The Coof Cult

Coof Cult

As the world braces for the looming coronavirus pandemic, scattered details are emerging of a deliberate and sinister motive behind the outbreak.

Kudos to internet sleuth Mister Anti-Bully and Metokur's Sweetie Squad for piecing this horrifying puzzle together. Jim's friend's Twitter feed has gained a well-deserved reputation for breaking news on the virus days before the mainstream media. Their theories and predictions have proven correct so often that I recommend the feed linked above as your go-to source for coronavirus info.

Their latest hypothesis, which looks to be bearing out, concerns the shadowy Shincheonji church of South Korea. The recent explosion of infections in that country has been traced to the church's location in Daegu.

It's worth noting that Christian leaders in South Korea consider Shincheonji a heretical pseudo-Christian cult. The cult's founder, self-described "messiah" Lee Man-hee, claims to be the second coming of Jesus and to have secret knowledge of how to interpret Scripture.

As if an eschatological cult's involvement in South Korea's coronavirus outbreak wasn't bizarre enough, the story has taken a downright chilling turn.
Jung Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the authorities were investigating reports that Shincheonji had operations in Hubei, the Chinese province that includes Wuhan, where the virus emerged. The South Korean news agency Newsis reported on Friday that Shincheonji had opened a church in Wuhan last year, and that references to it had been removed from the church’s website. Church officials could not immediately be reached for comment.
The cult at the epicenter of South Korea's epidemic recently opened a church in the city where the virus originated, only to scrub it from their web site.

Coincidence? Possibly. Now factor in this story:
The announcement came after South Korean members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus toured Israeli sites between Feb. 8-15 and upon their return home 18 of them were discovered to be infected with the virus.
Israel’s health ministry urged people who might have encountered them to self-quarantine, including 180 pupils and 19 staff from three separate schools who it said had close contact with the South Korean visitors.
It gets worse.

28 of 39

It's not just Korea, China, and Israel, either. Shincheonji has been expanding worldwide for a while now.
Churches in New Zealand are being warned of a South Korean-linked group accused of being a religious cult that infiltrates churches and uses "real deceit" to recruit members.
A Herald investigation has found that the group, Shincheonji, or the "New Heaven and New Earth" church, has set up a base in Auckland.
Members of the group, also known as Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, or SCJ, believe its founder Lee Man-hee is the appointed successor of Jesus Christ.
Shincheonji's presence at ground zero of coronavirus outbreaks in multiple countries could still be an accident, right? Perhaps they just happened to open a church in Wuhan one year before the initial outbreak. Then congregants from Wuhan happened to infect their South Korean coreligionists, who happened to pick this month for a pilgrimage to Israel. Shincheonji's prohibitions against wearing masks and goggles at church services may also just be a fluke that helped the virus spread.

If so, the effects of all those flukes is indistinguishable from deliberate action. Here's a global map of Shincheonji locations:

shincheonji map

Here's the most recent coronavirus infection map as of this writing:

Coof Map

The coof map isn't a 1:1 match--yet. But keep in mind that this coronavirus strain has an incubation period of up to 24 days or more, and it has a habit of eluding tests. If I were a betting man, I'd put real money on there being far more cases than the official numbers say.

All told, I'm leaning toward Jm's friend's assessment.

Real Death Cult

Whether deliberate or not, the Pop Cult and the original Death Cult are issuing calls for omnicidal solidarity with the Coof Cult.

If there's a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, it's that people are realizing our rulers' incompetence and yes, their nihilistic courting of death.

Civilization may survive Corona-chan, but the tottering edifice of globalism is unlikely to pull through.

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  1. Brian

    Geez if it weren't real life I'd swear this would be an off the hook pulp spyfi.

    On a serious note Is this cult some kind of disease vector designed to create a crisis to centralize power but slipped through the elites's fingers like water?


    1. Just spit balling, but they might be part of the elites' (or an elite faction's) plans.
      >The Philippine Senate blamed Soros and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
      >There's a Chinese government bio-lab in Wuhan.
      >A Chinese agent smuggled viral materials out of Canada.
      >An Ivy League virologist may have been spying for China.

    2. Brian

      Thanks. The few good things to come out if this pandemic
      1) a repatriation of manufacturing and supply
      2) a return to localism
      3) being more choosy about how much to be open.

    3. Perhaps we can watch the techno-slavers like Apple finally crash and burn.

      On the downside, if this thing is indeed running rampant through China, that's a whole lot of people dying without ever hearing and believing the Gospel.

    4. Good point. All Christians should be praying that this chastisement be mitigated.

  2. South Korea's last president had a mentor who supposedly led a "cult." Didn't follow that story closely so I'm not sure if it was fake news by the opposition party, garden variety media exaggeration -- or maybe the mentor's influence was *understated* to avoid further problems.

    Two other observations. 1) high time preference destroys civilization. No one can take the short-term pain of decoupling from China for the immense long-term gain. 2) The opportunity costs of mediocre political and business leadership are staggering. If the administration hadn't tied itself to "muh stock market," there'd be an opening to declare a state of emergency and expedite construction of domestic drug and reagent factories.

    At least we can point and laugh at lolbertarian free traders again.

  3. The story of the Rajneesh cult is not too dissimilar to this, just on a smaller scale.

    Rajneeshpuram's community in Oregon attempted to assassinate local politicians through germ warfare so their chosen candidate could win in the local elections. He only failed because it was the 1980s and germ warfare was not that easy for smaller cults to get their grip on.

    The short of it is that cults should not be tolerated. If there is any legitimate reason for official religions to exist at national level it is to prevent subversives like this from existing.

    1. It used to be that the local sheriff would drive weirdos and troublemakers to the county line, warn them that their kind wasn't welcome there, and tell them to move along. If the first lesson didn't take, it would be driven home by a few of the boys in the jailhouse back room.

      If any good comes of the pandemic, it might be a rediscovery of such time-honored traditions.

    2. Aum Shrinikyo did likewise, with the difference being that their weapon was a chemical agent rather than a biological one.

  4. We'll know They take it seriously when Jim's friend is booted off twitter for being a news aggregator.

    Stay healthy and safe, friends!