The Star Knight Saga Returns!

The Star Knight Saga: Hounds of Nimrod

Return to Galactic Christendom with the second book in Author Bradford Walker's Star Knight Saga.

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From the first book:
In the Year of Our Lord 3001, the space pirate Red Eyes brings his pirate fleet to bear against Galactic Christendom. He aims to steal one of its greatest treasures, Countess Gabriela Robin, to fulfill his warlord ambitions. Dispatched against him is one of the Star Knights of the Solar Guard, Lord Roland, with the mission to protect the Countess at all costs. With his man Sibley and his page Creton at his side, Lord Roland faces off against the would-be warlord in the Dire March of the galaxy and begin a conflict that all the galaxy cannot ignore.
What readers said about The Star Knight Saga: Book I - Reavers of the Void
The feel that Walker creates in his first book in the series is one of epic proportions, with larger-than-life characters facing deadly, intelligent adversaries, both representing physical and spiritual powers that dwarf them all. This is a refreshing, action-packed romp that pulls you in and gives you what Myth delivered for Mankind for centuries: a moral center and a civilization that people will fight and die to defend. Definite Buy!

A much less dark Warhammer 40K (the Imperium is actually good) plus Gundam, plus Super Sentai (Voltron, etc.), plus the Song of Roland or Knights of the Round Table, all in one package, and without any teen angst. Villains are villainous, heroes are heroic, princesses are princesses, and colors are bright - no shades of gray.
The writer actually understands what mecha are all about - they are the knights' magic sword, armor shield, and steed all in one package.
Needless to say, i enjoyed it and won't even bother downloading the sample for any sequel - just buy the ebook and get straight to reading it! 

This was a fun action-adventure story. It feels like the author took the middle ages and mixed in some Star Wars. It gives the story a romantic feel- like its connected to our ancient past and hints at a larger story. The references to all the nobility gives me a hint of Dune. And there are large robots that fight- because if you had the ability to sail between the stars, of course you'd do it in a large robot. I am curious to see where this goes.

If you've read the first adventurous book in this swashbuckling series, you'll be curious about the second installment, which I will be editing, too. Don't draw out the suspense a second more than necessary! Back The Star Knight Saga: Book II - Hounds of Nimrod now!