Wasting a Crisis

Palpatine Crisis

It's taken for granted that Millennials are among the most left-leaning generations. Those who subscribe to Fourth Turning theory ascribe this leftward bent to a Hero generation coming of age during a time of unprecedented ease.

The great crisis the Millennials spent their childhoods waiting for never came. Therefore they embraced Leftism, which is an ideology based on conjuring imaginary crises for the sake of expanding its adherents' power.

You can see this crisis fabrication dynamic underlying Millennial activists' penchant for LARPing as civil rights crusaders. The Left correctly discerned that Westerners will vote away their own civilization as long as every issue is framed in terms of expanding individual freedom of expression.

That's why so many Lefty Millennials are in a near-constant state of hysterical indignation over abstract figments like white privilege and microaggressions. They grew up in an era of unrivaled equality and prosperity, so their constant demand for oppression to rally against always far outstrips the supply. Jim Crow is long gone, and all the remaining Klansmen are feds. Despite ridiculously expanding their definitions of bigotry, Lefties still must stage bizarre and childish hate crime hoaxes so they can have a common enemy to mob.

Pardon me for sounding a little 2015, but there's a salient point here. Leftist ideologues, who are the political arm of the Death Cult, operate by ginning up panic over nonexistent threats that let them stage their beloved morality plays. Contra Rahm Emanuel, it's not so much about leveraging crises as inventing them from whole cloth. If the crisis isn't real, it never gets solved, so the steady creep toward Leftist totalitarianism is never rolled back.

Enter Corona-chan. Most people think the pandemic is a genuine threat, and some say it's fake crisis spread by the media and Trump to take down Trump.

From a political perspective, it doesn't really matter if the plague is real, since it's giving populist nationalist leaders the perfect chance to enact their mandates. You can tell which leaders have been paying attention by noting who's running the Left's playbook more capably than the Left does.

Here's Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán taking full advantage of the pandemic to gain sweeping emergency powers. Orbán can now accomplish his agenda by decree without interference from the legislature or the courts. Imagine what Trump could've achieved absent activist judges and his own party stabbing him in the back.

But Hungary is a more or less coherent nation, and the US is a multinational, multicultural empire. Trump could be using Corona-chan as a pretext to fast-track the Wall, end chain migration, and recall our troops from the Forever Wars. Sadly, he sounds more intent on working with a system designed to thwart the platform he was elected on.

This is what right-wing eggheads trying to dispel the crisis because, "Number X is smaller than number Y," fail to grasp. The Left never says, "Black unemployment is at all-time lows. Maybe we should reexamine affirmative action." Instead they milk every crisis--real or imagined--for all it's worth. That's how you change the political landscape, as Orbán is demonstrating.

The coronavirus pandemic is having another beneficial knock-on effect that's gone strangely under-reported on the Right. It turns out that the Left's fake crises can't survive contact with the corona crisis. They tried running their go-to script, but scolding people for correctly naming a Chinese virus caused a sharp backlash. It's hard to convince people that anti-Asian prejudice is worse than the disease when they're drowning in their own juices.

Dissidents couldn't ask for a better political opening right now. The Left is sitting poleaxed in the face of a crisis they didn't invent and can't control. Theirs is a boutique ideology for pasty urbanites with too much idle time, and the normal people they used to keep cowed are taking notice. It would greatly benefit the President if he noticed, too.

A white-knuckle military thriller set in a brutal post-future!


  1. "LARPing as civil rights crusaders"

    Great line. I see so much of this, especially in the arts. They wish they had lived in the '60s because they envision themselves in a morally unambiguous context, heroically marching in Selma. Since time travel hasn't been invented yet, they equate benign events to racissss, like "heteronormative" father-daughter dances and gendered prefixes. Our current brush with reality should cure most of their sympathy with this self-fellating ideology. The true believers will need stronger medicine.

    1. Many will need stronger medicine than currently exists.

      Fingers crossed for that vaccine!

    2. Everything they write feels like they believe it's a speech on the level of "I have a dream" that History(tm) will look back on years from now to heap praise on them.

      They live in a fantasy world where the boomer fever dream of the 1960s is year zero to be relived over and over.

      When a shift happens they are going to be completely unprepared.

    3. We might be seeing the start of it now.

    4. Imagine living in a culture that has repudiated the sexual revolution and women's liberation, in which every abortion clinic and referring office has been closed and replaced by a crisis pregnancy center or a faithful church, and in which the churches tell the State to stay in its lane while they see to works of mercy.

    5. Of course, beginning closer to home, as one always ought to begin, imagine churches full of men no longer disabled and taken out of the fight by addiction to work, porn, booze, or the idolization of their hobbies. Imagine men of firm faith and good conscience, each devoted to God, his wife, their children, their church, and his work, in that order.

  2. I wish Trump would get it. He’s been playing this too safe when he should be leveraging it to savage the Dems. He has most of the country watching him everyday, especially the normies who watch TV. He should have savaged them over the stimulus bill. Should have told the people watching how the Swamp does not care about them. Should have reemed the corporacratic and banking elite for their demanded bailouts while they made billions liquidizing and selling off our assets to the highest bidder ...usually our enemy China. He could have destroyed Pelosi over the politicking of the stimulus. So much opportunity wasted.

    Instead, he seems a bit shell shocked. Really wish he’d channel his inner Franco or Pinochet and seize the bull.

    1. I remind you that Trump retains the emergency powers to redirect ALL funding as he sees fit. That stimulus money goes where he wants, and Congress can go pound sand. That's why he didn't complain much; he's making Congress (and his enemies) take their masks off IN PUBLIC and folks are noticing.

      Meanwhile, he's done what Ron Paul couldn't and the usurers are already panicking.

    2. I hope that’s the play he plans to take and it’s not a false inference of 4D chess.

    3. Trump's a negotiator, not a killer. It's not 4D chess to say he always give an opponent room to retreat, which is to say, if he gets what he wants out of the deal, we won't attempt to take everything "just because". This is a strategy for repeat "plays" where you know you have to deal with the same people again. He does and will. Aggression in the political arena must be tempered by the simple calculation of +own voters energized -other voters energized. It's a civil morale game and as such it is preferable the other side's potential voters be in despair, not terror.