Florida Man vs the Latin Mass

Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala

Over the weekend, the Death Cult stepped up its attacks on the Church, taking a major step toward the imminent martyring of Christians.
A Florida man was arrested Saturday after plowing his vehicle into a Catholic church and then setting the building on fire as parishioners were inside preparing for Mass, according to officials.
The Marion County Sheriff's Office said Steven Anthony Shields, 24, crashed his van through the front doors of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala around 7:30 a.m.  He got out, poured gasoline in the foyer area and set it on fire, authorities said.
Shields then drove off but was spotted by Deputy Josue Gonzalez, who stopped the vehicle by hitting it with his patrol car, the sheriff's office said.
Nothing is safe from the corrupting smoke of Satan--not even the Florida Man meme.
Shields, who referred to himself as "king" and claimed to be on a "mission," told a detective he has problems with the Catholic Church, according to the affidavit.
No kidding.
Shields, who lives in nearby Dunnellon, also said he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is not taking his medication, the Star-Banner reported.
It's possible that the perpetrator may just be suffering from schizophrenia exacerbated by anti-Christian hysteria. It's also impossible to discern over the internet whether or not he's demonically possessed. However, the two conditions aren't mutually exclusive.

Considering that he attacked a parish affiliated with FSSP--a priestly confraternity dedicated to celebrating the Latin Mass--ruling out demonic involvement seems imprudent.

As people convert en masse to a hostile heretical cult while many clergy preach worldly doctrines directly at odds with perennial Magisterial teaching, Satan will only redouble his attacks on Christ's flock.

Prepare yourself physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. If nothing else, it proves that the constant hate-mongering and repeated calls for violence are not falling on deaf ears.

    1. These are the questions to think about:

      Who is making these calls to violence?

      Who is answering?

  2. The thing with these Antifa types (no known association he just looks like Twinky Neo Richelieu) is many of they broadcast mental illness. Maybe they really suffer from it, but I also suspect many use it as an excuse for their poor behavior. His actions indicate premeditation as it’s not normal to have 2 gallons of gasoline in your car on a regular basis. We’ll see what the investigation turns up.

    While I don’t think human coordination was happening, I think spiritual coordination did happen with this and St Gabriel’s mission in CA, as they occurred at the same time: 4:30 Pacific / 7:30 Eastern. Would be curious to know if anyone has reported when the desecration of Mary’s statue in front of the Boston PD happened around then too.

    So this is stage 2 in persecution, according to Taylor Marshall. Start preparing for stage 3.

    1. I hadn't heard that both attacks took place at the same time.

      Perhaps it was coincidence. Perhaps both perps coordinated somehow.

      Or perhaps more was going on beneath the surface than most people would like to consider.

    2. Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

      The time coordination pushes this toward enemy action, for me, even without a third simultaneous event.

      The attacks on the St Junipero Serra statue, the Stations of the Cross ar someplace devoted to Our Lady of Lourdes, and various incidents at other churches and even some synagogues tells me things are getting perilous.

    3. A Reader

      Catholics praying the Rosary at Saint Louis' stature being harrassed by antifa/BLM elements constitutes the enemy action.


    4. Xavier, that is certainly true.

  3. "Considering that he attacked a parish affiliated with FSSP--a priestly confraternity dedicated to celebrating the Latin Mass--ruling out demonic involvement seems imprudent."

    Indeed. Or as I have said in the past, if your church isn't getting vandalized every few months, you are doing it wrong. You aren't a sign of contradiction if you aren't being contradicted.

  4. The spells in Harry Potter are supposedly actual spells, so I can't wait to be gaslit by all of the OBJECTIVE SCIENCE!! (TM) types after they burn us with literal sorcery.

  5. I fear another repeat of the Spanish Civil War

    1. Unfortunately for us, there does not appear to be a Francisco Franco available.

      To really solve this, we sadly need someone more hardcore and brutal than Franco or Pinochet, as both those men failed to exterminate the communists completely. I don’t think the Spanish Civil War will be our model because we don’t have any leaders besides ViganĂ² and Marshall...and neither is a military/political leader.

    2. The Spanish Civil War, the French Revolution, and Pinochet's tenure are popular analogies on our side for what's coming. If there's to be some kind of organized opposition, the better analogy is Ireland or India under British occupation. Otherwise, we're in for the Soviet Union under Stalin.

      Either way, there will be no glorious final showdown like Conservatives fantasize about. Instead, the future for dissidents is a long slog of humble, often boring, work preserving what we can and changing minds when we can.

      The current madness will have to burn itself out. What we need to think about are ways to make ourselves as costly to govern as possible to hasten that process.

    3. It's going to be a long, cold war. And despite what people say, it will primarily be fought via votes, dollars, and demographics.

    4. The enemy currently controls most of those weapons, but we retain the most powerful weapon of all--prayer.

    5. Brian, I’d like your take:

      Are the elites who are running this of the same quality of mind as their great and great great grandparents who started much of this at the turn of the century?

      My impression is the current crop is lacking in patience, and is not as equipped as past generations even though they have more wealth and influence at their disposal. I know some of these families have been running the show in the background for some 500 years (putting the lie to the Chinese proverb...or indicating Satanic allegiance for such a Catholic Church like preservance) but everything happening feels more haphazard, more rushed rather than a true seizing of the moment than 1917. Am I missing something?

    6. My outlook largely aligns with Devon Stack on the matter. Our rulers' worldly power is the legacy of vast generational wealth their forefathers accumulated decades--even centuries--ago. Their inheritance gives them a nigh-insurmountable advantage in the realms of temporal wealth and influence. This is why, for example, no one has succeeded in creating a viable alternative to any of the Big Tech platforms.

      Stack's analogy is apt. Imagine time as a 500 k marathon track where each kilometer represents one year. It's a relay race where each runner passes the baton to his kid, who gets to start at the point where his dad finished.

      For the sake of argument, let's say that all our ancestors started on the same line 500 km/years back from us. Due to differences in natural ability, training, and dumb luck, some of the racers pulled ahead. But the others still had a chance to catch up if they pushed themselves. But the math says that at least some of front runners' kids would maintain their fathers' lead, and in some cases expand it.

      Eventually, some of the 3rd and 4th generation runners way out front would run over the horizon from those trailing behind. A number of them would realize that no one would know if they cheated. So, some of them would indulge the temptation to stop running on foot and hop in golf carts. Their already wide lead, which a runner farther back might have been able to overcome with supreme effort, would double. And when no chance existed of anyone discovering their cheating, the golf cart drivers would switch to sports cars, then bullet trains, then supersonic jets.

      What are the odds that the succeeding generations who never had to train, but got to ride out the race on the Concord, are as fit as their ancestors who started running?

      This is why we see such gross mismanagement in every sector of commerce. Our rulers have inherited an almost omnipotent machine, but they no longer remember how it works. They have degenerated into a cargo cult that tries to appease the machine with blood rituals and sacrifices.

      The machine is incredibly resilient--it was built to be--but one day it will stop. We must make ready for that moment.