Stay Away from Protests

Jay Bishop

Less than a week after seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with first degree murder for defending himself in a Kenosha street battle, another dissident who took part in political street action, Jay Bishop, lies dead in Portland.

Though police have yet to officially name a suspect, evidence from citizen journalists continues to mount that Bishop's killer is a far-left radical with deep ties to Antifa.

Whoever the culprit turns out to be, the video evidence makes it clear that Bishop was assassinated while walking along a public street. He was wearing paraphernalia emblazoned with the logo of Patriot Prayer, a Proud Boyt-tier Conservative activist group whom the press are predictably smearing as radical right-wingers.
While Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and other city officials expressed their condolences during a Sunday afternoon press conference, Brown blamed Patriot Prayer for instigating violence.
“The right-wing group Patriot Prayer and self-proclaimed militia members drove into downtown Portland last night, armed and looking for a fight," Brown said in a statement. "Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence. I will not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets."
She added: “Time and again, from Charlottesville to Kenosha to Portland, we have seen the tragic outcome when armed right-wing vigilantes take matters into their own hands. Gun violence is never, ever the answer."
Right on cue, she waves the bloody shirt that C-Ville handed her. Take note of our elites' moral calculus.

  • Morbidly obese woman having a heart attack near a dissident's car = "white supremacists bringing bloodshed to our streets."
  • 17-year-old defending himself against a convicted burglar and a child molester trying to kill him = "white supremacists bringing bloodshed to our streets."
  • Man assassinated for wearing BoomerCon hat = "white supremacists bringing bloodshed to our streets."

It's always instructive to hear our rulers' reactions when their lap dogs slip the leash and get themselves or others killed. It's even more instructive to look at their subsequent actions.
Brown's plan calls for the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office to "prosecute serious criminal offenses, including arson and physical violence." Under the plan, the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office will hold individuals for violent behavior. Plus, the Oregon State Police will assist PPB and wear body cams while doing so. 
The governor is also asking the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and the City of Gresham Police Department to support Portland police. The Oregon State Police is also providing two dozen body cams to the Portland Police Bureau. 
The Governor's public renunciation of the right-wing boogeymen hiding under her supporters' beds is just a Death Cult-mandated ritual. As usual, the Cult's delusions are revealed as such upon contact with reality.

Antifa whackamole

The lesson, once again for the slow kids, is this: Stay. Away. From. Protests.

And don't give money to people who hate you.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You



Multiple data points are resolving into a picture that looks bad for Joe Biden.

Trump vs Biden Boomerang

From Zero Hedge:
A Pew Research Center poll that’s already a month old (and a lot happened since) concluded that violent crime is a major issue according to 59% of voters (almost as much as coronavirus): 74% of Republicans and 46% of Democrats. But during the DNC, held after the poll was already out, the issue wasn’t addressed at all. Democrats talked about police violence, but not riot violence.
The Democrats can't talk about the riots because they support them, which is likely contributing to the erosion of public support for them detailed below.
At this week’s RNC, this situation is -of course- very different. The DNC pushes the GOP into the role of the party of law and order, and they’re all too willing to take up that role. But I was wondering about something else, or “bigger”, this morning. That is, Joe Biden et al are very light on policies, because in their view their most important issue is to get people to vote *against* Donald Trump, rather than *for* Biden.
And I’m thinking maybe that’s starting to boomerang, to blow up in their faces, whether perhaps people are beginning to lean towards NOT voting for Joe Biden, instead of NOT voting for Donald Trump, “at any cost”. In that context, it appears telling that according to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, Biden saw no “convention poll bounce” in his numbers after the DNC, while ironically, Trump did.
The dichotomy between the DNC and RNC productions is a stark illustration of the cultural, ideological, and spiritual divide between America and its demented ruling class. What looks normal to the latter comes off like an insurance company diversity training seminar to normal people.
Just a month and a half ago, Rasmussen Reports had Joe Biden 10-points ahead of President Donald Trump in the polls. Now he’s only ahead by one point, within the margin of error. Even if Biden’s now-slim lead in the polls were to remain frozen as of today, Trump would still have a clear path to an electoral college victory, as Hillary Clinton lead Trump in the popular vote by just over two points in the 2016 election. While it is impossible to know the exact reason (or reasons) for Biden’s polling collapse, it comes as the economy continues to rebound from the coronavirus, riots continue to ravage liberal run cities longer than anyone expected (to no condemnation from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris)..
[..] Rasmussen was among the closest mainstream pollster in approximating the popular vote in the 2016 election. Rasmussen had Hillary Clinton up 1.7 points over Trump on election day 2016, while she ended up winning the popular vote by 2.1 points above him (48.2% vs. 46.1%). The Real Clear Politics average of polls had Hillary up for six points. Unlike the other polls, Rasmussen correctly saw Trump had a path to victory in the electoral college.
Once again, the ineptitude and sheer weirdness of Trump's enemies has proven to be his greatest asset. Cutting legal immigration in half and completing 300 miles of border barrier haven't hurt, either.

Meanwhile, smart, quick action on our guys' part has turned the Kyle Rittenhouse case into a godsend for law and order conservatives. The smartest thing Trump could do would be to pardon Kyle on national television, award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and gift him a brand new gamer chair.

Until then, you can contribute to Kyle's defense fund here.


The Jim Snow Era

Kyle Rittenhouse

Straight, white, Christian Americans who still cling to the fiction that their citizenship affords them rights and protections against the mob and the state would do well to heed the words of the Z Man:
This is Jim Snow America. A white kid following the rules is guilty, no matter what the facts say, so he sits in prison. His family started a defense fund on Go Fund Me, but it was immediately taken down. Again, in Jim Snow America, whites are not allowed to avail themselves of the resources for self-defense. The system will now wage war on this kid’s family in order to prevent them from defending their son. In Jim Snow America, white people just have to take it.
It is an infuriating reality, for sure. In a better world, the mayor of Kenosha would already be swinging from a tree. The good people of that city would have remembered the words of Jefferson and fertilized their tree of liberty. Of course, in a sane society, it would never have come to this. There would be no riots sponsored by the ruling class, so Kyle Rittenhouse would not have felt the need to go out in the streets. The reason all of this happened is the rulers made it happen.
As infuriating as it may be, it is this reality that must shine through. Those old rules you were taught about the law and your rights as an America no longer exist. They certainly don’t exist if you are white. If you are white, the system sees you as an enemy and will spare no expense in attacking you. The reason Kyle Rittenhouse sits in jail is no one told him this. Instead, internet warriors playing tough guy on-line encouraged him to be a man of action.
This is why people who like saying “well, at least he is doing something” need to be shouted down at every opportunity. These are people who think every cause needs martyrs, just as long as they are not the martyr, so they encourage everyone else to be foolishly brave. Like James Fields, we have another naive and impressionable young white man facing life in a cage, because he was convinced that doing something is always better than doing nothing.
This is just one aspect of a larger point that white people need to grasp. None of this would be happening if not for the political class. The Kenosha police department has tanks and armored vehicles. They have highly trained tactical units that are trained by Israel special forces officers. The Kenosha police force could invade a small country, but they are nowhere to be found during these riots. The reason they are absent is the politicians have ordered them to let the riots rage.
Savage mobs continue burning down American cities because America's ruling class considers the riots morally good. They are so culturally and spiritually divorced from their subjects that they don't consider billions of dollars in property damage and the loss of untold precious lives a problem to be solved. For the Death Cult, mayhem inflicted on innocent people is the solution.

As for Jefferson's tree of liberty, in the end it turned out to bear the evil fruit that expelled Americans from the earthly paradise they built. Founding a society on a freedom-based ethos is no more coherent than basing a societal ethos on money.

Freedom of religion in particular was a poison pill that has left Christians politically disarmed against hostile parallel creeds. It's no accident that the Death Cult's zealots are targeting churches and conducting street inquisitions to ferret out Christians.

The enemy has the media, the courts, and the banks on their side. The only way we will be able to surmount those overwhelming advantages is by taking God's side, and then we will be invincible. For if God is with us, who can be against us?

Learn how to break free of the Cult and reclaim your dignity.


The Wild West

Kenosha Shooting

Around the country, typical GOP voters are asking themselves why the current round of race riots has been allowed to go on for almost 90 days. After all, local and state officials have no trouble shutting down Corona virus protests. They should be able to stop looters from ransacking the Magnificent Mile.

The reason is that the riots continue because our rulers have a vested interest in letting them continue. Charlottesville remains a rallying cry among the Death Cult three years after all of those protesters have been ruined, jailed, or driven to suicide. Kamala Harris even brought it up at the streamed corporate retreat that passed for the Democrat Convention.

Since the Death Cult now dictates public morality, they need to make examples of heretics to reinforce their authority. The guys at C-Ville gave them the perfect scapegoats, and the Cult has been milking the event ever since. Their intent for the riots has been to lure our side into conflict with the thugs for Charlottesville round two. The only wrinkle was that dissidents learned better and stayed away, so the Cult has had to keep the chaos going. It's no coincidence that the country is going up in flames in an election year.

In the end, the Death Cult had to wait for their paid chaos agents to push into Normieville. My prediction of one-percenter types giving the Cult C-Ville 2 was slightly premature, but it finally came true last night.

Watch the reporting on the Kenosha shootings by Chicago station WGN closely.

As you can see, the Cult priests in the media haven't gone full witch hunt mode yet. Sufficient demographic details on the shooters and the victims aren't yet known. You can rest assured that the minute even one of the shooters is identified as a white militia member, the media will blast his doxx across the web and the airwaves.

You can also be sure that shooters from unfavored demographics will have the book thrown at them while barbarians who met counterattacks while helping to burn down neighborhoods will be lionized. By now there's no excuse for ignorance of how the Cult runs the game.

The Cult spokesman in the WGN video is already laying the foundation for the Narrative we'll see deployed--probably starting today. Concerned citizens peaceably assembled to protest police violence. The cops tear gassed them. A bunch of cars coincidentally ended up smashed and burned for no reason. Then a bunch of flyover militiamen held a Wild West shootout in the street. That will come to be the only acceptable description of events.

For the thousandth time, the answer to the riots isn't a dissident showdown against the Cult's shock troops. Run the numbers. Every one on our side jailed, crippled, or killed removes a net contributor from society. Meanwhile, pierce-lipped Starbucks baristas and criminal sex offenders get free bail and media attention. Engagement on the enemy's terms is a foolish risk.

Support for BLM is cratering because their main achievement has been burning down cities nationwide. The media can and will bend over backwards to make the Cult's domestic terrorists look sympathetic. Don't make their job easier.

And don't give money to people who hate you.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


A Diabolical Heresy

In case you still entertained any doubts that Liberalism--even Classical Liberalism--is a diabolical heresy fundamentally incompatible with Christianity, consider the following Twitter exchange:

Diabolical Heresy 1

Diabolical Heresy

Behold the mental pretzel into which a self-described Christian must twist himself to accommodate the contradictory propositions that a) the true final end of human liberty is salvation in Christ, yet b) the exercise of liberty must sanction a range of human behavior up to and including the commission of evil.

Not incidentally, in no moral universe does the statement, "We have the 'right' to sin," follow from the declaration, "I am Christian."

My interlocutor's fatal error is the false assumption that in order to be be free, the human will must be free to choose evil. Holding such a position betrays his ignorance of what freedom and will mean.

A being is most free when it can act unimpeded according to its nature. Evil is that which is contrary to nature. Therefore choosing evil makes one less free, not more free.

It's fascinating how binary thinkers who reduce the range of free choice to a false good-evil dichotomy never consider that a choice between two goods isn't just a free choice, but is a more perfect exercise of liberty than choosing between good and evil.

Also, asserting the allowance to choose evil without coercion is rather at odds with insisting that evildoers should receive the due wages of sin. God is certainly not a Liberal, if the Ten Commandments are any indication.

As for allowing one's neighbor to choose the shallow grave, his ability to make that choice is implied by the mere fact of his free will, regardless of which system of government he lives under.

The problem, as we've seen demonstrated in recent months, is that our neighbor's choice of the shallow grave all too often lands us there beside him as well.

Cannon Hinnant

Don't fall for the satanic lie of Liberalism, and don't give money to people who hate you


Deracinated Horror

Zelda, Majora's Mask Creepypasta Horror

Horror stories give special insight into a culture's belief system. Since they serve as cautionary tales more than any other type of story, they tend to embody their native society's moral code.

Throughout the lifespan of Western civilization, nearly all horror stories incorporated Christian beliefs or were at least rooted in Christian morals. The West's global dominance even managed to impress Christian-themed horror tropes onto foreign societies. See the popularity of Western style vampires in Japan.

If the prevalence of traditional horror tropes serves as a measure of a civilization's cultural confidence, the waning of those tropes within the original culture makes a pretty reliable indicator of civilizational decline.

Old hands in the horror scene are fond of calling out the zombie apocalypse fad of the aughts as the moment when the genre fell into a rut.

Lots of ink has been spilled trying to figure out exactly what the zombie doom craze meant. The answer isn't all that elusive when you consider that it was mostly a Millennial phenomenon. Millennials entered adulthood just as the current big push toward globalism kicked off. The horror of the zombie arises from the loss of identity and meaning. It is an irrational creature that exists only to consume.

Now, the fact that the Millennials in general embraced their fate as consoomer NPCs doesn't invalidate my analysis. The glut of zombie apocalypse fare that finally sputtered out in the last decade was how that generation came to terms with the theft of their cultural, national, and religious identity.

Astute readers will point out that zombie horror retains a flicker of the old Christian worldview. The zombie as literary device originated from tawdry stories of Voodoo priests enslaving the living. Those B flicks in turn drew inspiration from real-world Caribbean cults that alloyed African folk traditions with Christianity.

And even "scientific zombies" caused by viruses, parasites, or radiation present a warped vision of the Resurrection, much as the vampire is a diabolical mockery of the Eucharist.

For a close look at post-Christian Western horror, we must delve into the dank corners of the web where Millennials are mere visitors but the Zoomers were raised.

Members of Generation Y and earlier cohorts will recall fond childhood memories of summer nights at camp--or just in the backyard--swapping spook yarns around the campfire. Kids don't go outside anymore, so the internet has stepped in to replace the campfire. If you want to sample the horror stories Zoomers tell each other, it means reading creepypasta threads on 4chan or Reddit.

If you're unfamiliar with the creepypasta format, think of an urban legend told in serial format and often expanded by other storytellers from the audience. The creepypasta with which Boomers are most likely to be familiar is the Slender Man.

You can find a pretty representative selection on this channel.

Here's a typical entry:

Two things you notice when you dig into Zoomer horror are:

  1. Their de-Christianization. Most of the storytellers and audience members display familiarity with Christianity on par with a typical 80s American kid's knowledge of Shinto.
  2. Technology as a central plot device/conflict source/theme.
The infamous BEN Drowned creepypasta is a prominent example of the latter.

After a few weeks spent immersing myself in these stories, my main impression is that the majority of them suffer from a specific type of internal incoherence that simply makes them not scary.

Whether the source of the terror is a rubber monster in the woods, a ghost girl who infests smartphones, or a cursed video game, each creepypasta reads like a deracinated rehash of the American remake of an early aughts Japanese horror film.

What's missing is any kind of internal logic for the plot to hang on. We don't even get the cheap anti-drug and fornication morality plays of 80s slasher flicks. The hauntings/curses/murders occur at random because the victims happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's also noteworthy that when some kind of background lore is needed to make the spooky threat intelligible, American Indian legend and prefab Wiccan claptrap are the go-to sources. Summoning a priest to conduct a house blessing or an exorcism is as rare as a Republican in Hollywood--whose fare is nonetheless put to shame by most creepypastas. At least the latter are honest efforts at entertainment.

The Millennials had their identities stripped from them and suffered a crisis of meaning which they collectively resolved by giving in.

Zoomers are the first Western generation born and raised with no inherited identity and no awareness that there ever was a meaning to it all.

The situation is going to get much worse before it gets better.

One reason for the dearth of contemporary Christian horror is the baffling paralysis that's beset most Christian authors. Christian horror shouldn't be a sermon dressed up in genre trappings. It should be a genuinely terrifying story told from a Christian worldview. Those are the best kinds of horror stories, anyway.

Want proof? Read my award-winning horror-sci fi series.

Nethereal - Brian Niemeier


The Head of the Church

St. Francis

For all the criticism I level at the Catholic Church's current leaders on Earth, my motive is not hostility but filial love.

Imagine a princely and ancient mansion that's been handed down in your family since the clan patriarch built it by hand 2000 years ago. It stood as a rock amid the storms of all the passing ages. Now the current trustees of the estate, your Boomer parents, have mortgaged the grand old house to the hilt to pay for hideous "renovations" in imitation of the McMansions that occupy the rest of the street. Worse, they are harboring dodgy workers--some of whom came not through the door but over the wall and are making trouble in the neighborhood. A small but highly visible number of gardeners have committed the most atrocious crimes against the tenants' children. Yet your parents harbor them.

You could disown your parents, go your own way, and abandon the princely house of your fathers, washing your hands of any responsibility for the future of your patrimony. That is the way of the rootless, atomized man of the world. You would not be the first to take it.

The faithful, tradition-minded disciple of Christ gives filial correction to his wayward parents in a spirit of charity. He does not abandon his ancestral home, which the Builder has promised will stand till the end of time. Even if his parents refuse to listen, he trusts the Builder. For does not the Builder also have a vineyard which fell under unworthy management? And did He not remove those wicked managers?

The order of bishops--including the Pope--is not the head of the Catholic Church. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, which is His Body. The first fruits of the Church have already been gathered into heaven. The gates of hell cannot prevail against them.

Every day, this reality is revealed to ordinary people--even if only in part. Despite the sins--many of them grave--of her members, God calls his elect into full communion with Him, and some of those who are called answer.


The Editor Defined


Publishing is an old industry that's assembled its own internal lexicon. As you'll find with any trade, publishing jargon can be difficult for laymen--and even authors--to decipher.

A widely misunderstood term is the deceptively simple title of editor. When most people; again even some authors, hear the word "editor", they immediately think of someone going through a manuscript and marking errors. That association isn't necessarily false, but but it's not true of all publishing professionals with "editor" in their job titles, and editors who work on manuscripts come in several types.

Here are the most common kinds of editors you'll find working at publishing houses.
  • Acquisitions Editor: As the name implies, this editor's job is to acquire manuscripts for the house to publish. When an author submits a book for publication, it's the acquisitions editor who either makes the decision to buy the rights, or who champions the book with the house's decision makers. An acquisition editor's job isn't to prepare a book for publication, but to pick winners from the flood of submissions. Nowadays, the editors themselves rarely sift through the slush pile. That task is largely left to editorial interns who pass likely candidates to their supervising editors. Literary awards' Best Editor categories are referring to acquisitions editors.
  • Project Editor: A project editor coordinates with all of the personnel working on a particular book project, including the author, art department, printers, and other editors to turn a manuscript into a salable book. A book's project editor may or may not be the acquisitions editor who acquired it.
  • Development Editor: This is the first person in the publishing process who performs work that is popularly associated with the term "editor". A development editor works with the author to develop the book's content. This includes helping to bring story elements like plot, character, and theme up to professional standards. Development editors tend to focus on the "big picture".
  • Line Editor: Now we're getting into the more archetypal levels of editing. Line editors deal directly with the manuscript, but they don't primarily check for typos and punctuation errors. Instead, line editors focus on paragraph and sentence-level style and language use. The line editor makes sure that the writing in a manuscript is clear, conveys mood effectively, and has a consistent tone. Line editing affects a book's readability more than any other editorial stage.
  • Copy Editor: A copy editor's job most closely fits what most people think of when they hear the word "editor". This is highly technical editing where the manuscript is gone over with a fine tooth comb to spot grammatical, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors and inconsistencies. Copy editing is essential to making sure that a book is up to industry standards.
Keep in mind that the above definitions apply to editors that work for publishers. Freelance editors usually offer development, line, or copy editing; and often combinations thereof.

For indie authors, here are some important questions to ask yourself before hiring an editor:
  • What is my goal in publishing my book: for fun, personal validation, or to gain a readership and earn money?
  • Is my book's plot coherent? Do the characters have definite and sufficient motivations? Do the events of the story comport with my desired themes?
  • Are the ideas in my book presented clearly? Is my style pleasing to read and easy to understand? Is my book tonally consistent? Does my writing effectively set the desired mood?
  • Do I need help polishing my book's grammar and punctuation to meet professional standards?
Answering these questions will help you determine what levels of editing your book needs. But you're not done yet. Before engaging the services of an editor, make sure that you have:
  1. Conducted multiple editing passes on the manuscript yourself. Make your story as polished as you can get it!
  2. Received honest feedback from several objective beta readers--or even better, alpha and beta readers. These should ideally be people who a) are neither your friends nor relatives, b) you haven't met in person, c) are deep and avid readers in your genre. The goal is to get feedback that's as objective as possible.
  3. Revised again based on reader feedback. The editor's desk should be the penultimate stop before publication.
When all is said and done, the final authority over your book is you. Hence the term "author". Then perform one of the hardest duties of an author: put your pride in your back pocket and consider all editorial suggestions with an open mind.

Remember that your editor is there to help you produce the best book possible. If your answer to the first question above is "reach readers and make money," the best book is one that pleases your readers; not your artistic sensibilities.

It can be massively ego-puncturing to get back a manuscript that you were sure was a masterpiece covered in red. Suck it up. A thick skin is essential to success in this business. Better to have your book dissected by the editor whose honest opinion you're paying for than eviscerated by the readers you're hoping will pay you.

I wouldn't ask you to do anything I'm not willing to do myself. My own award-winning Soul Cycle was expertly edited by the lovely and talented L. Jagi Lamplighter Wright.


Secondary World Religions

Crystal Dragon Religion

World building is the one element that sets speculative fiction apart from every other category of writing. When designing a secondary world, it’s crucial to establish a foundation of internally consistent principles to help readers suspend their disbelief.

Religion in general has been a constant of human existence. Writing a secondary world where there are no and never have been any religions will automatically cause tension between the setting and known history, straining credibility (though it could make for an interesting story hook if handled properly).

The advice in this post will mainly apply to fantasy authors building a secondary world separate from our own. But it should help science fiction writers whose stories are set in speculative primary world handle the subject of religion, to the extent that it comes up, with proper respect and depth.

How do you avoid clich├ęs like Crystal Dragon Jesus, the Evil Church of Evil, and smarmy secularist characters who know the Bible better than lifelong churchgoers? You build from the ground up—or in this case, the sky down.

The Three Qualities of Religion

First, let’s start with three qualities possessed by all religions: cult, code, and creed.

Cult: every religion practices some form of organized worship, with formularized rituals and fixed times for liturgical celebrations.

Code: all faiths promote a particular set of morals derived from their beliefs.

Creed: all religions profess belief in a body of theological knowledge. A faith’s creed is how it defines itself.

When designing your world’s religious landscape, consider what form the qualities above take in each religion. A particular faith’s cult, code, and creed should be intertwined. Ask yourself how they’re interrelated in each religion and how those interrelationships affect the beliefs and behavior of the faithful.

The Three Sources of Revelation

Having discussed three elements common to all religions, let’s examine an area where many faiths fundamentally differ: their sources of revelation.

Historically, the major religions have drawn upon three sources of knowledge about the divine: myth, mystical experience, and prophecy.

Myth: attempts to explain natural phenomena by relating them to the supernatural realm. This is where you get prototypical shamanic religions.

Note that “myth” is not synonymous with “falsehood”. Myths are primitive people’s efforts to make sense of basic truths they find operating in the world.

Mysticism: individual believers’ powerful personal experiences of the divine. Mystics pass on their wisdom to disciples who are encouraged to seek enlightenment for themselves.

Prophecy: unlike the mystic who receives truths meant for him alone, the prophet bridges the gulf between creature and creator as an authentic mediator between humanity and the divine. As such, the prophet’s word is morally binding.

When you get down to designing each particular faith, you’ll want to decide where that religion’s beliefs come from: myth, mysticism, prophecy, or a mixture of two or more sources. The choices you make here will have a major impact on each faith’s cult, code, and creed.

Let’s look at three examples of religions from my Soul Cycle universe to see how all of this hangs together.

The Cult of Midras is based on myth and prophecy. They profess faith in two gods, one good and one bad, to get around the problem of evil. Because of a prophecy stating that humans will decide the war between good and evil, they’re big into moral law and have priests who are basically Judge Dredd.

The Nesshin faith is based on prophecy. They believe that their tribe’s founder was the only real prophet. He taught them that God was put to sleep at the moment of creation and will arise at the end of time to judge all things. This makes them fatalistic, and they’re not too concerned with converting outsiders. Their priests hold liturgies to strengthen and sanctify the people.

Atavism is Nesshin religion infused with mysticism. Atavists believe that everyone is a fragment of God and that separation from the cosmic soul is the cause of all evil and pain. Atavists have monasticism but no priesthood. They value living things as aspects of the divine, but they see death as reunion with God.

That should be plenty to get you started. Play around with these concepts and see what you can come up with. Just remember that each religion’s origins should influence its beliefs, practices, and morality in consistent ways. Even if actual religious history is quite a bit messier, as spec fic authors our world building, like our dialogue, should be the “best of” the real world version.
Above all else, when in doubt, write what’s awesome.

And don't give money to people who hate you!

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier