Confessors Not Martyrs

If anyone still doubts my advice to stay away from protests or who insist we "Need more heroes like Kyle Rittenhouse," I refer you to the latest search term popularity data from Google Trends.

Rittenhouse Trends

Those who are convinced we should send more young men into the lions' den in order to "Wake up the sleeping giant" must confront the fact that public interest in the last hero has collapsed after less than ten days.

When your opponents control the media, building your strategy on showcasing our side's heroics for the press is as ill-advised as talking to the press.

Coming to terms with that reality unearths another white pill.

BLM Support

The concurrent rise in opposition to BLM as interest in Kyle Rittenshouse wanes seems paradoxical at first. But if you consider that the group's brief spike in popularity this summer was as much a media psyop as Kyle's memory holing, the data start to make sense.

Take the BLM craze. It swept the world and compelled highly suggestible people to acts of cultic abasement due to a version of an old advertising tactic called roadblocking. Back when people still listened to broadcast radio, marketing firms would buy the same airtime on multiple channels at once. There was no avoiding their commercial, no matter which station you turned to.

The media upscaled the same concept for their BLM campaign. Instead of astroturfing the airwaves with tracts for the new religion, they plastered it all over the web, cable TV, and breakfast cereals.

Why, then, is support for BLM imploding? The Cultists peddling the new faith forgot a chief rule of marketing: Don't get high on your own supply.

It's not that BLM's resurgence was a meticulously planned and triangulated operation. The Death Cult high priests who run the media had their marketing game ready to go because they really believe this stuff. Human fallenness gave them the chance they were waiting for, and they were ready to take it.

The Death Cult's problem, as always, is that their beliefs are total nonsense, so their snake oil can't survive prolonged contact with reality. Their media monopoly can have everyone parroting that the sky is green at night, but they lose all but the true believers after sunrise.

Thanks in large part to dramatically atrophied attention spans, the media are much more adept at throwing inconvenient facts and events into the memory hole. You can see both dynamics at work in their plays against Kyle Rittenhouse. First they tried to libel him using buzzwords reserved for school shooters. It turned out he's actually a wholesome, well-adjusted kid volunteering to clean up graffiti, so the tar didn't stick.

Now they've switched from a smear job to a hush-up. The Cult hierarchy has declared Kyle Rittenhouse He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Facebook is going so far as to censor accounts that post favorably about him.

As the search trend data shows, the blackout is working. The press can't fool all the people all the time, but they can neuralize them.

Now is not the time for martyrs. It's time for confessors to live the truth humbly, but no less heroically.

It's also past time to stop giving money to people who hate you.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. A Man for All Seasons is like a manual for me. Especially this part (my bolding):

    God made the angels to show him splendour. As he made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity.

    But Man he made to serve him wittily, in the tangle of his mind. If he suffers us to come to such a case that there is no escaping... ...then we may stand to our tackle as best we can. And yes, Meg, then we can clamour like champions, if we have the spittle for it.

    But it's God's part, not our own, to bring ourselves to such a pass. Our natural business lies in escaping. If I can take this oath, I will.

  2. I’d say Rittenhouse in acting locally and defensively was in the bounds of correct action. I do not believe in looking for trouble (counter protests in the city CBD for example) but I do believe that the non crazy side has massive logistical advantages due to the inherent advantage of defensive action. IMHO, Rittenhouse got unlucky. We don’t need more heroes like the mythological Rittenhouse, combat ninja, who brung it to them Antifas. But the guy who showed up to help his community, stayed cool under pressure, and didn’t pose with anything he wasn’t willing to use, well him I think you could use more of. And have more of than many black pill types believe.

    1. Going to help clean up graffiti was probably reasonable. It was subsequently volunteering to defend the store from looters where error crept into the moral calculus. Either he acted without a proper understanding of the danger, which is ignorance, or he gambled with the likelihood of being seriously injured or killed himself, or having his good name and his family's fortunes ruined--which is rashness, not heroism.
      Either way, he is a minor who cannot be expected to make such grave and potentially life-changing decisions for himself and others. Now the state is forcing the issue by trying him as an adult.
      It's the decisions made by Kyle's parents, not their minor son, at the heart of the matter here.

    2. I'm really still chewing over this one, but as always, you make cogent points.

    3. The question to ask is whether you'd let your own son do the same at Kyle's age.

    4. Go, volunteer, even stand in a picket line assuming actual community ties? Yes, yes, and possibly. Carry a gun in that particular situation given that the current governance of at least half the USA seem to comprise a metaphorical seven-headed whore? Nope. Just painting a target on yourself, as you have noted.