Consoomer America vs Based Poland

As the Death Cult's rebellion against Christ comes to a head, attacks on God's house intensify.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A historic Phoenix Hill church is closed for a few days while vandalism is cleaned up inside.

The incident happened Sunday night at St. Martin of Tours Church on South Shelby Street.

In a letter to parishioners, Father Paul Beach said a man who appeared to be on drugs entered the sanctuary and caused considerable damage to the main altar.

Father Beach said their security guard and police officers were able to subdue him before more damage was done.

That person has not been identified. 

The Archdiocese of Louisville said everything damaged can be repaired or replaced.

"I thank and praise Father Paul for his strong pastoral leadership, and I am grateful to Saint Martin's security guard and to the Louisville Metro Police Department for their prompt response. I offer my prayers for healing for the parish and for the offender," Archbishop Joseph Kurtz said in a statement.

Saint Martin of Tours

Providentially, neither the consecrated host nor the relics of the saints enshrined there were not desecrated. We can and should give thanks that the sacrilege was limited.

What we can no longer afford to do is to be complacent in the face of diabolical attacks that are rising in boldness and intensity.

The first step to finding a solution is understanding the problem. The recent case in Florida, where a man rammed his car into a church, was attributed to mental illness. Authorities are chalking up the Louisville sacrilege to drugs.

Schizophrenia and drug abuse have afflicted people since time immemorial. This rash of church attacks ramped up over the summer. Ask yourself, what changed?

A couple changes I'd make if I were in authority at a Catholic diocese would be to train more exorcists and restore the order of ostiaries. As seen below, Based Poland is here to remind us that gatekeepers aren't always bad.

Based Poland 1

You don't negotiate with the Witches. You don't try to placate the Witches. You outlaw the Witches' child sacrifices, and if they try to profane the Divine Liturgy in retaliation, you show them the door.

Based Poland 2

Lord, send Your American flock such shepherds!

For the rest of us, be ready for increased persecution, and don't fund the Death Cult.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. Assuming that this is spiritual warfare breaking out into physical desecration, and that this church was targeted for its namesake, is there anything about St Martin of Tours, his life, or his patronage, that might be relevant?

    1. He's the patron of vintners and reformed alcoholics, so that may be a point in favor of the rampaging druggie explanation.

    2. A Reader
      He's also he the patron saint of soldiers. In fact Rememberance day on Nov 11 is his feast day.
      So perhaps the Lord is dropping a big hint.


    3. Thinking back to the attempted arson of that Catholic church in Florida earlier this year, I've been trying to figure out if St Martin of Tours in Louisville is a Latin Mass parish. I can't quite be sure, but it seems at least likely. In looking at their website, they a chapel devoted to perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Their Mass schedule includes references to a sung high mass in the EF and one in the OF. Would those be Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms respectively, as in a Latin Mass and a Vernacular Mass?

    4. Yes, they refer to the ordinary and the extraordinary forms of the Novus Ordo. The EF is celebrated in Latin.