XCD-103 + XCD-102 Heavy Armor Eisenpferd

XCD-103 + XCD-102 Heavy Armor Eisenpferd
XCD-103+XCD-102 Heavy Armor Eisenpferd

Technical Data

Model number: XCD-103 + XCD-102
Code name: Heavy Armor Eisenpferd
Nickname: Heavy Armor Iron Horse
Classification: high mobility assault heavy armor
Manufacturer: Lunar Underground modification of Browning Engineering Corporation designs
Operator: HALO, Wehrbund Bavaria
First deployment: CY 40
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest + 1 copilot and 1 gunner/navigator in secondary cockpit on back
Height: 21 meters, 25 meters with wings
Weight: dry weight 210 metric tons, full weight 270 metric tons
Armor type: “1D” carbyne laminar armor
Powerplant: x2 cold fusion reactor, max output 2950 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 44,730 kg, 4x 23,970 kg, 5x 16,800 kg, 2x 32,600 kg, 4x 35,200 kg; top speed 3000 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 62, 180° turn time 0.88 seconds; legs: top ground speed 175 kph
Sensors: x2 radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted in head; x2 Vercingetorix laser targeting system
Fixed armaments: x2 80mm Vulcan cannon, mounted on shoulders; x2 3-tube missile launchers, carry graphene cap warheads, pop up from backpack in use;  x2 plasma cannons, power rated at 1.3 MW, mounted on skirt armor, detach to form plasma carbines, hand-carried in use, barrels detach to form plasma swords rated at 0.45 MW, hand-carried in use; x2 30mm Vulcan cannon, mounted in head cowling
Optional ranged armaments: x2 3-tube missile pod, attach to pauldrons, can load high explosive, anti-armor, and other specialized ordnance; x2 3-tube micro missile pod, attach to legs, carry spray missiles, anti-beam cloud missiles, and ECM “chaff” missiles
Optional hand armaments: heat greataxe, stored in charging rack on backpack, carried two-handed in use; carbyne shield, attaches to left arm
Special Equipment: A.I. operating system, docking system for use with XCD-102.

General Notes

The hulking XCD-103 Eisenpferd quickly gained a fearsome reputation as the bruiser of HALO's XSeed force. Its dazzling arsenal easily pulverized all conventional opposition. But as the HALO Conflict progressed, new Coalition units like the AZC-104 Grand Dolph began to eat away at the the one-series XSeeds' edge. But it would take the alien Harvester to finally best stalwart Eisenpferd.

Its relatively low mobility had always been Eisenpferd's Achilles' heel. Lunar Underground technicians took the occasion to correct this problem while making repairs to the battered XSeed. In an ingenious case of killing two birds with one stone, they corrected the XCD-102 Emancipator's relative lack of firepower in the bargain.

The Lunar Underground techs' solution to both XSeeds' problems was simple. One CF wielded enormous destructive power but suffered from sluggish mobility, while the other boasted blistering speed with insufficient fire support. The LU team installed revolutionary new docking systems in both XSeeds, enabling them to merge into a single Heavy Armor unit.

In its first combat engagement, the XCD-103 + XCD-102 Heavy Armor Eisenpferd eradicated an entire Grand Dolph squad while covering the Lunar Underground transport's escape. Combat data recorded during the battle revealed a combat frame with speed and maneuverability superior to that of the XCD-101-2 Eliseus with unparalleled defenses and firepower rivaling the AZZ-003 Heavy Armor Z.

While the combined unit could be controlled by one pilot, a full crew including a copilot and gunner stationed in Emancipator's cockpit greatly aided in deploying the heavy armor's vast complement of weaponry.

The Heavy Armor Eisenpferd would serve both HALO and Wehrbund Bavaria throughout the rest of the war. Its offensive and defensive capabilities would only be surpassed near the conflict's end with the appearance of the XCDS-00M0 Metatron.

Combat Frame XSeed

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  1. Brian

    Super cool heavy metal mech. It's missing external speakers to blast Sabaton while obliterating Grand Dolphs :)


  2. Looking at that, I think Castor & Pollux would not want to fly against it, especially with a full crew involved. Even as Gemini.

    Fortunately, they never had to.

    1. It would be an amazing fight! Maybe in the RPG playtest.

    2. That's not a bad idea. Perhaps we can work our way up to it.

  3. Pairing Eisenpferd's firepower and Emancipator's speed reminds me of the Vayeate/Mercurius deployments in Gundam Wing.

    I wonder if the Emancipator's weapons officers have to pretend to hate being docked to an Eisenpferd while actually loving having so much firepower at their disposal.

    1. Astute of you to bring up Mercurius and Vayeate. They were my direct inspirations for Heavy Armors X and Y.

    2. When I look at Heavy Armor X, I think of an Imperial German trench raider, complete with broomhandle Mauser and trench club.

    3. Good eye picking up on the C96 ;)