The Fix Is In

Mail Fraud

Follow American politics long enough, and you'll soon notice two phenomena so reliable you can set your watch by them:
  • The Left always explains exactly what they plan to do.
  • They explain it by projecting their schemes onto their opposition.
The Left's propensity for confessional projection--conjection--if you will, is really quite remarkable. They monologue like passive-aggressive pulp serial villains.

Here's a procession of warhorses from the Democrats' fading old guard sternly warning that Trump may not accept the results of the election.

Which attentive observers will correctly take to mean that the Democrats have no intention of accepting the election results.

How will the Left pull off what will essentially amount to a coup? They've helpfully explained that, as well.
In preparation for delayed results on Election Day due to millions of mail-in ballots, Twitter said Thursday that it will delete or label posts that claim victory too early, according to a report.
The social network, which already prohibits or flags tweets that sow confusion about voting, will institute new guidelines to take effect next Thursday about posts “claiming victory before election results have been certified” or aiming to “prevent a peaceful transfer of power,” Politico reported.
It will also take similar action against “disputed claims” about the voting process, including “unverified information about election rigging, ballot tampering, vote tallying, or certification of election results.”
“We will not permit our service to be abused around civic processes, most importantly elections,” Twitter said. “Any attempt to do so – both foreign and domestic – will be met with strict enforcement of our rules, which are applied equally and judiciously for everyone.”
Twitter spokesman Trenton Kennedy said the company is being transparent about the efforts it will take to prevent confusion as voters are expected to shun voting in person in favor of mail-in ballots amid coronavirus fears.
And Twitter isn't alone.
Facebook also announced that it will flag any candidates declaring victory early and will ban political ads in the week before the Nov. 3 election.
Those mail-in ballots are the key. Far more Democrats than Republicans--a majority, in fact--plan to vote by mail. Most of those ballots will not be counted until after election night, thus inviting two likely scenarios:
  1. Trump appears to win on election night, since he'll get most of his votes at the ballot box. But mail-in ballots counted over the following days flip the race to Biden.
  2. Trump does in fact win on election night, but Democrat apparatchiks conveniently keep finding mail-in ballots until Biden snatches away the victory. As AE points out in the article linked above, the fact that most Republicans will vote on election day will tell the Democrats exactly how many votes they need to fake to beat Trump.
In either event, the Party have their Big Tech hatchet men prepping the public for a contested election and the massive, nationwide unrest that's likely to result. Zuckerberg and Dorsey's job will be to silence Trump and his supporters, ensuring that the MSM's narrative dominates.

Welcome to BananAmerica.

Goes beyond analysis into action.


  1. It would be wise to stock up on food, water, and ammo well before the election occurs. No matter which way it blows its likely to get ugly

    1. I'd also suggest obtaining whatever resources one might need for family prayer and worship, within the limits of the canon law of one's church. A hymnal, missal, book of prayer, or book of worship is frankly a good thing to have even if the digestive byproducts don't collide with the spinning blades. For Methodists, Anglicans, or Episcopalians, I cannot recommend the 2019 Book of Common Prayer highly enough.

  2. Interestingly, barring "claiming victory" would in practical terms harm the Left more than the Right. Consider the number of races that got called for Democrats hours before the polls closed in California, for instance. It's a common tactic to deter Republicans, who tend to vote in person, from continuing to wait in line to cast their vote.

    But then, we know the rules aren't applied as written. They're applied highly directionally.

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    2. [Note to Self (again!): Never compose in the Blogger comment block.]

      Except that this is one of the last (if not the last) chances either side gets. Fraud this massive *will* be exposed -- slowly if the DNC wins, and rapidly if they lose. But DNC will have other means of diverting the public's attention if they win.

      If the Post Office's patent to provide blockchain voting goes through and is implemented, then there is no good way left to rig elections via mail.

      States are already adopting encrypted online voting at various levels (mine has had it for over a decade for all federal and state elections).

      Likely many other encryption methods can be used that you can tie to a smartphone or other device, that then ties to you the voter.

      Polling places could still ask you to come in and verify your residency, but your vote could be tied to you, and you could verify your vote went to the candidates you chose, not to a waste bin.

      That means that each and every fake vote can be tracked back to a source. Can you find the actual perp if fraud is attempted under these methods? Maybe and maybe not, but the vote won't be counted if you can't.

      Nothing built by Man is foolproof or safe, but the low-hanging fruit of vote fraud could be easily removed. The fact it hasn't been addressed by now with the technological means in existence for decades -- by either major party -- indicates such fraud is currently in play, and therefore it is important to the tyrants to continue with the status quo and keep mail-in ballots "as is".

      Fear is heavy in the air.

  3. The goal has always been "Broward County for the Whole USA".

    Only way to get to 95% or better approval ratings is to streamline this stuff, you know.

    1. Yep. The kinds of numbers you only see in totalitarian dictatorships.

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    1. It has always been J Edgar Hoover's FBI. Don't trust a G-man any farther that you can throw his SUV.

    2. Name the last crime the FBI solved that they didn't also cause.

  5. Considering the amount of fraud committed in the 2016 election, why was this not addressed earlier? Razorfist did a video covering how the 2018 Arizona Federal Senate race was the dress rehearsal.

    And no one addresses the vote-rape of the elderly and mentally declined in nursing homes/assisted living or the busing in of voters to multiple locations to vote in if there are no restrictions on which poll station a citizen can report in, etc etc. For a country that prides itself on democracy, you’d think it would take voting seriously.

    1. The term "democracy" as used by our elites means "our unquestioned rule".

      Note that they deem invisible KGB agents using mind control through Facebook a threat to "our democracy" while widespread voter fraud is perfectly legitimate.

    2. Right, every time I hear some politician say “democracy” I hear that famous line by Mandy Patankin in Princess Bride.

      Frankly I’m over Liberalism in all forms...actually I’m over all the modalities currently in place in politics, economics and social policy. The theory they teach is really just a cover lie for what’s actually taking place. Unfortunately this leads many to say “democracy hasn’t really been tried” (funny how the communists say the same) when it should be obvious from history and experience that it was always going to lead to this present clown world.

  6. Just FYI, Tucker Carlson is stealing your material! (my bolding):

    "But it’s not about science, it’s certainly not about the Earth. Again, these are people who don’t go outside who know nothing about nature. It’s about blaming and ritually humiliating the American middle class for daring to elect someone they don’t like."

  7. Us voting is designed to facilitate cheating no ifs or buts about it.

    Have a national ID card - if only for voting (which then will be used for everything else at this least by private markets). Vote by paper. You have an ID card and a voter card that get sent home to you if you're eligible to vote. Go to polling place fill in your paper vote or pick up one more more prefilled ones from the bigger parties. and present all three. Election volunteers check id and voting card, spike the latter and check the right card (color coded) goes in the right urn. Then you're done. Anyone can watch but usually it's just volunteers from several parties (we have more than two).

    Your system is designed from the start to facilitate voting fraud on a massive scale. Ours can be fucked but it takes local effort on a large scale and innatentive voters. There is no way to find a trunk of votes later or central or local hacking of voting machines. The only large scale fraud is by socialists manning old folks homes filling in mail votes or arab clans voting like their head tells them for gibs which is not really fraud on the part of the voters.

    You need to stop using machines and start the voter ID thing you've been discussing for the last decade that is not racist but prevents massive democrat voting fraud.

    1. Like you said, these measures have been discussed in the US for years. The trouble is that voter ID would destroy the Democrats' electoral advantage, and they control the courts, so judges keep striking it down.