Collateral Damage

Today, gentle reader, we bring you a belated signal boost for an extraordinary book--and I don't say that just because the author is one of my editing clients.

Collateral Damage - Adam Furman

Introducing Collateral Damage, a new kind of kaiju thriller by Adam S. Furman!
Destructive Battles Rage Between Hellish Kaiju and Giant Mech Protectors

A desperate father must rescue his son when a deadly kaiju rampages across his city.

When opportunists lurk and buildings crumble around him, the battle might be the least of his worries. Each minute means more destruction, and the clock is ticking.

The first in a new kaiju series where the ordinary collides with the oversized, Collateral Damage is based on a short story of the same title originally published in Broadswords & Blasters Magazine. Experience the first taste of this series with a punch to the gut. Mind the shadows -- you could be crushed.

What readers said:

Excellent, fast story that doesn't disappoint

This book is not my typical type of reading material, however, this book grabbed me on page one and never let me go. It is written with fast paced action with background information provided in a manner that you can easily understand. The storyline never falters and leaves you excited for the next page. And the story ends, leaving you satisfied. I will without a doubt, follow this author in all his future endeavors. Don't miss this one!

And before we return to the sales pitch, the author gave his kind permission to pass this message along:


I just wanted to share the attached review with you that I recently received. I wouldn't have hit some of these points without your help, particularly giving it a satisfying ending in spite of the darker setting (a city in rubble).

By the way, this is consistent with the other feedback I've had with this story.



Receiving missives like this from my author clients makes all my hours toiling over manuscripts worth it. If you'd like expert help bringing out the best version of your book, see the Editing Services tab above.

And for a kaiju thrill ride with heart--and a highly satisfying ending I won't spoil here--read Collateral Damage by Adam S. Furman now!

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