The Pharmacopeia

A linguistic quirk that's become a hallmark of dissident jargon is the convention of referring to one or more "pills" as shorthand for certain mental states. Being bluepilled means uncritically accepting the official narrative on one or more issues. Taking the red pill indicates that one has wised up to a lie peddled by the Death Cult.

These original pill memes made their way into popular use from the pickup artist scene, which ironically cribbed the imagery from a movie made by a fraternal pair of degenerates. Their dubious origins aside, the red pill and the blue pill are handy methods of quickly conveying more complex ideas, so they naturally caught on.

As subcultures are wont to do, the dissident movement expanded their binary pharmacopeia with new pills to describe other mindsets. Whereas the red and blue pills connoted awareness or obliviousness to reality, a second set of pills was added to reflect one's reaction to eye-opening epiphanies. Thus, the red-blue X axis was joined by the black-white Y axis.

To give you the short version, a black pill is a bitter truth; while a white pill is a cause for optimism.

Another phenomenon you always see with subcultures is the hijacking of their slang by the wider culture. A case in point was when Con Inc. grifters co-opted the term "black piller" to tar supporters of the Groyper War. The insinuation was that stopping ex-Never Trumpers from imposing support for gay marriage and open borders on right-wing politics was somehow pessimistic.

Unfortunately, the bigger megaphones wielded by Con Inc. outfits like TPUSA and YAF gave them victory in the semantic battle over the black pill. Whereas before, blackpilling meant, "accepting a grim truth", it now means "spreading despair". You saw similar sleight of hand occur with the phrase "shooting right", whose meaning was completely inverted from an admonition for moderates not to countersignal hardliners to a bludgeon used by the bluepilled to stave off red pills.

These days, an accusation of blackpilling just means you've stated facts that have instilled cognitive dissonance in the listener. It' s a disqualifier used by moderate right-wingers in the same way that Leftists throw around the term "problematic".

Many on the Right are understandably baffled in the face of the fact that the Left keeps winning despite embracing a worldview based on bat guano crazy make-believe. The reason is that the Death Cult is animated by fervent, if misplaced zeal, while Conservatives seek refuge in practicality. An ironclad rule of history is that zeal beats pragmatism any day of the week.

That's not to say that the truth doesn't matter. What it does mean is that, all else being equal, the most fanatical side wins. An important conclusion to draw from the Cult's march from victory to victory is that so-called Conservative principles aren't as grounded in reality as Conservatives assume.

In fact, most Conservative principles are just Liberal principles from ten years ago. The Mammon Mob buys into the same basic assumptions about human nature as the Death Cult; they're just lukewarm about it. Their practice of standing in the path of the Cult's march shouting, "Slow down!" therefore looks arbitrary.

Ask a Conservative why he wants to win, and the most common answer will be, "So they'll leave me alone." The next most popular responses range from appeals to creature comforts to a shrug.

Ask a Death Cultist why he wants to win--not that you have to; they shout it from the rooftops--and you'll get a fiery sermon about the post-national, post-racial, post-Christian utopia in store for the world if we can just pile up enough corpses.

Yes, the latter is a horrifying vision, but it has the advantage of being a vision. The zealot can effortlessly dismiss your desires to be left alone, not pay taxes, and live with people like you as selfish impediments to progress.

Here's the ultimate truth at the heart of our current crisis: The triumphant Death Cult is a fanatical heresy fueled by stolen Christian zeal. It can be defeated if and only if enough people submit to the one true faith with equal zeal. 

Without Christ, you cannot hope to stand firm against the diabolically inspired Cult.

Without Christ, you will break under the random, selective, and irrational terror campaigns of our corrupt ruling class.

Without Christ, there is no victory, and no victory without Christ can be worth winning.

That some consider the above to be black pills says more about them than the alleged blackpillers.

Go to church. Stop sinning. Make atonement for your sins and those of all the world.

And win.

Happy, hopeful, and practical


  1. Amen amen amen.

    Zeal. No more half measures. Don't "Keep Christ in Christmas," unapologetically celebrate the birth of our Savior and the Incarnation of the Living God. Spring Break? No, Easter season. Don't try to convince Death Cultists, mock them. Spread the Gospel through your life. As Brian says, stop sinning (major note to self on this one). It's not going to be easy, but so what? We weren't promised easy, we were promised suffering for His sake.

    Get out there and earn it.

  2. Then you have grifters like Jordan Peterson getting publicly shamed by OldPub. They get to feel superior and confident by canceling a heretic, and he gets to receive from money and appearances by ConInc in return. The cycle continues anew.

    These people aren't in it to win. They're in it to wring dollars out of the creaking system before it collapses in on itself.

    That's not "blackpilling"; it's just reality.

    One of the reasons you should want to win is because you want your enemies to accept reality for what it is. Until they are faced with the concept of humility and are met with constant pushback that shuts them down, they will never stop. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Giving them what they want is bad for them.

    Moral laziness got us here. It's not going to get us out of it.

    1. This is why, "But he triggers all the right people!" is a horrible excuse for giving attention to Conservative grifters. The people we're dealing with called George W. Bush a Nazi FFS.

  3. "Here's the ultimate truth at the heart of our current crisis: The triumphant Death Cult is a fanatical heresy fueled by stolen Christian zeal. It can be defeated if and only if enough people submit to the one true faith with equal zeal."

    Great minds think alike:


    "Meanwhile, the secular and the satanic are passionate and dedicated...

    ...Yet another motive for zeal is the contrary zeal with which the enemies of Christ and His Body the Church dedicate themselves to working disorder, corruption, and death. Their work is indescribably perverse and influential; many are lost through them. We work against them even as we pray that they will turn back from the road to damnation along which they are dragging so many others."