President West

This July 4th weekend brought a number of surprises, and the most unexpected came courtesy of rapper Kanye West:

Kanye West President

Though West's announcement seemingly came out of the blue, not everyone was equally shocked.

Kanye West prediction

Now, I understand the temptation to dismiss Kanye's announcement as a joke. But there is evidence that he has in fact been planning a presidential run.
This isn't the first time West has said he will run for president. He claimed back in 2019, during his appearance at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City, that he was planning to run in 2024.
"When I run for president in 2024, we're going to definitely -- yo, whatchu [sic] all laughing at?" he said at the time. "When I run for president in 2024, we would've created so many jobs that, in fact, I'm going to walk."
Kanye does face some serious hurdles if he wants to get on the 2020 ballot. The deadline to run as an independent candidate has already passed in several states.

Then again ...

Kanye "Deez Nutz" West

But that could be anybody, right?

Runnin' for presi

Conclusion: It doesn't look like Kanye is launching a serious bid for the White House in 2020 so much as a trial balloon for 2024.

It's too late for West to run as an independent this year, but if he gets the 2020 Green or Libertarian nomination, he will basically flip the table.

Biden is currently in the lead, with Trump starting to recover from a series of blunders. The fact that Democrat voters continue pouring in from the third world while Trump's core voters continue to ... well ... die of old age, confronts the President with a daunting challenge.

But a Kanye West third party candidacy will have one crucial effect: peeling black voters away from Biden.

And the Left knows it.

Just don't

Kanye's announcement drew a lot of scoffing--mostly from older people who don't understand that a) demographics is destiny and b) Kanye West has one of the most formidable personal brands on Earth--rivaling even Donald Trump's.

For good or ill, the era of patrician statesmen is over. If Kanye West ever succeeds in winning either major party's Presidential nomination, he will win.

this book is nothing if not a dispenser of difficult truth, but it makes sense and it has a plan of action, which is more than a lot can say.


  1. Replies
    1. Even more minority votes leave Biden.

    2. Yeah but Oprah's always struck me a member of the deep state. She's also creepy as the proto Karen. I never liked her and always want to hot her with a cosh whenever I watched snippets of her show

    3. That would be quite the 2024 campaign season.

    4. It would have to be in the primary, since neither would ever be the Republican nominee. That's why I stipulated, "if either party would let Kanye make it to the general."

  2. We get the government we deserve. An electoral contest between a senile crook, a rapper married to a Kardashian, and President Trump is probably better than we deserve right now.

    1. You could say that Americans are like the Jews; God grants the two of us "a special providence" that we don't deserve.

  3. Since Universal Suffrage, voting for Federal office has been nothing more than a collective exercise in voting for student body president and prom king.

    John Glubb wrote in his Fall of Empires that this is what happens in the end, where hero worship shifts from religious figures to great warriors, then great statesmen and finally, near the end and towards collapse, the athlete and the performer.

    2024 will be there year of Camacho.

    1. Hopefully Kanye’s conversion is legit...because if there is someone who can beat Don Jr. in 2024, it’s Kanye.

      You watch, 2024 will be Kanye on the Republican ticket vs Dwane “The Rock” Johnson on the Democrat ticket.

    2. No way he seeks the GOP nomination if he's serious about winning.

      2024 offers a much greater chance of a Kanye West vs. Tucker Carlson face-off.

    3. You think Tucker would run? I’d love to have him as President but he does a lot as a the voice of true Americans. I think Don Jr, who is already being primed for a 2024 run will likely cause Tucker to avoid jumping in. That said, I think you are right that either Tucker of DJr will lose to a Kanye Dem ticket...

      Is Kanye dumb enough to think the Dems won’t Bernie Sanders him too though? Republicans would bend over backwards to have a Black man run on their ticket with that kind of charisma (“see, we’re not racists!”) and Trump may have paved the way forward for him as his election was a paradigm shift (Romney style candidacy will fail from here on out). The Black community will follow him no matter what ticket he chooses. His conversion will carry more weight with Reps than the atheist-satanic left. I don’t recall him saying or playing into any of the hard left stuff and he has been a Trump supporter. I don’t know, the Reps might be able to provide a more attractive offer than the Dems...if they aren’t stupid, which is a big “if” for the Stupid Party.

    4. "You think Tucker would run?"
      There's already serious talk among GOP donors about backing his hypothetical run. Tucker is arguably doing more good where he is, but the Murdochs have it in for him. Post-Fox, Tucker will do vastly more good in the White House than podcasting to a fraction of his former viewership.

      "Is Kanye dumb enough to think the Dems won’t Bernie Sanders him too though?"

      He's smart enough to be certain that they'll try. He also knows that nobody stole the primary from Bernie this time. Sanders lost outright because he's a weakling. Kanye has the fortitude and clout to rebuff the party establishment.

      In other words, the Dems have been scouring their field for their own Trump. They clearly don't understand what that means for their establishment, because Kanye IS their Trump.

      Thinking that blacks would follow Kanye to the GOP is a classic Republican delusion. Biden had it right in this regard. They'd call Kanye an Uncle Tom and vote Dem.

      That's not even considering the chaos Kanye would wreak on the GOPe. They have their hands full trying to manage Trump. As outsider candidates go, they know Kanye would be Trump on steroids.

    5. Well, I don't have a crystal ball. The future will probably gainsay me--or both of us ;)