The Plural of Omnibus

Del Arroz Wright Omnibus

It's often remarked in the dissident art scene that right-wing creators don't support each other. Authors like Jon Del Arroz are making a conscious effort to cross-promote more likeminded artists, which is a hopeful sign.

Jon recently did me the honor of inviting me on-stream with science fiction grandmaster John C. Wright. As is customary on streams where Mr. Wright is involved, the conversation covered several topics ranging from the plural of "omnibus" to why otherwise normal people join the Death Cult

Give it a watch.

By way of a spontaneous encore, I crashed author David V. Stewart's Newpub Gaming stream on Saturday.  If you have more of a literary interest, our fielding of audience writing questions may be up your alley.

Watch my appearance on David's stream now.

If you're an author in need of professional advice to realize the best version of your book, you can hire me as your editor.

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