The Right Mistakes

14 Trillion in Reparations

The phenomenon of left-wing roustabouts whipping up a social network hate mob against some blasphemer of the Narrative has become commonplace. The latest two-minutes hate target is Wendy's. Their CEO contributed to the Trump campaign, so the Death Cult has issued a fatwa against his company.

Of course the boycott with backfire, just like the one against Chick-Fil-A. It's easy to see why. Despite their media-exaggerated cultural footprint, dedicated Cultists are a minority--probably around twenty percent of the country. They also tend to be socially dysfunctional and childless, so it's not like they patronize businesses that cater to families in the first place.

But the main reason the Cult's boycotts blow up their faces is because they're not really boycotts. If the Cultists' main goal was to inflict financial harm on their targets, their high priests would issue an encyclical adding the offender to the Forbidden Index, and the faithful would quietly take their business elsewhere.

That's not what we see with these Leftist boycotts. The show usually starts with some blue check publicly accusing the target of heresy. His followers start a hashtag for the occasion and get it trending. Soon, the bigger lefty blogs pick the story up. That leads to puff pieces in third-rate rags like The Daily Beast and Vice. If the story gets enough juice, it works its way to the top of the chain at MSNBC or CNN.

As Cultists who didn't patronize the business to begin with preen online, the target gets free advertising every step of the way. What's more, word that the other side is attacking some corporation filters down to Conservative circles. The blue-red binary kicks in, and our guys are rushing to the drive-thru chanting, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!"

All of that is to say that the real point of these ostentatious lefty boycotts is to give rank-and-file Cultists the chance to publicly demonstrate their piety. Assuming they want anything concrete is a mistake.

It's one of many mistakes the Right habitually commits when dealing with the Left. After all, if the enemy is a small minority of the population, why do they keep winning?

The short answer is that, while the Left may not understand the Right, they were cunning enough to hire mercenaries who did. That's how you got fifth columnists like Bill Buckley ensconced at National Review making sure that anybody with effective tactics got drummed out of the movement.

Since at least the 70s, the Conservative movement has been hoodwinked by false leaders enforcing limits on public discourse that ensure their follower' defeat. Their key mandate was sidelining moral arguments in favor of a laser focus on economics. We're now reaping the bitter fruit of that sabotage.

The twofold fallacy instilled by the Right's false shepherds is taking what the Left says at face value on one hand, or completely ignoring their statements on the other.

A good example is the replies to this tweet about reparations. It follows a familiar pattern. A lefty race hustler makes outlandish demands that Americans pay a Danegeld. On cue, Conservatives get up in arms over the economics.

That's precisely the wrong response, and it's exactly the way the hustler hopes you'll respond. Like the high-profile boycott, the call for reparations is a public call to prayer. Protesting it just marks you as an infidel the Cult can rally against.

What the hustler has no answer for is someone calling his bluff. Imagine if, instead of blustering about moral hazard and misappropriation of funds, our guys responded like this:

RACE HUSTLER: Reparations is the only way to atone for America's original sin of slavery!

DISSIDENT: My store is on fire, so I'm prepared to make a deal. I want the slate wiped clean. No more talk of white privilege. No more racial guilt. No more affirmative action. Give me a quote.

RACE HUSTLER: Hold on. You don't get to ask for terms!

DISSIDENT: If both parties can't discuss terms, it's not a negotiation, it's a shakedown. If you're offering a path to racial healing instead of just grifting, give me a quote.


DISSIDENT: A one-time payment of fourteen trillion to wipe out the whole debt of racism for good? The feds just proved money is fake anyway, so sold!

RACE HUSTLER: Er, no. That's just a start! As long as racism remains systemic and inherent in the concept of whiteness, the debt can never be wiped out!

DISSIDENT: Then you're not asking for reparations like a neighbor, you're demanding tribute like a conqueror. Good luck. You'll need it.

Now, you're not going to change the hustler's mind. He remains committed to his grift. But that's fine, because countless normies have just been clued into the fact that it is a grift.

The secret to dealing with the Left is to hear what they say but then look at the outcomes of their demands. Decades of preaching "Diversity is our strength!" have now left several major cities in flames. Don't take these demands at face value, but don't fall into the equal and opposite error of dismissing them outright. Instead, understand that Leftists' public utterances are ritual sign-acts meant to advance the murderous aims of their Cult.

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  1. I think that slave reparations are a great idea. Let's make the whole West Coast into a racial safe space and assign the Silicon Valley tech companies to black business owners via lots. Only those with 80% or greater Subsaharan DNA will be eligible; no need to prove that your ancestors were actually slaves.

    But I'm not done yet! All of the other races who will become displaced needn't worry about where they will move--because it won't be to the rest of America. Ignore the man who looks an awful lot like David V. Stewart quietly slipping through the border.

    1. Let's put it this way. The call for reparations is an invitation to wear the horns and red tights in the Death Cult morality play, and you just volunteered.

      That's ceding the moral level to them, and that's how they win.

    2. If I unvolunteer, do I have to trade my tights for a Gundam costume?

  2. Reparations runs into the moral hazard of trying to punish the present for what the past did. Most people do not want to be held accountable for what their ancestors did for the logical reason that they had nothing to do with it. Most people actually get quite angry if you even suggest such a thing.

    Another issue is the rabbit hole you end up going down once you start looking into it. After all, if modern Americans owe other modern Americans for the sins of the past, don't modern Europeans owe other modern Europeans for the sins of their past? And don't modern Africans owe other modern Africans for the sins (which include the initial enslaving) of the past? And don't the Italians (the inheritors of Rome) owe those of us of Latin descent for the sins of the Roman Empire? The past was a very sinful place and there is plenty of blame to go around.

  3. Agree and amplify until they give away their hand or they go into absurdity and scare the normies away.

    1. Yep. It doesn't take long, either. Most will crack as soon as you say, "OK. What's your price?"

  4. I support reparations with one addition. They were brought here against their will and not compensated for their labor (last part’s not true, but we’ll roll with it for their argument). How can we correct one part, but not the other? If you accept a reparations check, you get a one-way trip to Africa, and none of your descendants can ever come back.

    I would 100% support this plan.

  5. Alright, I get that we've all been conditioned with the NormieCon call and response routine, but try to think outside the box on this one.

    Nobody is seriously suggesting reparations--not even the Left. If they can scam some money out of heritage Americans, that's fine, but it's just icing on the cake.

    Like everything the Cult does, calling for reparations is a morality power play. It's meant to reinforce their place on the moral high ground.

    Calling their bluff exposes the sham. That's all.

    1. "NormieCon?" I thought that I was a Fed.

  6. I see this reflex all the time in my friends. Whether the subject is reparations or BLM/Antifa. They get so upset, reflexively, that they give up the ability to analyze tactically.

    When you try to show them what the call to reparations is really about, all they hear in their mind is “reparations?!?! NEVER!!” That energy is laudable. The inability to control it is not.

    I was talking to a buddy at work about the Antifa infiltrations and the supply chain going on in the riots. I mentioned that the daughter of an old friend briefly joined the BLM movement back in 2014. She has subsequently grown up and seen reason and the light. But she has people in BLM that she knows and still speaks to. And she was mentioning that a lot of BLM she knows are concerned about foreigners/unfamiliar faces showing up and changing their protests. She said there is definitely an organized force at work taking what may have been an organic movement (at least at the very beginning) and riding it like a parasite. She thinks it’s China or Soros.

    Anyway, as I was telling this story to my buddy as soon as he heard BLM, he was instantly angry. He couldn’t get past his emotional feelings for the movement (which I happen to share) and see the bigger picture in the story with him.

    I see the same here in the comments.

  7. Hasn't Brian been talking about "Witch Test" for a while? That's the context of this article: the Test works to expose a wide range of fake interlocutors.

    The Test is not just for hunting fake Christians. The grifter isn't an honest opponent, just as the Witch is a liar.

    Your discussion's target is always the Normie audience, just like with the Witch Test.

    Demonstrate to the Normie that the target is a liar and cannot be trusted. Tear away the curtain for them.

    Once you expose the grifter in your discussion, you:
    1.) Publicly call them out on their grift so the Normies can see the purpose is continual ritual humiliation, with a side of cash, followed by 'Rinse and Repeat'.
    2.) Mock and block the grifter after your "discovery".
    3.) Share your convo widely.

    As far as "BLM, ANTIFA, Deep Sate, China--which is it", embrace the healing power of "AND". None of these option preclude participation by any other.

    1. Arguing the "point" of the liar's statement, such as "are reparations warranted or fair" concedes the ground to the liar from the start.

      You've accepted the liar's frame. You've already lost.

      Reframe the convo to demonstrate to your audience that the liar cannot be trusted.

  8. If you're white, or a white Hispanic, or white Asian, or a white European you MUST genuflect and respond, "the evil legacy of slavery" every time reparations are mentioned. It's not enough to make you a goodwhite or anything.

    "Systemic oppression and racism" and "we have to be careful because a black cop shot a white woman," is another. (That last one floored me. The person who said that was ready to give St. Somali a pass because raciss.)

    It's all a series of public humiliation rituals.