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Bradstreet Vampire

The crowning feather in Vampire: The Masquerade's cap has always been its rich and extensive lore. Its video game tie-ins' forays into SMRT stories aside, VtM boasts an immersive setting that deftly synthesizes a broad spectrum of influences from Bram Stoker to Anne Rice; from Slavic folk tales to Genesis--which it takes as fact by default.

That last detail is probably why, despite the franchise's early signs of wokeness, it held out surprisingly long before finally falling to the Death Cult.

A venerable IP succumbing to the black hole of cultural ground zero is an all-too-familiar story at this point. Amid the sting of loss, the fall of each beloved franchise offers vital lessons. Rest assured, I've taken those lessons to heart with regard to the projects I'm involved in.

My dear colleagues Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal were gracious enough to have me back on the indefatigable Geek Gab stream to discuss gaming, movies, and general geekery. My distinguished collaborator Catholic Lancer was sadly called away at the absolute last second, but we held our own in his absence.

Listen now!

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  1. This explains why the Exalted 3e dragon-blooded book is (reportedly) trash. I kicked in for the 3e core book, but can't see myself paying money for anything else. A shame, too, because I really like the 3e rules.

    Sad and ironic that a company named for Stormbringer's wielder is now behaving more like one of its victims.