Doom Garden

Doom Guy

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Doom Guy retired from demon slaying and took a part-time job at a magic school?

Ben Wheeler and Ken Dickason give us a glimpse.

Find this and other magical tales in the Fantastic Schools anthology!

Fantastic Schools: Volume One


  1. So Doom Guy leaves hell after invading it only to take a job in the Ninth Circle (public ed)? Heh.

    Sounds like a good premise

  2. The premise alone is worth a buy.

  3. Glad to know the (formerly) superversive folks are still finding ways to crank out their craft. This reminds me I've still got a lot of their books on my to-read stack.

  4. I've just been informed that thanks in part to us, the anthology has sold over 100 copies. Big thanks to my stalwart readers!

  5. That was good. Warren G. Harding, mouthing campaign soundbites while mashing demons - guffaw.