The XSeed Tech Guide Is Live

You demanded it, you got it! The gorgeously illustrated Combat Frame Tech Guide is now available on Amazon in digital and print!

Indiegogo backers already got their digital tech guides, and their deluxe paperbacks are on the way. Now's your chance to get this groundbreaking book before the general public!

The eBook is a handy reference for the novels' blistering mech action that's ready to go whenever and wherever you are! For mech connoisseurs, the striking 8.5" x 11" paperback makes an excellent conversation piece for your coffee table! Help us move the needle on Amazon. 

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Illustrated Combat Frame Tech Guide - Brian Niemeier

The future is over

Yet weapons technology marches on, reaching its pinnacle in the mighty combat frame! The Combat Frame XSeed saga chronicles the battles waged by these and other awesome war machines!

Get the official specs on every Coalition era CF, plus fighters, ships and more!

Learn the histories of these futuristic weapons and their pilots!

See your favorite combat frames illustrated in full color!

Access exclusive mech data you won't find anywhere else!

Get the secrets of every SOC and EGE mech at your fingertips. Buy the guide now!

Reader Review

An excellent companion guide for the XSeed franchise

This reference guide is the perfect supplement to have around while reading the series. You can keep track of what each mech and vehicle are capable of and where they came from, complete with background information and illustrations. The nitty-gritty tech specs and weapon details are all here, covered in loving detail.

My favorite section breaks down each manufacturer and lists every mech they've ever created.

If you enjoyed the XSeed series, or if you're currently reading it, this is an easy recommend.


Not only does the tech guide include luscious full-color illustrations of every Coalition-era mech by ArtAnon and Todd Everhart, plus original line drawings, it features three exclusive mechs you won't find anywhere else!

XSeed Plasma Tank Page

Get a useful desk reference and an attractive coffee table book all in one. Buy the tech guide now!


  1. Great! I was looking forward to this.

    Brian would it be okay to pick your brain about something? Maybe in an email or whatever is easier for you? It's related to the new Cyberpunk game, but it deals with matters of the soul in ways that are quite disturbing. You being a trained Theologian and Scifi author would have a better view on matters than most I know.

    1. Ask away, through whichever channel you're most comfortable with.