Fake Geeks

 If anyone still doubts that:

a) The Hollywood studios, big publishers, and record labels who are busily destroying your beloved childhood brands are not motivated by profit, and

b) The Pop Cult is a pipeline to the Death Cult,

Consider the following thread by a would-be gatekeeper on Twitter.

Gillis 1

Fake Geeks? The Cultist projects like an IMAX.

Those who pointed out that Leftist gatekeepers telling Conservative authors to "Build your own award" were bad-faith actors have been roundly vindicated.

The Death Cult priesthood can't abide the thought of infidels enjoying the works their forefathers created. They hate those venerable authors for being ten times the men the Cultists are. They hate their works for being incomparably better than anything the Cult can produce. And they hate you for not being as petty and miserable as they are.

Most of all, they hate the Christ for being the sole means of salvation, contrary to their debauched pipe dreams.

Gillis 2

If Gillis used his intellect instead of making an idol of it, he might realize it's his Cult that's cancelled his shiny, sexy utopia. Men of the West like Tolkien won the World Wars, went to the moon, and invented the internet. The heathens his side is flooding STEM fields with hail from societies that haven't fully mastered indoor plumbing.

Death Cultists are creatures of envy, and their envy fuels their hatred of truth, goodness, and beauty.

Just in case it still needs to be said, don't give money to people who hate you.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. Delete from history a man who is listening to the Song of the Ainur?

    Mr Transhumanist is all hat and no cattle.

    1. How much you wanna bet he doesn't know the movies are based on books?

    2. That's a losing bet if ever there was one, just like betting that he doesn't know that Tolkien invented High Fantasy, mythopoeia, and world-building.

  2. William Gillis
      Class: Bugman (NPC)
      hp 6;  AL: N(E);  AC: 8
      STR 7
      INT 16
      WIS 3
      DEX 11
      CON 8
      CHR 4
      Special Attacks: Leomund's Lamentable Belaborment (1/turn); 10% cumulative chance per round of capturing caster in own spell, releasing all others who were enchanted.

    1. I may have to work this build into a game sometime :)

  3. Brian
    Are we now witnessing death cult committing a sin against the Holy Spirit?
    Notably the aversion to the good and envy against those who benefit/enjoy it?


    1. To join the Death Cult, one must first commit the mortal sin against the Holy Spirit of denying that God can save him.

    2. Brian

      Understood. Pray for his conversion and let the Lord do his work.


  4. Sometimes I wonder if you went back in time 20, or even 10, years ago, and showed geek culture adherents of the era what their subcultures would look like in 2020, how would they respond?

    Just about every person I knew from then is either a Christian or a death cultist now, with only the libertarians still acting as if it is 1994 and the government won't just drone your house if they feel like it.

    This guy, however, has hit the edge of despair. That's what happens when you cling to the utopian fantasy of transhumanism long past its sell by date. All you can do is lash out at the universe for not doing what it was supposed to do!

    I suggest praying for this man. He's going to have a rough go of it over the next few years.

  5. It's interesting how he's trying to do what we should have done decades ago. Gatekeep these people out. Geek culture going mainstream was always a mistake. SF&F, Comics, Videogames, TTRPG are all worse now because we let in everybody in the name of inclusivity. I'd rather be mocked by the masses at large but still have our hobbies intact to be honest.

    1. Once people realized that much profit could be had from "geek culture," it was lost.

    2. Geek culture is like the Nine Rings for Men, and the Seven for the Dwarf-lords.

      But they were all deceived

  6. This is why I'm confident that Time Travel does not exist. God would not allow Satan and his agents to rip the victories of his people over the devil's schemes away from them.

  7. The people who hate the gatekeepers the most are the saboteurs and the barbarians.

    As a younger man, I would welcome anybody into my hobbies because I was desperate to play with somebody. Anymore, I will immediately distance myself from anybody who (non-exhaustive list):
    Thinks Gandalf is a human.
    Likes the sequel Star Wars movies.
    Doesn't immediately know a metallic dragon is good aligned.
    Doesn't at least recognize the litany against fear.
    Thinks Vancian casting is stupid.
    Would knowingly make a deal with a dragon (especially after failing to conserve ammo).
    Doesn't cringe at hearing "You must gather your party before venturing forth." (but gets bonus points if he can recite it in the exact tone and cadence).

    Obviously, some are more severe than others.
    Oh, and the reactions to hearing "The Witcher," ranked from worst to best:
    The TV show?
    The what?
    The video game?
    The book series?
    The Elric of Melnibonè ripoff?

    1. "You must gather your party before venturing forth."

      OK, I'm pretty sure that's from a CRPG, but as someone who's been predominantly a console gamer his whole life, I can't place which one. Wizardry?

    2. Ah, Google tells me it's Baldur's Gate. Again, console gamer here, but I remember when that was the Hot New Thing. :)

  8. A point from today's post that a lot of folks are missing is that the Death Cultist takeover wouldn't have happened if not for the Pop Cult.

    It's licit to love wholesome movies, games, and TV shows--or any created good. What we forget is that created goods are to be loved for the sake of the uncreated Creator.

    1. This is true of our relationship with people as well. We are to love our wives, for example, because they belong to God (rather than to us) and because God gave them to us as a gift and a charge, rather than because they're beautiful or good, though having a beautiful, admirable help-mete is certainly helpful. We serve God by serving them, as it were, and love them because we love Him. There is a place in every Christian marriage for eros, storge, and phileo, but we are called to love as Christ loved, and for His sake. The grace to love when the beloved is unlovely, as we all are at times, comes from God, as does the grace to accept love when we ourselves are unlovely.

    2. The pop cult primarily exists to fill the hole of religion in their lives. All death cultists need do is poison works with wrong messaging and pop cultists will eat it up unthinkingly because that is what they were trained to do.

      Just look at how many people are "spiritual but not religious" and yet could never define what that means. But the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or whatever.

  9. The funny thing is that I actually agreed with Gillis's initial point. He is right that if The Lord of the Ring films drew people who would otherwise not be involved into the pop cult, it would be better if they did not exist.

    1. That's an angle worth considering. Jackson tried to inject Modernism--especially feminism--into his movie trilogy. The source material is just so good it managed to absorb most of his meddling without serious violence being done to the story.

      Still, if retroactively destroying the films would save souls from the Cult's clutches, I would join Gillis in stoking the bonfire.

    2. Right, the thing is Jackson's trilogy is in a sense a death cult masterpiece. It is similar enough to the source material to appeal to all but the most hardcore fans, but the changes Jackson makes allow it to be perfectly acceptable death cult fare.

      Anyone who defends, for example, his stripping of Aragorn's heroism from the films because it "makes the character more complex and interesting" haa fallen victim to the pop cult.

  10. I laugh at the fact that this wants a time machine to change what has already happened. Getting rid of works before they happen would push others to make something else this fool would hate.

    The problem today is not if this guy has a time machine, (since even if he could change anything it would be a different timeline and ours would still be the same) it is if this guy got power. He would delete, tear, burn anything that goes against his worldview.

    Don’t like guys with swords. Fine his party would destroy all photos, pictures, and artifacts. Next change books, films and other art to match this insane view. People may have to die also so that everyone knows that the lie swords do not exist and to say otherwise is to be an enemy of the people.

    I will point out is that I bet his world is ever changing and not stable one (the reason is simple it is built on lies). Like the communists of the 20s to 60s the rules would be ever changing until he was force out of power.

    1. His worldview is not so much built on many lies as on the one lie (called Modernism) that there is no such thing as Truth. We should expect instability and increasingly obvious insanity from folks who deny the very possibility of sanity and stability. The whole thing is in a sense a headlong flight from two fundamental truths:
      1) There is a God
      2) The modernist in question is not Him.

  11. Erasing everything that gives conservatives even a sliver of cover was how they ended up with no worthwhile ANYTHING. They've done it. They got the results. It's grey goo. But that's consistent with the death cult wanting to erase civilization.

  12. Wow, Gillis is a real piece of work.
    Yet he is merely one visible piece of the iceberg.