BananAmerica 2020

Rarely do I quote myself on this blog, but in this case, I think it's warranted. On this year's anniversary of 9-11, I wrote:

Those mail-in ballots are the key. Far more Democrats than Republicans--a majority, in fact--plan to vote by mail. Most of those ballots will not be counted until after election night, thus inviting two likely scenarios:

  1. Trump appears to win on election night, since he'll get most of his votes at the ballot box. But mail-in ballots counted over the following days flip the race to Biden.
  2. Trump does in fact win on election night, but Democrat apparatchiks conveniently keep finding mail-in ballots until Biden snatches away the victory. As AE points out in the article linked above, the fact that most Republicans will vote on election day will tell the Democrats exactly how many votes they need to fake to beat Trump.

In either event, the Party have their Big Tech hatchet men prepping the public for a contested election and the massive, nationwide unrest that's likely to result. Zuckerberg and Dorsey's job will be to silence Trump and his supporters, ensuring that the MSM's narrative dominates.

Welcome to BananAmerica. 

That was two months ago. Now, to the surprise of no one who was paying attention:

While Donald Trump amassed huge, seemingly insurmountable leads in key states across the country, Democratic officials went quiet in their cities, releasing no results until it was clear exactly how many they would need to win. And then, like a cascade, they poured out the numbers on Wednesday morning, claiming staggering early-vote margins that washed away the president’s lead in state after state.

Democrats have terrible policies for America, but give them credit for one thing: They know when to count their ballots.

In his razor-thin win in the 1960 presidential election, John F. Kennedy carried Illinois by less than ten thousand votes out of 4.7 million cast. Kennedy’s narrow victory was enabled by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s political machine. An investigative journalist found anomalies such as 56 votes cast from a single house, votes by the dead, and other stunts like swapping cash for votes. Following the election, three members of that machine were sent to jail for voter fraud activities, and more than 600 others were indicted before being acquitted by a judge allied to Daley.

Now, the same stunt is being pulled, on a far grander scale. The con was in the works long before Election Day. For months beforehand, the press bombarded the public with bogus polls showing huge leads for Biden in almost every swing state. On election night, these worthless polls were exposed, but they were still used by the press to justify not calling states for Trump. Now, they will be used to justify dramatic last-second swings into the Democratic column.

The left always telegraphs exactly what they plan to do. This time, they used mail-in voting as a smokescreen to spread the meme of a red mirage as outlined above, giving them cover to fake ballots. Folks in the know warned that the Dems would employ their patented Cook County strategy on a national scale. 

That's what we saw overnight, as the in-person vote gave Trump big leads in key states. Election officials in Democrat-controlled areas conveniently stopped counting votes once they knew the margin of victory. Today, even more conveniently, they've produced exactly enough absentee ballots to flip Trump's leads to Biden.

The banana republic behavior on the part of Democrats is unsurprising. They've been at it since at least 1960. But there's no word for the GOP establishment's failure to act on the many, urgent, and now correct warnings of vote fraud than complicity.

Trump, to his credit, knows better.

Frankly, We did win this election...

This is a major fraud on our nation... We'll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court.

We want all voting to stop. We don't want them to find any ballots at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Prioritizing the confirmation of his third SCOTUS pick now looks prescient on Trump's part. We are now likely in for a replay of the 2000 election circus, but orders of magnitude larger. For the indefinite future, it would be smart to avoid crowds.

Whatever the result of the courtroom battle royale that will soon ravage the country, one conclusion is inescapable: The United States of America as conceived in 1776 is over. Perhaps it has been for a long time. The depraved oligarchs who feign to rule us have taken the final plunge into naked tyranny and lost the Mandate of Heaven. Their misrule is not law. Fear of reprisal is now the only reason to heed it.

The first big steps

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. Replies
    1. Trump has already called for recounts and filed lawsuits. That means there are 2 likely outcomes:
      1. He wins. Dems frenzy & incite nationwide chaos.
      2. He loses. Republicans whine and accept puppet king Biden. Another lesson needed before people wake up. They'll get it.

    2. Win or lose, I expect the Left to spend the next couple of years punishing everyone they so visibly despise for the events of the last five years.

      I learned something fun today: about three weeks ago, Catholic Archbishops in Portland and San Francisco publically exorcised Antifa/BLM protest sites in their respective cities. I think we need more of that.

    3. There is more positive that can come from a Biden "win" at this point. It's now apparent that whomever is president does not matter. Nobody is coming to save us. The farce has run its course.

      Also, listen to Brian. Avoid crowds. If the left is willing to cheat this blatantly their willing to engineer another Rittenhouse, but times 20.

  2. Perhaps it is in God's plan. Destroying a once prosperous nation that fell into hedonism and self indulgence to save the souls of those who live there has happened before.

    1. Handing His people over to their enemies is God's standard M.O. for dealing with rebellion.

      The son He acknowledges, He also chastises.

    2. I find myself torn between praying for an end to all this tumult, and praying that the chastisement continues until we are humbled, repentant, and reconciled to God and one another. The only thing worse than all this pain would to learn all of it is a lesson we refuse to heed, until God in His justice gives this nation over to the conqueror, as He finally did to Assyria and Babylon.

    3. Divine chastisement can always be mitigated. God gave us a 2nd chance in 2016. Instead of turning our hearts back to the Father, we squandered it in a whirlwind of 80s nostalgia and grifting.

  3. It doesn't matter who wins any more. Either way, there will be enough people who see the government as totally illegitimate to make civil war a near inevitability.

    We can't even peacefully balkanize because of how many states are three tiered oligarchies with welfare vote farms keeping the oligarchs in total control of the rubes out in the sticks (most midwest states, the west coast, and New York are this).

    None of this affects the throne, though. God reigned when Ninevah slaughtered the ten tribes of Israel, when Babylon subjugated Judea, and when Antiochus IV Epiphanes set Zeus up in the Holy of Holies. He most certainly rules now.

    1. The best outcome of this farce is enough people realizing that the whole system is illegitimate. Things can start getting better when and only when that happens.

    2. Sometimes the only way out is through. If the Titanic as ploughed into the iceberg instead of try to dodge it, people would have died, but the ship would have stayed afloat.

  4. If the result of this mess is that the bulk of people finally realize how consistently and blatantly the media has been lying to them, I honestly don't care about who ends up as president. Not too optimistic about that outcome though, unfortunately. I see a lot of people mad about the election process, but not too many people off of partisan sites who are mad about the reporting.

  5. Replies
    1. My expectation is that whomever comes after Trump is worse. Just like Arthur, that person will be an effect, not a cause.

    2. I’m not familiar with this reference

    3. A distinctly important anti-hero from the X-Seed series written by our esteemed host.

    4. I have trouble keeping the names straight in my head!

  6. I was watching this play out and all I could think of was your blog post predicting it. The left is really easy to predict, I guess. What makes me sad is my leftist friends who absolutely do not see how they're being played. And I'm just part of the enemy, according to them.

  7. Well it's like the big game systems never posting the price of the new system. First one to post it loses. But like Gandalf said. Sauron's wrath will be terrible, his retribution swift.

    1. Yep, a hard and fast rule of negotiation is the first one to name a price loses.

  8. They always say it gets worse before it gets better. Should any of us have failed art student acquaintances it may be for the good of all to steer them away from any political ambitions