The Corpse of Conservatism

Ben Shapiro - Conservatism

The 2016 presidential election will go down in history as the last. Now that one party can commit rampant vote fraud, and the other meekly accepts the fraudulent outcome, the US is a de facto one-party oligarchy. Simulated elections will still be held for show, but everyone will know them for shams. Tellingly, the only people trumpeting the integrity of the 2020 elections despite mounting proof of fraud are the same ones who shrieked about Russia rigging the 2016 race without any proof.

Few Republicans realize it yet, but this new political environment is as incompatible with Conservatism as the sulfuric acid atmosphere of Venus is with human life. Decades ago, William F. Buckley forcibly mutated Conservatism into a symbiote that could only survive as an appendage of the Left. The Democrat party's job was to consecrate the political apparatus to a secular Death Cult. In response, Republicans played the role of Cassandra, uttering dire warnings that Democrats wouldn't like the consequences of their actions while remaining powerless to stop them.

On second thought, that's not fair to Cassandra. She tried her best and only failed because of a divine curse. Republicans, in contrast, always excused their failure to act on their own warnings by conjuring ad hoc principles that conveniently tied their hands.

Conveniently for the Death Cult.

No issue tears the thin veil of integrity from inherent Conservative cowardice like the student debt crisis. When Chuck Schumer made noises recently about student loan forgiveness, Principled Conservatives™ dutifully started hyperventilating.

For a movement that lays claim to Christian moral principles, heeding a practice that's explicitly commanded in the Bible shouldn't be controversial. But Conservatism has been so subverted by Buckeyite economic wonkery that Conservatives now react to these verses like rabid feminists waving KEEP YOUR BIBLE OUT OF MY UTERUS! signs.

That's how you know modern Conservatism is really a creature of the Left. The historical Right is founded on ideals of throne and altar, family and order. 18th century economic theories and Cold War-era geopolitics are novel accretions duct-taped to authentic right-wing values.

Conservatism's regulatory capture by the Left is also why the post-Buckley movement is now a walking corpse. The Death Cult only needed Conservatism until the Democrat party could secure permanent electoral dominance. The GOP's job was to keep Americans squabbling about the GDP and tax codes so they didn't notice the Left seizing total power. Too impatient to wait for demographic winter, the Left tore off the mask and stole the last election. They have no more need of plausible deniability and no more need for Republicans.

Don't mourn for Conservatism. At the last, it sold us out. Two-faced hacks like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, and Dan Crenshaw will slither off to their rewards at the megacorps that are crushing the people who trusted them. It will be interesting to see what kind of genuine opposition to the Death Cult emerges without Con Inc. gatekeepers policing the talent pool.

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  1. "It will be interesting to see what kind of genuine opposition to the Death Cult emerges without Con Inc. gatekeepers policing the talent pool."
    I'm guessing a real Fascist strong man will rise up. Trump isn't a Fascist neither are any of his followers. The left keeps crying wolf aboutt the "neo-nazis" everywhere when they just might get the real deal when it will be too late for them.

    1. It would be bitterly ironic if the folks who call themselves antifa eventually inspire the rise of the very fascism they claim to be actively fighting right now.

    2. I'm fairly certain that's what happened the last time.

    3. And then one day for no reason at all ...

  2. The death cult had learned far better what to do. Don't create martyrs or heros but atomized frightened indifferent individuals. They'll obey, consume and get excited by the next product launch.

    The opposition needs to be confessors of the faith. Living lives objectively refuting the death cult's fake glamour.