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The Last of Us II - nanomachines

The gamer scene has been in an uproar over a story that broke over the weekend concerning The Last of Us II. For those who aren't familiar, it's the sequel to a game that gained some popularity during last decade's zombie fad.

Rumors had been swirling for years on 4chan that the Death Cultists in charge of the game studio would poz up the sequel. Newly substantiated leaks suggest that the Cultists have outdone themselves.
It seems that the players will switch perspectives at some point in the game, as footage also shows the player in control of Abby, the daughter of one of the surgeons killed by Joel at the end of the first game who has vowed revenge against Ellie and Joel.
The leak also confirms that Joel is indeed killed during the course of the game, being beaten to death by Abby while Ellie is forced to watch:
In a cutscene from what appears to be the end of the game, a player-controlled Abby wins a fist fight against Ellie, allegedly killing her and leaving her for dead as she chokes on her own blood:
Making beloved characters do abrupt heel turns into homosexuality was the Death Cult cause du jour in 2015, so Naughty Dog Studios' lead witch Neil Druckmann had to give the screw another turn to maintain his standing.
Dina, modelled after Cascina Caradonna, is Ellie’s love interest. Lev and Yara Asian minorities who are hunted by the big bad homophobic and racist Christian cult, and Abby is the leader of their little gang; and, according to 4chan leaks, she is also a trans woman.
This detail comes to us from an internet magazine aptly titled Sausage Roll.

What's noteworthy about Druckmann's public sacrifice of a once-popular franchise is its total lack of creativity. That's to be expected. Rituals don't lend themselves to improv. They're a series of sign-acts performed according to a formula.

In this case, we have a bloodthirsty Christian sect hunting a pair of lesbians, only to have their main prey poached by a transsexual who beats the series' breakout character to death.

Druckmann does earn bonus points from forcing the player into the dysphoric killer's high heels to deliver the deathblow himself. As humiliation rituals go, it's a liturgical masterpiece.

Not everyone appreciates the craftsmanship Naughty Dog's head witch has put into demoralizing his own audience.
An anonymous source linked to Nauhgty Dog Inc. reached out to us with the following message regarding The Last of Us 2 gameplay footage leak:
“I don’t doubt, even for a moment, that this leak came from the studio. The Last of Us Part 2 is very divisive and, as you can imagine, some of the team aren’t really thrilled to be working on the game.”
The source goes on to talk about how stale the work environment has been at Naughty Dog and how so many people have had to bite their tongues because ‘cancel culture’ is very much alive inside of the studio.
“Many people would agree with me that this has been one of the worst projects they’ve ever had to work on, and that’s not just because some people disagree with the plot. Even though some of the team members are Christians and don’t necessarily agree with the game’s ‘message’, they are also professionals and can put their personal politics aside to get the job done. What really sucks about all of this is the working environment.”
Who was the source of the leak? Fan speculation centers around one ex-Naughty Dog employee who definitely had the means, motive, and opportunity.
Naughty Dog built their reputation upon the success of the Uncharted trilogy; one of the most critically acclaimed and fan loved gaming series of all time. The game owed a lot of its success to due Amy Hennig’s vision, direction and writing. Unfortunately Hennig was ‘forced out’ off Naughty Dog by Druckmann due to ‘creative disputes’.
Amy Hennig signed a strict NDA which barred her from discussing the real reason she was thrown out but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating that it might have for political reasons.
In an interview at the DICE summit in 2019 Amy Hennig confirmed that Nadine Ross was not in her version of Uncharted 4, and neither was the ambiguous relationship between her and Chloe Frazer.
The lesbian relationship between two female protagonists from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy wasn’t confirmed in the game, albeit strongly hinted at, but rather — in J.K. Rowling ‘after-the-fact’ fashion — in a Tweet from Naughty Dog in December, 2017.
It's not hard to read the untold story between the lines here. Druckmann wanted to foist his lesbian fixation on Hennig's characters. She fought back and was excommunicated from the Naughty Dog coven. The disaster that is The Last of Us II is Druckmann's revenge against Hennig and the player.

And here's his parting shot:
New screenshots reveal that all the female characters in The Last of Us Part II have been made to look more androgynous allegedly to not offend trans women.
Druckmann has really upped his game since 2013. Not only is he waging war on normal sexuality, he's launching an all-out attack on beauty, too.
We spoke to a seasoned artist who has worked as a character designer for several AAA games and he admitted that “this is the new norm.”
Note the rhetorical sleight of hand there. The phrase "new norm" isn't about changing norms. It's about rejecting the concept of normality altogether.
“It’s not really about the sexual objectification of women, ” he explained. “Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes; to say that having big busty women is unrealistic is untrue.”
He added: “This is only true for trans people. A trans woman can’t naturally grow large breasts, and not all trans people can afford implants. If you see a game where the women are a little less curvy, it’s not to because the game designers are worried about receiving backlash for sexualising women, it’s because they are worried about offending the trans community.”
Here we see that the real aim of the Death Cult's attack on beauty is to destroy truth. Stating, "A trans woman can't naturally grow large breasts," while pretending you're not talking about a man is the Current Year version of a cowed Eastern Bloc shopkeep saying, "Workers of the world unite!"

Don't buy the lies.

Don't give money to people who hate you.

DO learn how to break free of the Cult and have fun while you're at it:


  1. They traded the woman who created Legacy of Kain for a below average marvel writer. Sad.

  2. JD Cowan raised a salient point in his own blog - this game will still probably sell well, given that not enough people will have seen the leaks by Sony’s rushed June release date. It’s the NEXT game when fans see their goodwill spat upon by the likes of Druckmann will they reap the whirlwind, after which he will inevitably fail upwards and move on to infect yet another beloved company. And on and on it goes

    1. JD is probably right. No reason we can't throw fuel on the dumpster fire, though.

    2. Thankfully gamers are as well equipped if not MORE well equipped in the quest to throw off AAA developers than avid book readers are in throwing off oldpub. There's no shortage of great indie games made easily available by the likes of the nintendo switch and steam, along with an army of venerable classics provided by GOG

  3. Seems Neil Druckmann and crew are Copyright striking videos that traced his plotting and visual philosophy to Feminist Frequency--which was a factor in the tanking of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem.

    "In a cutscene from what appears to be the end of the game, a player-controlled Abby wins a fist fight against Ellie, allegedly killing her and leaving her for dead as she chokes on her own blood:"

    Not even trying to hide it anymore, are they?

    1. No, they're not.

      And that gives us an advantage.

  4. Just finished your book. Well done! I noted your comments about White Wolf, which are now under Paradox Interactive. Paradox made interesting historical games but now for their upcoming Crusader Kings III, they've scrubbed "Deus Vult" from the game and lets players be gender fluid saying "it means that we do not frame heterosexuality as the default in CK3, which was also important for us."


    1. They're also involved with the upcoming Bloodlines 2, which has been the subject of wokeness rumors mirroring those that surrounded TLoU2.

      Anyone holding out hope that Bloodlines 2 will be any good is just cope posting at this point.

  5. Again, imagine if a Christian writer got ahold of a secular game series and inserted rabid atheists as the one-dimensional villains, unfairly persecuting the angelic religious protags. And the religious protags got justified/violent revenge at the conclusion.

  6. Brian

    And the coup de grace is the studio is denying the contractually obligated bonuses. So cheating the labourer of his wages is so unsurprising.
    I suppose this is the end of mainstream gaming companies.


    1. Cheating the laborer and promoting sodomy? Are they going for vengeance of heaven bingo?

    2. They just have to mistreat some widows and orphans now...

    3. Does selling propaganda with game-play elements to the children of single mothers with limited income count as abusing the widow and the orphan?

  7. We need to build our own game industry as well apparently. Seeing as how the AAA industry has become an evil entity at this point.

    1. Already underway. I spoke with Mister Metokur on the subject a few weeks back. He's convinced that indie gaming will flourish in the current crisis.

  8. Critical Drinker nails it. My only quibble is his hope the "creative director" learns that the customers don't want this. I pointed out the director hates the customers and is fine with burning the company to the ground to spite them.

    1. Frothing dervishes do not care that they die.

    2. If the pattern of franchise raiders who "got woke, went broke" in other industries holds, this "creative" director will fail up to another property or franchise that's been marked for death by wokeness.

  9. I forgot the link: https://youtu.be/y6f6mmuh_04