Combat Frame XSeed: Pocket War

Over the weekend, I attended a special three-day workshop organized by fans of Combat Frame XSeed. Soc Con wasn't your typical convention intended to lavish praise on the IP creator. All of the organizers and attendees are serious subject matter experts who convened with one goal and one goal only: to design a CFXS card game fit for cardboard crack connoisseurs.

I'll let their results speak for them.

Grenzmark C Card

Ein Dolph Card

XSeed Prometheus Card

Those of you who follow me here and on Twitter may have gleaned hints of a special XSeed-related project in the works. You heard right, and this is it. I'm delighted to introduce Combat Frame XSeed: Pocket War!

Special thanks to CardAnon, ArtAnon, and ComicAnon for their invaluable work on bringing a CFXS-themed card game to life. The first set is planned for 180 cards based on the awesome mechs and pilots from the first book. The rules are currently in play testing, but everyone who tried it agrees that there's a game here with legs.

Keep your eyes glued to Kairos and my Twitter feed for upcoming details!

In the meantime, I recently stopped by best selling author Jon Del Arroz's channel to chat about the latest book in my mecha thriller series, Combat Frame XSeed: S. We also chatted about general sci fi geekery. Give it a watch!

Tour the galaxy, fight the alien invasion!

Combat Frame XSeed: S - Brian Niemeier