Corona Kayfabe

Masked Shoppers

As the Coronavirus lock down drags into its second month, the stress is starting to take its toll. By and large, people are channeling their cabin fever into arguing about the lock down online.

Granted, venting to randos on social media is a good way to blow off steam. But even an effective coping mechanism can become a problem if overindulged.

The anti-globalist counterculture has been busy acting out a cautionary tale to this effect. Several dissident outlets have given themselves over to daily quarantine-themed pouting sessions.

It tells you a lot when commentators who previously made sport of Libertarians start raising Cain about government tyranny because they can't attend MLB games or dine in at McDonald's.

That's not to belittle anyone's frustration or downplay any real suffering. Folks in dissident circles which pride themselves on self-awareness should know better, though.

A common refrain among counterculture types is the Death Cult's love of the memory hole. Our rulers, they're fond of pointing out, advance their agenda by pushing a favored narrative while striking opposing views from the record. That way, the frog boils before he notices the heat.

Those on the Right who spend all day railing against the shutdown should take their own warnings to heart. Narrowing public discourse to a pointless debate between two false choices is standard operating procedure for the elite media. Now the same people who dismiss conventional politics as a Globetrotters-Generals game are wearing out their keyboards over Corona kayfabe.

The Right's initial reaction when the pandemic was first breaking was to train its guns on globalism. When you have a Chinese virus whitewashed by a crooked transnational org wreaking social and economic chaos, making hay over the global elites' complicity is the sound tactic.

You look around now, and it's as if everyone in the counterculture forgot the root cause of the crisis overnight. They talked a good game about Conservatives never meeting a crisis they didn't love to waste, but they don't have much room to talk now.

Rest assured, the enemy are not letting this crisis go to waste. The Libertarians were right about the powers that be using the pandemic to justify expanding their power. Many on the Right have taken that warning to heart. Sadly, they've also imbibed the Libertarian bent toward feckless impotence.

Bring this up in counterculture circles, and you'll get a barrage of black pills back.

"The lock down is a globalist's dream come true! Mom & pop stores are shuttering while the megacorps prosper!"

Besides being counterproductive, that objection isn't entirely true. While big business has much greater resistance to financial crises than your local corner store, even a megacorp isn't invincible.

Disney--which makes most of its money from theme parks--just reported a 90% drop in their quarterly profits.

Apple and Amazon failed to meet their quarterly income projections and are facing massive supply upheavals that could help other companies outmaneuver them.

"Disney, Apple, and Amazon will be fine!" the black-pillers insist. "The government will bail them out!"

That point is both true, and exactly the kind of incestuous globalist racket we should be raising hell about.

In case you've forgotten why we're here, let this be a reminder.

While 33 million Americans are out of work, Congressional Republicans are stonewalling a relief bill because it, "disincentivizes people from working." Exactly which jobs they're meant to be working at is unclear, especially since the government can't be bothered to pause the torrent of immigrant workers.

Straining the gnat of social distancing while swallowing the camel of replacement immigration isn't just foolish, it's downright suicidal.

You judge a spirit by its fruits. The spirit that incites pointless bickering over arranging the furniture while the house burns down is a spirit of defeatism and despair. Reject it accordingly.

And now, more than ever, don't pay people who hate you. With oldpub in its death throes and even the megacorps reeling, voting with your wallet may achieve more than just a protest vote.

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier
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  1. "While big business has much greater resistance to financial crises than your local corner store, even a megacorp isn't invincible."

    How soon we forget the fate of Enron, right?

    1. Or how Disney escaped bankruptcy by a hair in the early 80s.

  2. Truly don't even know what you are asking for here. The incompetence and malfeasance of the Republican party is why we elected trump. Hopefully this will lead to even more neocons being primaried. Though truthfully we should just open back up. It's time.

    1. I'm asking people to break out of the Red vs Blue, Pro-lockdown vs Anti-lockdown binary kayfabe this comment illustrates.

    2. What's the point of primary challenges to neocons by paleocons if the paleocons have the freedom-uber-alles brain-worm as the neocons? "Put not your trust in princes, nor in any child of man, for there is no help in them."

      If we fight the culture war in the statehouse and the courthouse, we lose. It must first be fought instead around our kitchen tables, in our living rooms, and in the sanctuaries of our churches. When the Lord appeared to King Solomon after the completion of the Temple, He did not say, "If my people, who are called by my name, will elect the right people and pass the right laws, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." Far from it. He said He would hear, and forgive and heal if we would "humble [ourselves] and pray and seek [His] face and turn from [our] wicked ways."

  3. We can hold two thoughts in tension at the same time. Zealous cops, corrupt bureaucrats, draconian governors... we knew of them already. This virus is still real. The cases are real. The deaths are real.

    1. This is just the other side of the approved binary from the comment above. The virus could be a publicity stunt engineered by Capcom, for all it matters politically. The crisis is real. If we don't use it as a club to bludgeon globalism, we'll deserve the one-world megacorp police state we'll get.

    2. See this what I was asking. What did you want done? Your article doesn't say beat the globalists like a rented mule. It just meanders complaining about the do nothing Republicans and the people who are argue about weither this is worse than the flu or not.