Cracks in the Speech Dam?

It's been a year since the Trump administration made waves by announcing a DOJ antitrust investigation of Google.

Folks in the counterculture who've lived under the looming threat of unpersoning since before Trump took office got their hopes up. But like the Wall and the EO ending birthright citizenship, that hope eventually faded. Dissidents nationwide started staking out spots behind the bus station to hand out their photocopied newsletters.

A slight divergence from our course toward the cliff was reported on Thursday. Breitbart scraped an NBC story announcing that Google had rolled back parts of its Death Cult indoctrination program.

The scope of the cutbacks differs depending on who you ask, but it looks like Alphabet's inquisitors have adopted a degree of leniency toward the straight, white, Christian infidels in their midst.

These two stories may be related. Breitbart suggests that the Googlepriests' whiteness dispensation was granted due, in part, to the noise made by ex-employees like James Damore. The popular image of Big Tech firms as invincible megaliths that shrug off lawsuits might be smoke and mirrors after all.

The next day soured Google's fortunes even further, as news broke that the Justice Department and several states plan to file the long-awaited antitrust suits this year.

Here's where more sober-minded dissidents caution people to manage their expectations. Even last year, savvy pundits noted that the whole antitrust case might be a campaign stunt to rally Trump's base for 2020. It's more than a little ironic that the election promises to be close in large part because of Big Tech censorship.

Yet Saturday gave Big Tech no relief, as the Shitposter-in-Chief saw fit to tweet this:

Thank you Michelle 1 - Donald Trump

There's a lot to unpack in that seemingly simple tweet. On the surface level, it appears to confirm Trump's commitment to the antitrust case. More implicitly, we have the President accusing some of the biggest Big Tech firms of crimes. That's nothing to dismiss lightly.

But this tweet's sweetest fruit is also the one that evades easy plucking.

For those who glossed over it, Trump ends his indictment of Big Tech with, "Thank you Michelle!"

Logic dictates that this Michelle of whom the President speaks is involved in the tweet he quoted. Therein lies the rub, because Twitter in its dubious wisdom censored the President's tweet.

A tweet about the antitrust suits the President is slapping Big Tech with.

The Michelle that Trump references is Michelle Malkin, the former Fox News regular who recently raised the back flag in defiance of Conservative Inc.That she herself has since been censored by GOPe outifts like TPUSA and CPAC sweetens their richly earned deserts.

Thank you Michelle 2 - Donald Trump

But Twitter's self-immolation is made all the more satisfying when you account for the likely reason they threw gas in their own burning dumpster.

The Malkin clip Trump quote-tweeted comes from a video published by Nick Fuentes' America First organization.

Watch it here:

Twitter's actions here send a message, and the message is that they're recklessly desperate to keep Trump supporters from hearing AF's message.

In contrast, Twitter is more than happy to let Trump retweet Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk.

The reason is simple. Washington Generals starters like Shapiro, Kirk, and Matt Walsh were never-Trumpers before they switched sides after 2016. They're typical of the ConInc Wormtongues working to turn Trump away from his campaign promises and toward Chamber of Commerce bowtie-ism.

Folks like Malkin, Fuentes, and Patrick Casey remain committed to 2016 Trump's message. AF getting Trump back on task is a recurring theme in Big Tech's nightmares.

Now, it's even money that the antitrust suits come to nothing. But Big Tech's panicked reaction to the people urging Trump on proves that the tech giants still fear state power. Using that power against our most dangerous enemy is the right call.

As is not giving our enemies money.

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  1. Brian

    Do you regard the very talk and some preliminary procedures to start antitrust action are designed to provoke big tech's own goal/unenforced error?
    In sum for big tech to dismantle part of itself without public intervention?


  2. Also in the big tech Death Cult Watch: Twitch recently announced a Saftey Advisory Panel which is as suspicious as it sounds, but hammered home with the fact that one of the panelists is a non-op trans (man who believes he's a woman) and "otherkin" (believes he's a deer). We could chalk this up to run-of-the-mill for the usual suspects, but he has a position that is a new one on me: he wants voice-chat in games abolished altogether for not being inclusive. At first I thought I was misreading but no. The death cult has literally arrived at the point where not only certain kinds of speech are offensive, but speech in and of itself is offensive. There's lots of reporting on this, but here's one: https://youtu.be/5vVR-wDl4GA

    1. Nice catch. The only point of installing a psychotic in a position of authority is to humiliate his subjects.