XSeed: S Campaign Updates

Yesterday I wrote about the emerging neo-patronage model of artist compensation, and my current Indiegogo campaign for Combat Frame XSeed: S is bearing out a lot of those concepts.

My previous campaigns were all successful, but I've never had one with this kind of popular response and velocity. In less than two weeks, we've already shattered the first three stretch goals and unlocked a fourth. The fact that crowdfunding is overperforming while many locales are still in lockdown is a major point in favor of patronage.

Anyway, all this excitement gives occasion for exciting news.

First up, the illustrated Combat Frame tech guide. Readers who enjoy my Janes Defense style CF data posts have been asking that I gather all the info on my series' mechs into one handy printed volume, so I made it our third stretch goal. Our backers crushed that goal yesterday, so I've made good on my word.

Combat Frame Tech Guide
Placeholder cover. The finished version will be even cooler!
The Combat Frame XSeed Technical Guide will be an 8.5 by 11 inch magazine-sized softcover featuring all the mecha otaku nuts & bolts details on every CF from the first three books & intervening short stories. Each entry will include full technical data, background info, and a full color illustration of the mech. So it's not just a copypasta from the blog, I'll be adding exclusive new content like an introduction and more inside dirt on the mechs. One backer snatched the first copy up within a minute of the perk going live, so this one's gonna be popular.

Meeting Stretch Goal 3 means it's time to announce Stretch Goal 4, and this time we've got one that should really entice fans of giant robots and tie-in card games alike. I've been keeping it close to the chest, but for a while now I've been working with CardAnon and a crack team of game experts on an official Combat Frame XSeed card game.

Gernzmark C Card
Prototype mockup only. Not necessarily representative of final card appearance.
The rules set that CardAnon came up with has been a blast to play. My estimation is that we're getting close to a beta candidate. We do need to run more rounds of play testing, though, and that's where you come in!

When we meet our fourth stretch goal at 500% funding, I will make a limited number of slots available to play test the game. Backers who claim the play tester perk will receive the most current version of the rules, up-to-date digital iterations of every card in the game, and a place at our virtual gaming table. You'll also get all four Combat Frame XSeed eBooks and the Combat Frame XSeed: S paperback.

If you noticed that the stretch goals keep getting bigger and more exciting, you have excellent pattern recognition. We're not even to the halfway point, so get in on the project now for a front row seat to the mecha delights coming down the pike.

XSeed: S 444

We're almost to 500%. Don't wait! Back it now!

UPDATE: You guys steamrolled the 500% stretch goal! It's my pleasure to announce Stretch Goal 5: Combat Frame Pilot Cards!

Promotional mockup. Final cards will be even cooler!
Pilot Cards will be confirmed at 600% funding, so get in there and back the project. Fans of big robots and card games alike will be excited to know that playtesting for the official Combat Frame XSeed Card Game is now open!

Grenthree Card Wide
Also a promo mockup. Actual card designs will differ.
All playtesters get the complete game rules, digital copies of every card in the game, and guaranteed participation in online playtesting. But that's not all! To further sweeten the deal, I'm throwing in a signed copy of the XSeed: S paperback, a set of Series 4 trading cards, and as always, every CFXS eBook.

Claim your seat at the table now!


  1. As far as the campaign goes, you have only yourself to blame. If the first 3 books hadn't been so much fun, you wouldn't have a hoard of people screaming "just take my money and give me the next book will ya!"

    As to the tech manual, any chance for an ebook version?

    1. Touché.

      Tell you what; go ahead and claim the softcover tech guide, and I'll throw in a free eBook version.

  2. I will get it anyway, but if it had the character bios and glossary, it would be so great. I found all that info helpful when reading the books.

    How many pages is it?

    1. Not to spoil the surprise, but the extra background info info I mentioned adding to the tech guide will certainly include biographical information on the mechs' pilots.

      It should weigh in at 125-130 pages.

  3. Okay, me wanty stretch goal 4!

  4. Will the CF tech guide be sold separately after the indiegogo campaign is finished?

    1. Yeah, but only because I need Amazon to handle the printing and shipping. The Amazon release won't come bundled with the eBooks and the exclusive short story, though.

    2. Brian

      Will the ebook edition of the tech guide also be available at Amazon or that's indigigo exclusive?


  5. Looks like you're gonna need a new stretch goal, Mister Niemeier.

    1. Heh. I'm about to announce it. You're gonna like this one!

  6. My previous campaigns were all successful, but I've never had one with this kind of popular response and velocity

    Your book is persuasive. Don't give money to people who hate you, AND support people who don't. All hands to battle stations. Prepare for success.

    1. That may seem like a simple observation, but it's valuable marketing feedback. You never really know how a particular approach will play with customers till you try. Much obliged!

  7. At this rate, I'm guessing you'll be announcing a comic and vg adaption with how many stretch goals you are killing.

    1. First, thanks for the compliment. Second, production costs for comics, video games, and animation are such that each would require its own crowdfunder.

      But if this campaign hits the heights I think it will, it may warrant a manga adaptation.