Scary Computers

Political Hack Bill Mitchell has gone on a Twitter tear that amply demonstrates why I call basic Conservatives the Suicide Cult.

Mitchell 1

Mitchell 2

The above may not be the platonic ideal of a Boomerpost, but it's certainly in the running.

Submitted for your consideration: one of Bill's "Scary Computers"

Corona-chan world tour: Now on 6 continents!
As for the stats Bill cites to prove the virus is "all hype", the official numbers are still 10x higher than the total infections SARS managed to rack up in twice the time. They're also based on trusting the Chinese government, who admitted of their own infection classification methods that they were, "doing it wrong".

Which goes a long way toward explaining why China has imposed the biggest quarantine in history.

The motive behind Mitchell's and many other Conservative talking heads' potentially deadly disinfo campaign reveals itself in this tweet:

Mitchell 5

Remember that tweet the next time you hear establishment Conservatives accusing the Left of politicizing everything. These partisan grifters can't see past their own bow ties to the clear and present threat waltzing through our wide open borders.

As always, Conservatives' fixation on economics sets them up to be blindsided by reality.

Mitchell 4

Their ostriching is understandable. A major economic panic could hurt Trump's reelection chances. But when you ignore a problem in the hope it'll go away, the problem usually has other plans.

1K Day

Eventually, the widening gulf between Conservitard fantasy land and the real world starts to look downright psychotic.

Mitchell 3

To sum up Bill's take on the corona virus pandemic: "It's no big deal, bro! French fries are deadlier than Corona-chan! China quarantined tens of millions of people to gaslight Wall Street into tanking the Trump economy! Also, Iran's leaders breaking out in fever sweat on live TV is a nefarious plot to harm the US by *unintelligible mumbling into hand*

Iran Coof

Thankfully, most people are too smart to fall for Mitchell's unctuous politicking. Ironically, if he and his slimy ilk did succeed in lulling Americans into inaction, their efforts would backfire colossally as the virus sidelined a good swath of Trump's Baby Boomer base.

Contra the Bill Mitchells of the world, the prudent course of action is to assume the official numbers are bogus and take reasonable precautions. Even if the whole outbreak blows over, you'll have supplies on hand to deal with a future crisis.

And as our leaders' inept bungling of the corona virus situation indicates, another crisis may not be far off.

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  1. I would think that this virus proves Trump's point about borders and strengthens his hand with China. It's bound to stir up the kind of nationalist feelings that helped him get elected. If you are a Trump fan, recognizing the danger of a pandemic would seem like a good idea. It's good policy that is also good politics.

    1. Yes, this pandemic should be the final word against globalism.

    2. Chris

      Agreed the one positive thing about this virus is it compels local corporations to repatriate manufacturing and logistics back home.

      Given the scope of the pandemic in Asia, a lot of companies will be accept reality and come home.

  2. I've seen a lot of irrational fear today about the coronavirus, and a lot of bad actors have been stoking that fear today, hoping that they can help tank the stock market further all so they can say, "I told you so" about Trump. Very annoying.

    1. The bad actors would try to blame a meteor strike on Trump if they could. That's why Trump's best play is to close the borders. That way he keeps a promise to his base and foils the fear mongers at the same time.

      You can't blame Trump for an epidemic if he stops the epidemic.

  3. Hm. Ipad failed me. Now to remember what I said.
    Oh. Yeah. Trump has softly begun a decoupling of the USA from the Chinese economy: there was great wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Coronavirus makes it look like a smart idea. Trump has softly begun to act like the USA should have borders: a move which attracted many predictions of the end of civilization, America, and the very fabric of the cosmos itself. Coronavirus makes it, again, look like a good idea.

    Coronavirus makes Trump look smart in almost every respect. This pundit is either stupid or deliberately lying.

    1. If Trump wants to turn the tables on the ghouls who're trying to frame this as his Katrina, he'll open every rally and press conference by lambasting Bill Clinton for outsourcing drug production to China.

    2. From your mouth to God's ears.

  4. " And as our leaders' inept bungling of the corona virus situation indicates, another crisis may not be far off."

    Brian's theory that civilization will fall due to morons inheriting the power structures built by better men is pretty spot on -- and to think, peak oil was the worry 15 years ago instead of peak IQ!

    The next step, once the Corona-chan situation stabilizes, is to raise tariffs again and accelerate the repatriation of American industry. Cancelling college debts, confiscating university endowments, and revitalizing technical trade schools is a complimentary move that will also secure the election for the GOP, provided they're interested in winning.

    If anything, I'm surprised the president's response hasn't been more aggressive given that Corona-chan validates his key polices.

    1. It's a pattern we've seen with Trump on other issues. He started out strong against globalization with the tariffs, getting companies to repatriate, starting the Chinese trade war, etc. He should be flooding Twitter with scathing threads against our just-in-time supply chain and dependence on foreign manufacturing.

      The fact that he's responding to the outbreak with, "It's just the flu, bro," and "Now's not the time for travel bans," tells us he's listening to the RiNO Wormtongues on his staff.

      I've never trusted Bill Mitchell because he's basically a failed clone mini-me version of those establishment clowns.

  5. Reasonable precautions are well and good, and something everyone should do, because we all have some natural disaster of some sort that could hit us, be it flood, hurricane, earthquake, or blizzard. But stick to a purchasing plan, and don't go running out and starting your prepping right now. The problem is that every time one of these stupid panics hits, suddenly everyone is out "just taking reasonable precautions."

    I've told this story elsewhere, but the first time I was really introduced to this herd mentality was in December 1999. I was working at a bottled water store in Southern California. December was usually one of our slower months. We'd get a few folks who'd decide that a new water dispenser was a good Christmas present, but other than that, it would usually be just our regular customers.

    December 1999 though, everyone was in full Y2K panic. We sold every bottle we had on the shelves. Our distributor couldn't get us bottles fast enough. We sold more water in the last week of December than I'd seen on even the hottest weeks of August. And to a man, everyone who came in and bought an extra bottle, or did an extra fill-up, said the same thing: "I'm not worried, I'm just being prudent."

    There were some great deals to be had on New In The Box generators to be had in January 2000.

  6. Seeing people trying to use the Corona virus as a political bludgeon is sickening.

    "Trump wants a wall? What a monster!"
    "Why doesn't he close the border? What a monster!"

    They can't even turn their brain disease off for five minutes.

    1. And Mitchell's no different.

      If he can use this as a weapon to get his desired result, he will.

      The end justifies any means modernists want to get their utopia on Earth.

    2. This is why democracy always leads to a crisis of leadership. It's a popularity contest, and sometimes real leadership means you have to do what's unpopular.

  7. Jim's friend summed it up best: National Lampoon's Apocalypse.

    The staggering amount of official incompetence is amazing.

    1. At the end of Animal House, it's revealed that John Belushi's character became a senator. He'd have managed this crisis better than our current leaders.