The Past as Battlefield

Battlefield Past

As the twenty-first century enters its third decade, we leave behind a landmark phase of the culture war that has raged hot and cold since before many of you reading this were born.

The recently concluded stage of the battle for Western civilization saw one side drop its mask and effectively admit they want to destroy Christendom. The other side also made a bold change of tactics by actually fighting back.

Perhaps the most significant dimension of the culture war's 2010s escalation was that many of the battles were not fought for the future, but over the past.

The archetypal form of these engagements was #GamerGate, a consumer revolt staged by exasperated video game enthusiasts fed up at being lied to and lied about by the gaming press. Though GG ultimately failed to reform games journalism, it exposed the hysterical Cult that's hijacked the entertainment biz as a vehicle for nihilistic anti-culture propaganda.

That the Gators and SJWs were fighting over video games is either taken for granted or glibly dismissed by most commentators. But both vantage points miss a key aspect of the conflict. On one side stood gamers who'd enjoyed their hobby since childhood and liked it the way it was. On the other massed invaders who demanded that gaming change to comport with their progressive creed. If you spent any time in the hashtag ca. 2014-2016, you couldn't escape the refrain, "I just wanted to play vidya." Gators, by and large, longed for a return to the status quo ante where they'd be left to indulge their favored pastime in peace.

In this light, #GamerGate can be seen as a conflict between those who love the past and those who are infatuated with a utopian future.

A recent article by author JD Cowan helped put these revelations in perspective.
The reason the nostalgia plague is around and reuses to die, the reason Hollywood can't make anything new anymore, and the reason Gen Y needs to be reminded of their youth, is because they are empty inside and have nothing else to them aside from remembering when they were not as miserable. They don't know anything else, because everything they were taught turned out to be wrong, and everything around now was made for those other than them--those that are now taking a sledgehammer to the foundations of what bore them to begin with. Gen Y are eternally green, unprepared for what lays before them. They have no safety net, no wider relationships, and have receded into a shell of recycled memories.
Ironically, it is their green that funds those who hate them. Boomers who forgot them overnight have handed over industries to their handpicked successors who detest everything Gen Y grew up on. It is why every reboot or relaunch of an old property deliberately subverts everything Gen Y loved about it to begin with. The above Ghostbusters reboot was exactly this. Thus even their shallow childhood is hollowed out just a bit more every time it is soiled. These others wish Gen Y would die so they could finally gut this old junk and make their own subversive slop meant for propaganda purposes instead. So what you have is a homeless wanderer generation pestered by those passing them on the shoulder of the road and spitting on them as they speed by.
A generational model is only as good as its descriptive accuracy. In parallel with my project to dredge Generation Y from the memory hole, other writers continue producing insights that untangle previously impenetrable riddles.

Let's take a look at some age demographics.

Carl Benjamin, AKA Sargon of Akkad: b. 1979.

Jim, AKA Mister Metokur, AKA the Internet Aristocrat, AKA James Patrick O'Shaughnessy, AKA Jim81Jim: b. 1981

Matt Jarbo, AKA Mundane Matt, AKA the Quarry King: b.1982

An interesting pattern emerges. Three of the most influential figures in #GamerGate, including the guy who broke the story that started the revolt and they guy featured in said video, are all Gen Y.

#GG's pushback against SJWs bastardizing their hobby--and their failure to achieve their objectives--makes perfect sense when you factor in the Gators' dominant generational cohort. One of Gen Y's defining vices is retreating into a vanished past to stave off a bleak, inevitable future. As JD pointed out, the past is all they have. Th SJWs stepped on a land mine when they trespassed into the Gators' man cave.

And because Gen Y's other defining vice is naive incompetence, #GG finally fell apart while the GameJournoPros continue running the gaming press.

My one point of contention with JD's otherwise sterling analysis is that he lays the blame for raping Gen Y's past at the feet of Millennials. It's a tempting conclusion, since his basic premises are sound. On the whole, Millennials do indeed lack nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, and they have been brainwashed by the Death Cult since childhood. They will certainly continue the project of hollowing out Gen Y nostalgia to make skin suits for witches. But they didn't start it.

Let's look at some more age data.

Chelsea Van Valkenburg, AKA Zoƫ Quinn, AKA Literally Who: b. 1987

Anita Sarkeesian, AKA Literally Who 2: b. 1983

John Walker Flynt, AKA Brianna Wu, AKA Literally Wu: b. 1977

Two Ys and one X. Our three SJWs' generational breakdown--not, as less enlightened readers may assume, the third one's chromosomal makeup--lets Millennials off the hook for #GamerGate, which in retrospect was largely a Gen Y civil war.

From a historical perspective, #GG as internecine Gen Y conflict makes perfect sense. Entertainment meant for the current youth is always made by prior generations. The Beatles were Silents, not Boomers. Similarly, Boomers like Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray made most of the product that fuels Gen Y nostalgia.

Besides, an old maxim holds that nobody gives you real power until you're 40. Millennials haven't been handed the reins--yet.

The real dynamic behind #GamerGate and similar anti-SJW reactions was Gen Y's spiritual emptiness splitting two ways. Of the great mass that tried to fill the void with nostalgia, many swelled the ranks of gamers. The Pop Cult did its evil work on roughly 25% of Ys, whose desperate but misguided quest for meaning led them into the Death Cult's belly. 

Tragically, Gen Y witches may have the same motive as their peers caught in the nostalgia trap. The former try to recreate the joy and richness of their beloved childhood IPs, but their abandonment of the vestigial Christian worldview that made those properties work dooms them to forever produce hollow knockoffs tainted by Death Cult propaganda.

Again, it makes sense. Millennials wouldn't try to remake She-Ra or Thundercats. They have no attachment to either. Millennials, as the name implies, are consumed with chasing an illusory utopian future without history or memory.

There's an important lesson in the Gen Y witches' victory over their Pop Cultist siblings. A firm moral vision--even a warped one--trumps hazy nostalgia. The Outer Party can't beat the Inner Party. You don't show up to a holy war without a religion. 

In the next round of culture wars, the Millennials, having finally come into their own, will rush to realize their utopian fantasies. They will face opposition from red-pilled Zoomers. Gen Y will have the chance to share their lessons from the school of hard knocks with Gen Z. By embracing their vocation as world-weary mentors, Ys may find a last chance for redemption.

Combines current events with brutal mech action!


  1. I, as a Y, embrace that role. The Zs I mentor in Bible study are familiar with brutal truths, study the Bible critically (compared to me at that age who had never gone beyond the saccharine children's version), and know how to support each other. So far, there's been no apostasy, and they are very engaged with the local church. It gives me hope.

  2. Sounds similar to my own exposure. Of the generations that I find annoying, Boomers take the number one slot, but the number two slot is my own generation, Gen Y. I don’t know any radical SJW Millenials in my own life, and cynical Gen Xers tend to get it but they suffer from cynicism or guardedness as a reaction to the current climate of thought crime.

    1. We are the real children of the Boomers, after all.

  3. Interesting.

    GG was basically a war between those who wanted to remain Gen Y and those who wanted to convert to a new religion. Because the latter had those in charge to help, they managed to succeed despite them being just as incompetent as the Sargon/liberalist crowd.

    You can't fight for your right to be lazy. It's a completely nonsensical thing to do. That might be why aside from those like Metokur (who have changed a lot) and those that have converted to Christianity, the entire group has faded away.

    In fact, all those Christian prayer and psalm channels said skeptics formed to mock are still around even over a decade later, while they themselves are hemorrhaging viewers and subscribers. Flat out Y incompetence.

    This goes back to what you said about generation sticking together. Ys in the SJW sphere succeeded because they have backing. Millennials are backed by Boomers.

    Ys don't have anyone who is going to fight for their right to be lazy. If that isn't clear by now, it never will be.

    It's time to pick a side.

    1. It was a show with everything: a colorful cast of characters, double agents switching sides, and an ambiguous ending.

      If it hadn't actually happened, one could be forgiven for confusing GG with the synopsis of an Oliver Stone movie.

    2. So what does it say about the "conservatives" the stayed out of it and let the Ys fail while the "liberals" let their guys succeed?

      This tapestry is weaved much tighter than I first thought.

    3. It's simple. There are no Conservatives. There never were.

      Dissident Ys too often hope for the right politician, the right movement, the right idea to sweep in and make it 1989 again. And this, too, is the nostalgia trap.

      We've got to let go of the old era.

    4. I've been thinking about this a bit.

      While the Boomers remain in charge they have let Xers and Ys in prominent seats like pet dogs. That is why they all act the same regardless of age--they all belong to the same cult and the help each other.

      Their religion is working overtime.

      All those you've seen in those "SJWS OWNED" videos and whatnot are only now getting out of the university system. The Millennials are only just now getting revved up.

      But unlike the older generations, they don't have that filter. They can turn it on and off or be a chameleon. They're true believers. That video of the girl mindlessly screaming after seeing the American flag? That's a Millennial inducted into the cult. That is what's coming next.

      Once the frothing hordes are given the keys to the kingdom all bets will be off.

      I'd say by 2024 we will finally see them fully unleashed. That's when Millennials will be out there in full force and Zs will be in the university system. Then it will get really hot out there.

      Accelerationists are just going to have to wait a bit longer.

    5. You're right, and as a bonus, Millennials will be the single biggest voting bloc in 2024.

    6. “Dissident Ys too often hope for the right politician, the right movement, the right idea to sweep in and make it 1989 again. And this, too, is the nostalgia trap.”

      Because 1) they are lazy, 2) they are cowards, 3) they are starting from a disadvantaged position, and 4) that’s how it always worked in the movies of their generation.

      This is why the media you imbibe is important. They never heard about the great saints who put it all on the line, and all the heroic movies of the 80’s suffer from “great man with God mode turned on” syndrome.

    7. Making it 1889 again, or 1789, won't even help, if we haven't learned to reject humanism and modernism. Repentance is the only true form of forward motion, but that must still mean building anew from a clean and correct foundation.

  4. We've got to let go of the old era.

    So what I hear you saying is, “Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.”