Combat Frame Data: CF-06-04A Goblin King

CF-06-04A Goblin King
CF-06-04A Goblin King

Technical Data

Model Number: CF-06-04A
Code Name: Goblin King
Classification: Mass production flight-capable combat frame
Manufacturer: Colonial Defense License Design
Operator: Extrasolar Colony Defense
First Deployment: CY 82
Crew: 1 Pilot, 1 Erlkoenig Battle Director AI, 2 Gremlin Cyberwarfare AI
Height: 17.5 meters tall
Weight: Dry weight 38.3 metric tons, full weight 46.2 metric tons
Armor Type: palladium glass microalloy/carbon-titanium composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, maximum output 2806 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 8x 32,000 kg, 6 x 21,750 kg; top speed 3026 kph; leg boosters: 4x 32,400 kg, top speed 6058 kph in vacuum; maneuvering thrusters: 28; legs: top ground speed 300 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array mounted in head
Hand armaments: Plasma spear, power rated at 2.4 MW; plasma sword, power rated at 1.95 MW, stored in recharge rack on belt armor
Fixed Armaments: x2 missile pod, each capable of carrying x3 MTCCFBM; Gae Bolg plasma cannon, quad-linked, output rated at 1.25 MW
Special Equipment: Ion field generator: radius 10 meters; Active camouflage cloak: conceals from visual and thermal sensors, impairs electrical-optical visual systems and gravitic sensors; Erlkoenig A.I.; x2 Gremlin A.I.

General Notes

The CF-06C-04A Goblin King was a more traditionally sized and equipped combat frame than the AS-03B Goblin, generally piloted by a single human selected for individual combat prowess. In keeping with the Wild Hunt program, the Goblin King was hyper-specialized and solely intended for deployment in concert with other systems meant to cover its weaknesses: each Wild Hunt deployed with a single Goblin King.  

By CY 98 standards, the Goblin King had practically no armor, a trade-off the original designer considered worthwhile in exchange for fitting an almost absurd quantity of rocket thrusters to the CF.  The addition of heavy stealth features helped to extend the average battlefield lifespan of a Goblin King from mere seconds to several minutes or more. 

This blindingly fast combat frame was equipped with a plasma spear, a backup large plasma sword, two integrated missile pods, and an integrated plasma cannon array. Its high agility allowed it to close with and halt any rapidly moving opponent in its tracks and maintain standoff engagement range when necessary. The Goblin King was, at its core, intended to pin down the enemy’s fast movers long enough for its AS-03B Goblins to catch up and destroy them.

While a doughty opponent in its own right, the Goblin King’s main feature was its onboard A.I. Each Goblin King came equipped with two Gremlin A.I.s, giving it the edge in any cyberwarfare scenario.  

More important still was the Erlkoenig Battle Commander A.I. The Erlkoenig, in contrast to the Gremlin and Goblin A.I.s, was a sapient being in and of itself. Each Erlkoenig was “embodied” in a computer core within the individual Goblin King and was granted ranking within the Erlkoenig community which determined its rights (and command privileges over other Wild Hunts). This ensured both that Erlkoenigs would do their best to preserve the Wild Hunt and achieve their objectives, while also forcing them to put themselves in harm’s way.

If a Goblin King was destroyed, its Erlkoenig died with it. They were not permitted any backups, and the code of honor developed within the Erlkoenig community prohibited any attempt to cheat death. It was not unheard of for duels over alleged cowardice to be fought between these fiercely proud A.Is.

The pilots of Goblin Kings, too, had curious relationships with each other and their Erlkoenigs. The pilot and commander developed a bond similar to the old feudal oaths of loyalty. The two tended to evolve mutually dependent personalities and view it as dishonorable to live in a world where the other has died. If the pilot or Erlkoenig was slain, the other would soon relinquish command authority and seek an honorable death against the ever-advancing Ynzu hordes.

Goblin King Cloaked
Goblin King with optical cloak (deactivated)

They made him necessary. He'll make them pay.


  1. I believe you have mislabeled this post as "Combat Frame XSeed". This belongs in the Soul Cycle.

  2. Fiercely proud feudal AIs? Sign me up!

    1. OK, but the pilots' tendency toward suicide-by-Zue means you'll need to sign a waiver.