Generation G

Generation G

This tweet emerged on Twitter yesterday. I had to do some back-of-the-envelope calculations to confirm its mind-boggling assertions. But yes, indeed. #GamerGate turns six this year.

The Five Guys affair that incited #GG broke out in August of 2014. For many of us who fought to drive what we now know was the Death Cult out of video gaming, it feels like yesterday. At the same time, it's impossible to miss the flood of revolutionary events that transpired in #GamerGate's wake.

At least they would have been revolutionary anywhere but in Clown World.

You know #GamerGate was significant because Death Cultists still feature it in the scary bedtime stories they tell their cats. The GG alliance is long since scattered to the four winds, but pink-haired scolds still lie awake at night for fear of robot housewives and gay pandas hiding under the bed.

It's odd, because the Cult should be taking a victory lap instead of starting at shadows. AAA gaming--and the hack journalism that parasitically subsists on it--is worse than ever. Six years after #GamerGate, if you still want to play AAA games, you have to pay a tithe to the Death Cult.

Some say the Cult nurses a grudge against GG for bringing liberal Millennial stoner types into the right-wing counterculture. There's an argument to be made that #GamerGate--and Sad Puppies before it--began waking up slacker NEETs who'd previously been mesmerized with bread and circuses. You could draw a line from GG to the Meme War front of the Trump phenomenon in 2016, so perhaps the Cult blames gamers for the ascendance of their most hated orange bogeyman.

That's probably giving they hysterical cargo cultists too much credit In all likelihood, they hate GG and Trump because both posed direct contradictions to their Progressive eschatology. The Cult's high priests told them that all enemies had been swept aside, and that they would enjoy an eternal march into sexy future free of toil and bigotry. Open opposition was supposed to have been crushed.

These beliefs form the core of the Cultists' identity. That's why they equate disagreement with violence.

Perhaps it means something that the spirit of 2016 fizzled much like #GamerGate. Francis Fukuyama gets a lot of grief from our side for predicting the End of History. But what if he was right after all--just not in the way he intended?

The previous decade may well go down in the books as the age of failed reformers. Time and again, we saw movements and individuals given a once-in-a-century shot to alter the course of events, only go out with a whimper. Trump had a mandate to drain the Swamp. Pope Francis was elected to clean up the Curia. Even the Cult's former darling Barack Obama proved himself a false messiah. It's as if there's some invisible force at work keeping any against-the-grain movement from gaining traction.

Corona-chan has shone a spotlight on our rulers' paralysis. The West's elites can't even bestir themselves to halt immigration during a pandemic. A competent counterculture would have seized on the ruling class' incompetence in the face of the disaster to make the case for replacing them. Instead we've been treated to five months of infighting between salivating accelerationists and effeminate hedonists. We should be focusing our fire on globalists like Jared Kushner and the WHO, not whining about reduced hours at burger joints.

Maybe it's generational. Most of the people in charge--including Trump--are Boomers. There may be something to Steve Franssen's hypothesis that the entire Baby Boom generation was lulled by television into a permanent state of hypnotic suggestion. Everyone in leadership acts like a morbidly obese dullard who refuses to give up his emergency exit seat even as the plane spirals toward the ground.

The result is that Boomers continue to live like kings, Jonesers like barons, Xers like merchants, Ys like peasants, and Millennials like serfs. Unless things change fast, Zoomers can look forward to living as slaves, while Generation G will be hunted for sport.

Those who say we need a new ruling class are correct. But first, the counterculture needs competent leaders with their eyes on the finish line.

Until such people rise to leadership positions, the best thing you can do is not give money to people who hate you.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. • Most people's parents were Boomers or Jonesers.

    • The Gen Y "counter-culture" leaders were weenies.

    • The Millennial cannon fodder had PTSD.

    • The Zoomers were too young.

    • The Internet's preferred weapon—the "may-may"—was a third-rate phenomenon that largely lacked permanence.

    An age of successful reformers would have surprised me more.

    1. Much though I'd like to disagree, I can't.

    2. In your defense, YouTube sperg videos could give memes a run for their money--though memes have the advantage of greater accessibility.

      Memes also don't allow your detractors to screengrab inconvenient facial expressions:


  2. Brian

    Perhaps the thwarted reforms are a prelude to a greater chastisement followed by a greater glory.
    The Lord promised he'd never again flood the world. But He has others means to achieve similar results.


  3. That would be true if the vaguely defined "right" had the momentum. From the 70's until now the momentum has been firmly on the side of progressives/left/globalists. That is why they are panicking and dismayed at the small and modest gains of the rational over the last 5 or so years. It marks an unmistakable failure of their best-yet charge to actually break through the social inertia into revolution and utopia. So, we're not seeing any gains on our side at all, yet. But we are seeing the biggest, demographically best-advantaged, and by far the best-funded nihilistic revolution in history simply stagger to a drunken halt, without - and this is what is so demoralizing for them - without any real, organized, ideological resistance ever having been applied.

    1. To some extent, they defeat themselves. "Nothing means anything!" is the worst battle cry ever.

  4. It's a little too much of a blackpill to call gamergate a failure. It was a single victory in an ongoing war. It didn't end the war, but it is at least a symbol that the other side can indeed suffer pushback and defeat.

    1. If we're going to win, we must confront reality, not adopt an inverse unreality that mirrors the enemy's. To realistically claim the enemy suffered defeat, we have to point out where we won a concrete victory.

      There was one qualifying successful engagement. #GamerGate assisted Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel in taking down Gawker.