Rebirths - Frank B. Luke

Supporting Christian authors who make entertaining readers their first priority is just as vital as not giving money to people who hate us. In that context, I'm pleased to announce a Kindle Countdown Deal for Rebirths by author Frank B. Luke.

From the Amazon product description:

Enraged at the Almighty after losing everything, Derke turns to black magic in hopes of restoring his old life. But the evil one demands a terrible price. Derke, once blessed, stands at the edge of a cliff, ready to lose himself to darkness.

What readers said:

... it reads like CS Lewis played many hours of the Elder Scrolls online then decided to write a fantasy.

Buy it now while this deal lasts!


  1. Bought it before it was on sale, and I really liked it. It has a refreshing and somewhat humorous take on horror/monsters that I really appreciated, where there are not just open forces of evil but also good.

    It makes its protagonist go on quite the journey and engage with difficult questions, too.

    1. But there is no doubt about the power and attractiveness of evil and temptation even though they are clearly evil. It's serious, with enough humor thrown in to make it fun as well as engrossing. That can be a bit tricky to nail.