Earth's defenses teetered on the verge of collapse. Only the sudden arrival of the XCDS-00M0χ turned the tide. Karsten and his wingman Pen Qun joined green χMetatron pilot Nathaniel Frost in a renewed assault on the Ynzu control unit.

The χMetatron and the Red Devil fought to a stalemate, but Karsten managed to disable the demon machine with a plasma bayonet thrust to its cockpit. A ReXPro counteroffensive mopped up the disoriented Nidulans, sealing mankind's first victory against the Ynzu.

Remanded to ISBC for study, the Red Devil was assigned the codename Imhullu after the Babylonian god Marduk's spear. Extensive testing confirmed its pilot as the first-known Ynzu Controller, whom ISBC codenamed Barbarossa.

Structural and mechanical analysis of Imhullu revealed a weapon more akin to humanity's combat frames than typical Ynzu Claviceps and Nidulans models. Some suspected that the dread CF had been built in purposeful mockery of human technology and religion. It featured metallic construction clad in laminar carbyne armor reinforced with diamond isomers, much like the original XSeed Metatron. Speculation arose as to whether Imhullu's builders had been in contact with one or more of Metatron's designers.

Imhullu boasted weapons to match the legendary XSeed's. Its "face" bore three conical projections resembling hollow horns. Each horn served as a graviton beam emitter capable of unleashing a13,000 MW blast in a broad cone. Like standard Ynzu energy weapons, Imhullu's graviton cannons also destabilized target's molecular structure. One of these beams proved capable of incinerating an entire ReXPro squadron, and sustained fire melted a significant volume of igneous rock over a several-hundred-kilometer area. A pair of graviton-shaped plasma blades, one installed in each palm, gave Imhullu decisive close combat superiority.

An ion field many times more powerful than standard Ynzu projectors bolstered Imhullu's already formidable defenses. Its onboard TC/D drive allowed the Red Devil to strike anywhere, any time, without warning. An improved full-immersion cockpit not only enabled Barbarossa to fly his dread CF by thought alone, it amplified his mental control of nearby Ynzu. Firsthand reports of the cockpit's nano-fluid crystallizing around the Controller as Imhullu shut down remain officially unconfirmed.

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