Witch Hunter Franssen


It's heartening to see awareness of Deat Cult witchery spreading--if not into the mainstream, then into the larger counterculture.

That's what made Steve Franssen's dissection of Vice's puff piece on a Millennial web cult so satisfying. The moment he lays eyes on cult leader's bookshelf and realizes she's an actual witch vindicates my warnings about the Death Cult, the Pop Cult, and witches in one fell swoop.

The venue chosen to promote the witch and her online cult is significant. Vice is another of those new media outfits founded by a conservative but co-opted by the Left. To differentiate themselves from the fake news pack, they offer slickly produced soft agitprop videos packaged as documentaries. The fact that even some in the counterculture buy the hype is a testament to the power of video.

Franssen proves himself much too canny for that, though. He nimbly cuts through the video producers' technical legerdemain as well as the witch's satanic delusions with lackadaisical ease.

His analysis rings true. What leads a young woman from middle America to dress up in rainbow robes and found a UFO religion? Chalk it up to feral Millennials raised without direction by Boomers lulled into an infantilized, permanently suggestible state by TV. The proof is in the Unicult's consumerist doctrine of letting each member pick and choose their own doctrines.

Franssen is also correct in his contention that these are lost, damaged people who are to be pitied, not reviled. When every societal institution from the Church to the family utterly fails an entire generation, mass insanity is only to be expected.


That's not to say these cultists are any less in thralldom to Satan. It is to say that the teachers in the academy, the Church, and their families charged with raising them in the truth are just as answerable for their idolatry.

The striking thing is just how banal Unicult's creed is. It's exactly the hodgepodge of warmed-over New Age ego worship and social justice cant you'd find in a Babylon Bee parody meme. Every day brings another orgy of evidence that when you don't believe in God, you will indeed believe anything.

Franssen's whole video is well worth an attentive watch for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the insanity gripping the West.

Now that you understand that the powers behind this witchery hate you, learn to stop giving them money!

Don't Give Money to People Who Hate You - Brian Niemeier


  1. Reading a Vice piece about them, I got the impression they are accidentally LARPing as Virtual Adepts - a sect from a White Wolf RPG. It's so weird. How can anyone take it seriously? How can anyone with a job in tech misunderstand tech so completely, by trying to mystify the technological?

    1. We live in a world where teen girls killed someone because Slenderman, a fictional monster created a mere handful of years prior, told them to do it.

      When you believe in nothing you really will believe in anything, especially if it offers material benefit.

      A witch's paradise.

    2. This is only the tip of the iceberg in the Death Cult's war on truth.

    3. A reader

      Some theologians hold that Satan is utter nothingness.

      In fact one of the litanues in the baptism renewal prayers is: do you renounce Satan and his EMPTY promises?

      At the heart is to give up something for absolutely nothing.

      That's what happening people out of invincible ignorance or willful connivance.


    4. That makes sense. Evil is the absence and inversion of good.

      There's a saying: you can't cheat an honest man. The honest man knows better than to try to get something for nothing. These poor souls, insofar as they are trying to get something, spiritual life, for nothing, by not dying to sin and self, in fact give up their souls for empty promises.

      The other reason I find this cult hard to understand is that I find it instantly repulsive. It sets my teeth on edge. My mind and heart recoil from it. I feel the need to counter the sound of that weird pop and breathy babble with old hymns sung beautifully.

      Does invincible ignorance of God's truth present as spiritual immunodeficiency?

  2. I’m reminded of a book I read back in the 90’s that I enjoyed but did not have the intellectual maturity to appreciate: ‘This Present Darkness’ by Frank Perreti

    I picked it up at the school library, which is shocking today given it’s themes and publisher. It had an interesting watercolor cover of clouds approaching with claws in them. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a Christian novel about spiritual warfare, the literal kind. Angels and demons fight amongst humans are invisible but still palpable (which also brings to mind your previous post about the church in Scotland...)

    I’ve alway loved the book but like I said, it wasn’t until I grew up and began to witness some of the very things depicted in that story, vis a vis the Death Cult and all the little spiritual useful idiots that the import of it hit home.

    When I look back at my regrets, I regret my callow youth the most. All the signs and hints I was given and ignored because of inexperience, inconvenience or just plain self-centeredness. A waste of the best years.

    1. Don't be too hard on yourself. You had practically the whole media-entertainment complex telling you to ignore the man behind the curtain. Books like Mr. Perreti's were few and far between.

      But there are those of us who mean to change that.

    2. I enjoy Mr. Perreti's books as well. In fact, his brother is (was, might be retired by now) a missionary in my denomination. (In fact, when I read his THE VISITATION, I recognized our flagship Bible college right away. Different name but same state, even, just in the north part instead of the south).

      Anyway, if you can get your hands his book THE OATH, do so!

    3. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I’ve read The Oath. It was pretty good but I have always preferred This Present Darkness.

  4. I appreciate his forthright denunciation of pornography.

    1. Franssen is nothing if not forthright.

      You should have heard his full, unedited rant from the original DLive stream.