Combat Frame XSeed: S

Combat Frame XSeed: S

Announcing the official Combat Frame XSeed: S launch!

Introducing the hot new series in the hit XSeed saga! Combat Frame XSeed: S is now available on Amazon in digital and print!

An unstoppable scourge lays siege to Earth.

Can humanity survive a world-destroying force that has never known defeat?

The Ynzu Siege nears its third bloody decade. Battered to the breaking point, the United Commonwealth-Protectorate recalls its combat frame carrier fleet for a last stand at Earth.

Lt. Dex Trapper must battle for his life when the Ynzu strike his remote extrasolar colony. Cut off from the UCP, Dex and his CF tech Thatch make a desperate break for help in a century-old XSeed.


What readers said:

Instead of playing a familiar theme and variation on intrigue and mecha combat, Brian Niemeier continues to find new approaches and situations with each new book. 


At first this reads as a typical mecha action story. It doesn't take long to discover that several things are happening in the background. Mecha pilots with strange abilities, mysterious messages hidden in military magazines and packages and a command structure that seems to invite scheming and backstabbing. The game is afoot with plenty of explosions and mecha on mecha battles using everything from plasma swords to rail guns and missiles. I'm looking forward to reading the next entry.

-Scott Osmond

A love letter to series like Gundam, Front Mission, Macross, Armored Core, Titanfall


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Combat Frame XSeed: S - Brian Niemeier

UPDATE: Combat Frame XSeed: S is already in the top 100 in its main category!

Combat Frame XSeed: S Top 100

You guys are fantastic! Let's keep going till we hit #1!

UPDATE 2: #55 and building steam! Just 5 more places to get on the first page. Keep it up!

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UPDATE 3: We're in the top 40! That puts XSeed: S on the first page of its category, which dramatically increases visibility. Thank you! There are no brakes!

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  1. Missed the crowd fund for stupid reasons, so I'm happy to buy on launch day and hopefully help your stats. Well done, sir!

    1. You helped us hit the top 100, so I'd say you've fully redeemed yourself. Thank you!

  2. Congratulations. I must admit a sinful bit of pleasure at being able to read this one before the average Amazon user. So, when's the next one? :)

    1. Thanks. The Combat Frame XSeed: SS crowdfunder launches next month!

    2. Brian
      Congrats! And ready for the next round. It's so much fun to be a cultural venture capitalist!