Combat Frame Data: XCD-001-4


Technical Data

Model number: XCD-001-4
Code name: XSeed
Classification: energy weapon optimized Sentinel use combat frame
Manufacturer: ISBC
Operator: CDF, UCAF
First deployment: CY 56
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19 meters
Weight: dry weight 65 metric tons, full weight 75 metric tons
Armor type: "1D" carbyne laminar armor
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 2866 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 41,790 kg, 4x 20,910 kg, 2x 12,500kg; top speed 3640 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 20, 180° turn time 0.80 seconds; legs: top ground speed 200 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted in head
Fixed armaments: plasma rifle, power rated at 2.1 MW, magazine-fed, 12 shots per mag, can recharge from internal capacitor; 2x plasma sword, power rated at 0.54 MW, stored in recharge rack on back, hand-carried in use
Optional hand armaments: carbyne shield, mounts to either forearm
Special Equipment: TC/D drive

General Notes

When the Coalition Council approved ISBC's recommendations for mass-producing XSeeds in CY 55, the Commission immediately moved to act on their conclusions. To test the real-world logistics of XSeed mass production, ISBC filed for and received a license to produce a limited run of test units based on Seed Corp's original XCD-001.

Two new XCD-001s were produced--the first in more than half a century. ISBC gleaned vital insights from the production test and shared their findings with other military contractors to optimize production of their own XSeeds. ISBC parlayed the collected data into their own mass production design, the UC Army's MCF-Re124 Refined XSeed Prometheus.

ISBC field trial data show that the two test units, XCD-001-4 and XCD-001-5, exhibited performance consistent with--and thanks to subsequent technological refinements, slightly superior to--the original XSeed Prometheus. Rumors persist that the Commission made other, less conventional modifications to the Prometheus design, but such additions, if they existed, remain classified.

Their intended purpose fulfilled, both test bed units vanished from the historical record. Those few who spared a thought for the antique XSeeds assumed they'd been lost in combat, shipped back to ISBC and dismantled, or mothballed at an obscure UC Army facility.

The XCD-001-5 resurfaced in CY 98 aboard the UCS Sovereign Protector and was issued to UCM Sergeant. Marcus August. Just weeks later, the XCD-001-4 was commandeered from the Casonne extrasolar colony's main bunker by UCAF Second Lieutenant Dex Trapper and Senior Airman Thatch Drummond. Unknown to those involved at the time, the XSeeds' rediscovery would precipitate a series of earth-shattering events.

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  1. Looks interesting, though I can't put this guy out of my head...


    I had the toy, so it makes me smile.

    (Probably they were inspired by the same Japanese cartoons...)

  2. This is a beautiful picture. It looks likes a matte painting for a sci-fi movie background, and I mean that in the best possible way.

    1. The same artist designed the cover for Combat Frame XSeed: S. I'm glad you like it.