Combat Frame Data: YCR-015-2

YCR-015-2 Zwei Dolph Custom: Sieg Friedlander Colors

Technical Data

Model number: YCR-015-2
Code name: Zwei Dolph Custom
Nickname: Roter Stier
Classification: custom high mobility, energy weapon optimized combat frame
Manufacturer: Seed Corporation
Operator: Systems Overterrestrial Coalition
First deployment: CY 1
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: 19.5 meters
Weight: 45 metric tons
Armor type: palladium glass microalloy/aeorgraphene/ceramic composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 1935 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4x 36,615 kg, 4x 15,785 kg; top speed 2808 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 14, 180° turn time 0.83 seconds; legs: top ground speed 190 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted behind visor in head
Fixed armaments: none
Hand armaments: shield, attaches to left forearm, mounts double plasma cannon, power rated at 1.75 MW total (2x 0.875 MW); double plasma fork, power rated at 0.60 MW per head (2x 0.30 MW each), wielded one or two-handed in use.

General Notes

The XCD-001-1 Prometheus gave Sekaino Megami a war machine capable of achieving her genocidal goals. All she lacked was a pilot with the skill and resolve to unlock its full potential. 

Megami always intended ZoDiaC operative Sieg Friedlander to be her lead XSeed pilot. But as always, she hedged her bets by simultaneously grooming her maniacal hatchet man Eiyu Masz for the role. To that end, she green lighted Masz's custom YCR-015-1 as a training unit to prepare him for the brutally high-performance XSeed.

When the first Zwei Dolph Custom proved itself beyond even Megami's expectations, she secretly ordered Seed Corp to produce a second unit, ostensibly as a backup. The second custom Zwei Dolph was painted blood red to distinguish it from Masz's midnight blue original and shipped to the Kazoku's Metis asteroid base. There, CF tech crews nicknamed it the Roter Stier or Red Bull.

The destruction of Metis at the end of the Kazoku War left no records as to whether or not Sieg ever piloted the YCR-015-2. If he did take the powerful machine's stick, his operating time was most likely limited to a test flight or two, since he fell ill shortly after arriving at Metis. The Roter Stier was almost certainly destroyed along with all the other materiel and personnel that perished when the asteroid exploded. But its striking red paint scheme carried on to grace the XCD-001-2 Kreuzgun.
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Scary Computers

Political Hack Bill Mitchell has gone on a Twitter tear that amply demonstrates why I call basic Conservatives the Suicide Cult.

Mitchell 1

Mitchell 2

The above may not be the platonic ideal of a Boomerpost, but it's certainly in the running.

Submitted for your consideration: one of Bill's "Scary Computers"

Corona-chan world tour: Now on 6 continents!
As for the stats Bill cites to prove the virus is "all hype", the official numbers are still 10x higher than the total infections SARS managed to rack up in twice the time. They're also based on trusting the Chinese government, who admitted of their own infection classification methods that they were, "doing it wrong".

Which goes a long way toward explaining why China has imposed the biggest quarantine in history.

The motive behind Mitchell's and many other Conservative talking heads' potentially deadly disinfo campaign reveals itself in this tweet:

Mitchell 5

Remember that tweet the next time you hear establishment Conservatives accusing the Left of politicizing everything. These partisan grifters can't see past their own bow ties to the clear and present threat waltzing through our wide open borders.

As always, Conservatives' fixation on economics sets them up to be blindsided by reality.

Mitchell 4

Their ostriching is understandable. A major economic panic could hurt Trump's reelection chances. But when you ignore a problem in the hope it'll go away, the problem usually has other plans.

1K Day

Eventually, the widening gulf between Conservitard fantasy land and the real world starts to look downright psychotic.

Mitchell 3

To sum up Bill's take on the corona virus pandemic: "It's no big deal, bro! French fries are deadlier than Corona-chan! China quarantined tens of millions of people to gaslight Wall Street into tanking the Trump economy! Also, Iran's leaders breaking out in fever sweat on live TV is a nefarious plot to harm the US by *unintelligible mumbling into hand*

Iran Coof

Thankfully, most people are too smart to fall for Mitchell's unctuous politicking. Ironically, if he and his slimy ilk did succeed in lulling Americans into inaction, their efforts would backfire colossally as the virus sidelined a good swath of Trump's Baby Boomer base.

Contra the Bill Mitchells of the world, the prudent course of action is to assume the official numbers are bogus and take reasonable precautions. Even if the whole outbreak blows over, you'll have supplies on hand to deal with a future crisis.

And as our leaders' inept bungling of the corona virus situation indicates, another crisis may not be far off.

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Remember Thou Art Dust

... And to dust you shall return.

Ash Wednesday dust

Ash Wednesday has arrived to usher in the Lenten season. During this time of preparation for Easter, Christians are encouraged to renew and deepen our vigilance in prayer, fasting, and penance. Before His glorious Resurrection, Our Lord first had to pass through His sorrowful Passion. If we would be His disciples, each of us must take up his cross and follow Him.

 It's a staple of most Ash Wednesday sermons, but in our consoomerist age, it bears repeating: Giving up chocolate for Lent doesn't mean gorging on caramel instead. Pigging out at Red Lobster--a company which supports infanticide--violates the spirit of abstaining from meat. We are called to practice self-denial. If your Lenten practices are pleasant, they're probably not encouraging much spiritual growth.

Another oft-suggested but salutary idea for Lent is to take on a new spiritual devotion in addition to giving something up. Resolve to pray an entire rosary each day. Dedicate yourself to at least fifteen minutes of daily Scripture reading. Make a resolution to attend daily Mass or Eucharistic adoration.

And here's the key to spiritual practice I've learned firsthand: Once you adopt a new spiritual discipline, NEVER EVER STOP.

Christians need to adopt a nurse shark mentality to the spiritual life. If you're not constantly moving ahead, you're falling behind. There is no treading water. Stop swimming, and you die.

That's a fitting analogy for a day set aside to remind us of our mortality. The Christian should always stand ready to meet death, which as Christ graciously warned us, comes at an hour we know not.

Far from morbid rumination, Jesus' exhortation should encourage us to avail ourselves of the generous channels of grace He has established and made easily available through His Church. Though in Lent we deny the flesh, the soul can have its fill through the overflowing abundance of liturgies and sacraments on offer throughout this holy season. It would be a shame to mortify the body and starve the spirit.

If you've never observed Lent before, this one is the best time in living memory to start. With a global pandemic on the horizon--or already here--it's a good time to go to confession if you haven't been in a while. Austerity may not be optional soon, but voluntary and involuntary suffering alike can be offered up for our and others' intentions.

Of course, there's a hard moral line between healthy purification and rashness that may lead to self-harm. There is no moral obligation to do something harmful. While every reasonable effort should be made to attend the liturgy on Sundays and holy days of obligation, that obligation is suspended if you are ill to the point that Mass attendance would likely worsen your condition and/or infect others. Similarly, if you are well but going to church carries a risk of exposure to infect people, prudence dictates staying home.

For those currently living in either condition who wish to have some experience of the liturgy, here is a high Ash Wednesday Mass, courtesy of YouTube:

Spiritual preparations take pride of place, but our physical needs shouldn't be neglected, either. To that end, here is some practical advice for riding out a quarantine in relative comfort.

First, Author David Stewart provides a helpful checklist of vital supplies.


  1. Rice – 100 lbs
  2. Pinto Beans – 25 lbs
  3. Condensed milk – 2 cases
  4. Canned Corn – 2 cases
  5. Cheerios – 4 boxes
  6. Kodiak pancake mix – 2 large boxes
  7. Beef Jerky – 24 servings
  8. Whey Protein – 2 bags (220 servings)
  9. Nuts (Various)
  10. Olive oil and other cooking oils
  11. Water – 2 cases bottles plus at least 25 gallons of pure water
  12. Tabasco or similar for seasoning
  13. Protein bars – 2 boxes

The whey protein in particular is an important nutrient source that most people miss. The asking price may give some newbie preppers pause, but once you get past the sticker shock, you realize that a single serving will last you all day, and one container has around 75 servings. That means you're getting all the protein you need for less than 70 cents per day.

Definitely read the rest of David's post for more vital information on supplements, medicines, and sundries you'll want to have on hand.

A final potentially lifesaving tip comes from Jim's good friend on Twitter. Many preppers have been recommending N 95 and P 95 masks to help avoid infection. Major chains like Wal-Mart and CVS are already selling out of these masks, but Jim recently shared his secret means of obtaining these crucial supplies.

Instead of drug and grocery stores, which will quickly be picked  clean by normies, head to your local Lowe's, Menards, Home Depot, or hardware store. To avoid starting a panic, don't say you're looking or masks to protect against the virus. Instead, ask for respirator masks that are recommended for laying sheet rock or two part epoxy. Masks used for those jobs usually have N or P 95 ratings (double check to make sure), and buying them won't arouse suspicion.

That should take care of your basic necessities. It is equally important, however, to make provision for leisure time--which we'll probably have a lot more of soon.

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Cultural Iconoclasm


Commenter JD Cowan asks,
So what does it say about the "conservatives" the stayed out of it [#GamerGate] and let the Ys fail while the "liberals" let their guys succeed?
This tapestry is weaved much tighter than I first thought.
My answer:
It's simple. There are no Conservatives. There never were.
Dissident Ys too often hope for the right politician, the right movement, the right idea to sweep in and make it 1989 again. And this, too, is the nostalgia trap.
We've got to let go of the old era.
In retrospect, I'd be more precise in saying, "the old paradigm"--the Red vs. Blue shell game that only leads America closer to the cliff's edge, though at varying speeds.

The matter must be on many people's minds, because the redoubtable Z Man also addressed it in far more detail in a recent Z Blog post.
It’s not just that it is timid or disorganized. As the Canadian political theorist Ben Woodfinden notes, it is a reaction to the collectivist impulses of the Left. The Left seeks to use the state to reorganize society according to their current fads, so the Right opposes the state as a legitimate entity. Not just the state, but institutions in general, instead promoting radical individualism. Conservatism comes to be defined as something just as radical as what’s on offer from the Left.
What English speaking countries need is a conservatism that will transform the state into something that will strengthen and support traditional institutions. Instead they get a force that weakens those institutions. The conservative revolution of the 1980’s in America, unleashed rapacious global privateering in the name of free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit. Instead of restoring the damage done by the radicals of the 60’s and 70’s, it created new mayhem.
You see that forming up in Britain and America in response to the rise of archaic socialism, in the form of Sanders and Corbyn. Conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic are now working themselves raw about this new red menace. Instead of examining why these collectivist appeals, including the rise of populism, are attractive to the voters, they lurch further into radical individualism. This is every bit as destructive to the culture as the radicalism it claims to oppose.
The culture war is one side using the state to destroy tradition, while the other side makes it impossible to form a collective defense of the culture. The reason for this is that, at least in the Americas, there has never been an authentic conservatism. America has always been a radical bourgeois project. After the Civil War, that radicalism became the default of the political class and remains so today. This reformist impulse is the distinguishing feature of the American empire.
The old joke that being conservative means tenaciously conserving the Left's progress isn't quite right. First of all, it ascribes some degree of effectiveness to Conservatives. Second, it presumes a false dichotomy.

There have never been conservatives and liberals in America; there are only slow and fast Liberals.

Put another way, there has never been serious, organized opposition to the progressive ideology of making personal self-expression an absolute. So-called conservatives will readily declare their support for individualism. Their version is just slightly less radical.

And due to the constant leftward shift of the Overton window, "radical" is relative.
That reformist impulse has its roots in the founding. On the one hand, those people we call Puritans were collectivists reformers. They believed society was judged collectively, which gave them license to police the community for sinners. Advancing society, social progress, meant bringing the bottom up in a spiritual sense. On the other hand, a man’s relationship with God was his alone. Self-sufficiency was a sign of God’s grace, an indication that the person was in good standing with the Lord.
Both sides of this coin are quite radical, relative to Western tradition. In fact, it is fair to say the Puritans were anti-tradition. They stripped their houses of worship of all ornamentation and any reminders of past practice. They saw tradition and ritual as an excuse for not exercising the spirit through the regular study of Scripture. The collective impulse of the founding, as well as its individualism, are the result of a rejection of European traditionalism on spiritual grounds.
This is why reform in America has been impossible. The periods of radicalism in the name of collective reform have been followed by periods where the institutions are weakened in the name of individualism. These weakened institutions become vulnerable to a new round of radical reform. This cycle has locked the ruling class into a dance that always moves Left. No matter the response of the public at the ballot box, the direction is always Left, just with a different lead.
Ironically, this means that the only way a genuine conservatism can emerge, and in the case of Britain, reemerge, is by overthrowing the current order. This Progressive orthodoxy of radical reformers entangled with radical individualist will need to collapse into a single unified ideology, while something new arises to oppose it. That something new is the defense of traditional order, organic institutions and the popular will expressed through natural identity.
There's a word for rejecting established political, cultural, and religious traditions suspected of being problematic: iconoclasm. America's early Puritan settlers not only shunned religious imagery, they embraced anti-traditionalism in regard to Sacred Tradition.

We see this same suspicion of art and tradition in today's Conservatives. It's to be expected since those ingredients were baked into the cake.

The Death Cult represents individualism, iconoclasm, and anti-traditionalism taken to their logical extremes. They idolize personal preference as absolute. They seek to stamp out the very image of God through abortion, euthanasia, and sterilization. They hold the past in contempt and revile all truth as an external imposition on their license.

One can't help but notice a stronger resistance to the Death Cult among certain Old World countries. Poland, Russia, Italy, and Hungary in particular are staging counterattacks with varying degrees of success.

The current order will not avail us. Those seeking to lay foundations for something new would do well to heed the example of the nations above.

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The Coof Cult

Coof Cult

As the world braces for the looming coronavirus pandemic, scattered details are emerging of a deliberate and sinister motive behind the outbreak.

Kudos to internet sleuth Mister Anti-Bully and Metokur's Sweetie Squad for piecing this horrifying puzzle together. Jim's friend's Twitter feed has gained a well-deserved reputation for breaking news on the virus days before the mainstream media. Their theories and predictions have proven correct so often that I recommend the feed linked above as your go-to source for coronavirus info.

Their latest hypothesis, which looks to be bearing out, concerns the shadowy Shincheonji church of South Korea. The recent explosion of infections in that country has been traced to the church's location in Daegu.

It's worth noting that Christian leaders in South Korea consider Shincheonji a heretical pseudo-Christian cult. The cult's founder, self-described "messiah" Lee Man-hee, claims to be the second coming of Jesus and to have secret knowledge of how to interpret Scripture.

As if an eschatological cult's involvement in South Korea's coronavirus outbreak wasn't bizarre enough, the story has taken a downright chilling turn.
Jung Eun-kyeong, director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the authorities were investigating reports that Shincheonji had operations in Hubei, the Chinese province that includes Wuhan, where the virus emerged. The South Korean news agency Newsis reported on Friday that Shincheonji had opened a church in Wuhan last year, and that references to it had been removed from the church’s website. Church officials could not immediately be reached for comment.
The cult at the epicenter of South Korea's epidemic recently opened a church in the city where the virus originated, only to scrub it from their web site.

Coincidence? Possibly. Now factor in this story:
The announcement came after South Korean members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus toured Israeli sites between Feb. 8-15 and upon their return home 18 of them were discovered to be infected with the virus.
Israel’s health ministry urged people who might have encountered them to self-quarantine, including 180 pupils and 19 staff from three separate schools who it said had close contact with the South Korean visitors.
It gets worse.

28 of 39

It's not just Korea, China, and Israel, either. Shincheonji has been expanding worldwide for a while now.
Churches in New Zealand are being warned of a South Korean-linked group accused of being a religious cult that infiltrates churches and uses "real deceit" to recruit members.
A Herald investigation has found that the group, Shincheonji, or the "New Heaven and New Earth" church, has set up a base in Auckland.
Members of the group, also known as Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, or SCJ, believe its founder Lee Man-hee is the appointed successor of Jesus Christ.
Shincheonji's presence at ground zero of coronavirus outbreaks in multiple countries could still be an accident, right? Perhaps they just happened to open a church in Wuhan one year before the initial outbreak. Then congregants from Wuhan happened to infect their South Korean coreligionists, who happened to pick this month for a pilgrimage to Israel. Shincheonji's prohibitions against wearing masks and goggles at church services may also just be a fluke that helped the virus spread.

If so, the effects of all those flukes is indistinguishable from deliberate action. Here's a global map of Shincheonji locations:

shincheonji map

Here's the most recent coronavirus infection map as of this writing:

Coof Map

The coof map isn't a 1:1 match--yet. But keep in mind that this coronavirus strain has an incubation period of up to 24 days or more, and it has a habit of eluding tests. If I were a betting man, I'd put real money on there being far more cases than the official numbers say.

All told, I'm leaning toward Jm's friend's assessment.

Real Death Cult

Whether deliberate or not, the Pop Cult and the original Death Cult are issuing calls for omnicidal solidarity with the Coof Cult.

If there's a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic, it's that people are realizing our rulers' incompetence and yes, their nihilistic courting of death.

Civilization may survive Corona-chan, but the tottering edifice of globalism is unlikely to pull through.

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The Past as Battlefield

Battlefield Past

As the twenty-first century enters its third decade, we leave behind a landmark phase of the culture war that has raged hot and cold since before many of you reading this were born.

The recently concluded stage of the battle for Western civilization saw one side drop its mask and effectively admit they want to destroy Christendom. The other side also made a bold change of tactics by actually fighting back.

Perhaps the most significant dimension of the culture war's 2010s escalation was that many of the battles were not fought for the future, but over the past.

The archetypal form of these engagements was #GamerGate, a consumer revolt staged by exasperated video game enthusiasts fed up at being lied to and lied about by the gaming press. Though GG ultimately failed to reform games journalism, it exposed the hysterical Cult that's hijacked the entertainment biz as a vehicle for nihilistic anti-culture propaganda.

That the Gators and SJWs were fighting over video games is either taken for granted or glibly dismissed by most commentators. But both vantage points miss a key aspect of the conflict. On one side stood gamers who'd enjoyed their hobby since childhood and liked it the way it was. On the other massed invaders who demanded that gaming change to comport with their progressive creed. If you spent any time in the hashtag ca. 2014-2016, you couldn't escape the refrain, "I just wanted to play vidya." Gators, by and large, longed for a return to the status quo ante where they'd be left to indulge their favored pastime in peace.

In this light, #GamerGate can be seen as a conflict between those who love the past and those who are infatuated with a utopian future.

A recent article by author JD Cowan helped put these revelations in perspective.
The reason the nostalgia plague is around and reuses to die, the reason Hollywood can't make anything new anymore, and the reason Gen Y needs to be reminded of their youth, is because they are empty inside and have nothing else to them aside from remembering when they were not as miserable. They don't know anything else, because everything they were taught turned out to be wrong, and everything around now was made for those other than them--those that are now taking a sledgehammer to the foundations of what bore them to begin with. Gen Y are eternally green, unprepared for what lays before them. They have no safety net, no wider relationships, and have receded into a shell of recycled memories.
Ironically, it is their green that funds those who hate them. Boomers who forgot them overnight have handed over industries to their handpicked successors who detest everything Gen Y grew up on. It is why every reboot or relaunch of an old property deliberately subverts everything Gen Y loved about it to begin with. The above Ghostbusters reboot was exactly this. Thus even their shallow childhood is hollowed out just a bit more every time it is soiled. These others wish Gen Y would die so they could finally gut this old junk and make their own subversive slop meant for propaganda purposes instead. So what you have is a homeless wanderer generation pestered by those passing them on the shoulder of the road and spitting on them as they speed by.
A generational model is only as good as its descriptive accuracy. In parallel with my project to dredge Generation Y from the memory hole, other writers continue producing insights that untangle previously impenetrable riddles.

Let's take a look at some age demographics.

Carl Benjamin, AKA Sargon of Akkad: b. 1979.

Jim, AKA Mister Metokur, AKA the Internet Aristocrat, AKA James Patrick O'Shaughnessy, AKA Jim81Jim: b. 1981

Matt Jarbo, AKA Mundane Matt, AKA the Quarry King: b.1982

An interesting pattern emerges. Three of the most influential figures in #GamerGate, including the guy who broke the story that started the revolt and they guy featured in said video, are all Gen Y.

#GG's pushback against SJWs bastardizing their hobby--and their failure to achieve their objectives--makes perfect sense when you factor in the Gators' dominant generational cohort. One of Gen Y's defining vices is retreating into a vanished past to stave off a bleak, inevitable future. As JD pointed out, the past is all they have. Th SJWs stepped on a land mine when they trespassed into the Gators' man cave.

And because Gen Y's other defining vice is naive incompetence, #GG finally fell apart while the GameJournoPros continue running the gaming press.

My one point of contention with JD's otherwise sterling analysis is that he lays the blame for raping Gen Y's past at the feet of Millennials. It's a tempting conclusion, since his basic premises are sound. On the whole, Millennials do indeed lack nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, and they have been brainwashed by the Death Cult since childhood. They will certainly continue the project of hollowing out Gen Y nostalgia to make skin suits for witches. But they didn't start it.

Let's look at some more age data.

Chelsea Van Valkenburg, AKA Zoƫ Quinn, AKA Literally Who: b. 1987

Anita Sarkeesian, AKA Literally Who 2: b. 1983

John Walker Flynt, AKA Brianna Wu, AKA Literally Wu: b. 1977

Two Ys and one X. Our three SJWs' generational breakdown--not, as less enlightened readers may assume, the third one's chromosomal makeup--lets Millennials off the hook for #GamerGate, which in retrospect was largely a Gen Y civil war.

From a historical perspective, #GG as internecine Gen Y conflict makes perfect sense. Entertainment meant for the current youth is always made by prior generations. The Beatles were Silents, not Boomers. Similarly, Boomers like Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray made most of the product that fuels Gen Y nostalgia.

Besides, an old maxim holds that nobody gives you real power until you're 40. Millennials haven't been handed the reins--yet.

The real dynamic behind #GamerGate and similar anti-SJW reactions was Gen Y's spiritual emptiness splitting two ways. Of the great mass that tried to fill the void with nostalgia, many swelled the ranks of gamers. The Pop Cult did its evil work on roughly 25% of Ys, whose desperate but misguided quest for meaning led them into the Death Cult's belly. 

Tragically, Gen Y witches may have the same motive as their peers caught in the nostalgia trap. The former try to recreate the joy and richness of their beloved childhood IPs, but their abandonment of the vestigial Christian worldview that made those properties work dooms them to forever produce hollow knockoffs tainted by Death Cult propaganda.

Again, it makes sense. Millennials wouldn't try to remake She-Ra or Thundercats. They have no attachment to either. Millennials, as the name implies, are consumed with chasing an illusory utopian future without history or memory.

There's an important lesson in the Gen Y witches' victory over their Pop Cultist siblings. A firm moral vision--even a warped one--trumps hazy nostalgia. The Outer Party can't beat the Inner Party. You don't show up to a holy war without a religion. 

In the next round of culture wars, the Millennials, having finally come into their own, will rush to realize their utopian fantasies. They will face opposition from red-pilled Zoomers. Gen Y will have the chance to share their lessons from the school of hard knocks with Gen Z. By embracing their vocation as world-weary mentors, Ys may find a last chance for redemption.

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Witch Test Alternative?

Some of my stalwart and respected Twitter mutuals have been administering clinical trial runs of an alternate method to diagnose and treat witchery.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Name 3

The Name 3 approach looked promising, with reports of early success. But could it a) unmask Death Cult witches attempting to co-opt Christian morality and b) figuratively "retire" witches in Christian skinsuits who failed this new Voight-Kampff?

As it happens, an iron-nerved witch hunter administered a field trial just this morning. Let's take a look at the results and see if the OT WT has some competition.

Geist 1

A prospective witch appears on the radar with a standard point-and-shriek at two members of the gamer scene. As frequent readers will know, she's casting Venger and Urbanski as Satan's imps in her little morality play--bonus Alinsky points for accusing one of her targets of witchcraft. Her aim is to elicit disavowals of the targets from the group, cement her unearned moral authority, and so raise her status in the Cult.

The test hasn't started yet. Think of this as calibration. But do note that trying to prove your cred within the Death Cult's moral frame doesn't work. You simply don/t want to kill as many people as they do, and they can tell.

Geist 2

Here, our man makes two more fruitless attempts at engaging fanatics with dialectic before catching on to their game and administering the experimental test.

Just like it says on the tin, the Name 3 test challenges Death Cult morality playwrights to back up their accusations with evidence. Let's see what happens ...

Geist 3

The test evokes a stream of "Hitler hiding under the bed" Death Cult cant. The subject unmasks her fevered irrationality and the absence of any objective basis for her moralizing. Witch confirmed. Condition A satisfied.

Where we run into problems is Name 3's handling of condition B. Note that after the test is administered, the witch launches into a mini tweet storm wherein she ascends the pulpit and preaches a sermon further condemning her targets. Instead of taking the wind out of her sails, the invitation to pontificate just emboldened her.

Providentially, another inquisitor was on hand to apply the original Witch Test to the same subject. Compare and contrast the results to those of Name 3.

Geist 4

Instant result: The witch reveals herself and self-detonates the basis of her original accusation. All onlookers immediately see her cynical, self-serving ploy for what it is.

The village goodmen then arrive to chase the witch out of town.

Geist 5

Final analysis: In the context of witchfinding, Name 3 relies too heavily on the dialectical, instead of the moral, level. This deficiency puts the blade runner at risk of succumbing to a stealth replicant's moral frame. Save it for when anti-Christs of the goony neckbeard variety make objectively falsifiable fact claims, as in Richard's original case of an atheist claiming the Catholic Church has reversed itself on matters of dogam.

Stick to demanding professions of faith when sniffing out Death Cult morality plays. Confronting Cultists with the Holy Name of Jesus is what makes it a witch test to begin with. We're in a spiritual war. Don't leave your most potent weapon sheathed.

Pulse-pounding theological horror!


Who Could Have Predicted


... that importing Latin American congregants instead of catechizing and evangelizing at home would blow up in American bishops' faces?
Peter’s Pence, the annual collection advertised by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as raising money for the charitable works of the pope, is the subject of a class-action lawsuit after the Wall Street Journal reported that only 10% of money raised actually went to help the poor (the rest ending up in the hemorrhaging Vatican general fund).
Needless to say, people are sitting on their wallets when asked to give by the bishops. It’s the only avenue laity have to give them a vote of “no confidence.”
It seems the U.S. bishops are the only people in America who aren’t benefiting from the booming Trump economy. Gallup has released a series of poll findings this week which indicate people are feeling pretty good about the country and their own financial affairs. About 61% of people think they are better off than when President Trump was elected three years ago (a higher number than any third-year president in living memory). About 69% expect their financial situation to improve over the next year (a number only matched in the go-go late 1990s). Consumer confidence is reported at levels not seen in several decades.
People ought to feel good about their financial affairs. The total return on the stock market is up nearly 65% since Trump’s election, which is good news for the majority of families which have 401(k)s, IRAs, and 529s. Wages are finally growing smartly above inflation again, and faster for those at the bottom of the income ladder. Inflation is well within Federal Reserve safety limits. Housing prices are up almost everywhere. You can get a 30-year mortgage with just over a 3% interest rate, the same rate at which you can get a loan for a brand new family car.
Unemployment is at or near record lows by any measurement or for any subgroup of Americans. There are more jobs than there are people seeking work. Labor force participation is up, as millions of discouraged potential workers come off the sidelines and back onto the job force. Anyone who wants a job can easily get one and is in a strong bargaining position to demand a solid salary and benefits package.
Counter-point: About a third of the jobs Trump created went to immigrants, who now make up a little more than 17% of the US work force. Latin Americans account for the lion's share of immigration to the US. And as I've discussed before, The USCCB has had an active hand in facilitating that immigration.

More on that in a moment.
If people have it so good, and Catholics are presumably well represented in these boom times, why are the bishops not only seeing their donations fail to keep pace with the rising tide but actually going down?
The answer is two-fold. First, lay Catholics are fed up with bishops who aren’t listening to our demands to get to the bottom of the culture of sex abuse cover-up and financial corruption that the bishops themselves have spent decades creating. Second, the bishops are so isolated from the rest of us that we have no other way to make our voice heard other than to close our checkbooks.
Latin America is not the place is was in 1920. American adults are not stuck in 1950, and American youth are not frozen in 1970. Yet the USCCB's policies and outlook are predicated on these misperceptions.

That said, only about a quarter of American Catholics say they've reduced donations to the Church because of the clergy sex abuse crisis. That's clearly a factor, but backlash against the gay priest problem alone doesn't account for the 54% fundraising drop reported by the Examiner.

The American hierarchy's current financial woes are the rotten fruit of seeds planted decades ago. Because of these policies, a majority of US Catholics aged 39 and below are Hispanic. Instead of doing the legwork to sustain and increase their native-born flocks, American bishops chased after quick bucks from already Catholic Latin American immigrants.

What the USCCB didn't count on was the 40% apostasy rate, which affects immigrant populations just as surely as it affects the native stock. A couple freshly arrived from El Salvador might attend Mass every week, but their kids will fall away in college all the same.

The soil may not be magic, but the culture is definitely toxic to faith. When catechesis and outreach amount to nil, the Death Cult default fills the void.
If the bishops want to turn this around, they have to stop acting like nervous, embattled CEOs and start acting like shepherds. Pursue justice swiftly against those who have committed sexual abuse and financial crimes, or those who hid the truth about that behavior — no more excuses, no more delays, and no more bishops covering for other bishops.
I'll second that sentiment and add, stop taking money from the feds to aid and abet the third-world invasion of America.

To paraphrase St. John XXIII, a good American bishop must first be a good American. Selling your fellow countrymen's culture and future for thirty pieces of silver does not a good American make.
Firefly meets Dante's Inferno!


CLs and FSWs

Nick J Fuentes Police - Chris Emerson
Art by Chris Emerson

The great Ethan Ralph takes to his venerable blog once more to decry YouTube's censoring of rising Paleocon star Nick J. Fuentes.
The banning of Nick Fuentes from YouTube is generating a great deal of discussion across the broader internet about the future of free speech online and censorship. There are two types of people that you will commonly see during high profile bans like Fuentes’s, which we will refer to here as “Cynical Libertarians” and “Free Speech Warriors™”. Understanding the behaviors of these groups of people is important so that dissidents can properly respond to them and future bans like the one that happened to Fuentes.
Cynical Libertarians (CLs) are a mostly harmless group of principled pricks. A CL is a staunch opponent of censorship and a strong supporter of free speech, but cannot do so without self-aggrandizing or making petty attacks on the censored. When an individual gets censored, CLs are quick to condemn the censorship and celebrate their own consistency and/or invoke qualifiers about the beliefs or lack of support for free speech of the censored before defending them. At best, this behavior is vapid virtue signaling, but at its worst, is an attempt to poison the well, attack the censored, and lends legitimacy to the censorship. Consistently supporting other people’s free speech is no different than refusing to execute gay people by throwing them off buildings, it’s not something to be celebrated, it’s doing the bare fucking minimum! As for CLs that criticize someone’s beliefs before stating they would defend them, it is a cynical maneuver (hence the name) that allows them to wash their hands off after masturbating to their own morality. It, like this metaphor, is dezzgusting and needs to stop.
CLs are the Pharisees of the Cult's utopian wing, AKA Low Tax Leftists. Ralph is right that inconsistently supporting free speech isn't their besetting sin, but he's off the mark as to why. It's not that upholding absolute free speech is the bare minimum of civil conduct. It's that doing so consistently is impossible because free speech is not absolute, and no one really believes that it is.

Nick Fuentes' censoring by YouTube once again shows that speech does in fact have a price. The CLs' sin is paying lip service to the tech oligarchs who can demand said payment. The CLs pay because they start by conditionally accepting the Liberal moral framework that the Cult embraces unreservedly. They thereby preemptively disarm themselves against the censors they claim to fight.

"How can we make all speech free?" is the wrong question. "How can WE be the ones exacting a price for speech and acts that violate our morals?" is the only thread of inquiry that doesn't cede the moral high ground to the enemy.
Where the Cynical Libertarians act in good faith for egotistical reasons, the Free Speech Warriors™ (FSW™s) are dishonest and badly motivated for their own financial reasons. As censorship by big tech and other groups have intensified over the past several years, support for free speech has become an increasingly popular marketing gimmick. Otherwise unremarkable businesses like Gab.com have raised millions of dollars by branding themselves as providing people “Free Speech Software”, only to change their definition of free speech when allowing things that go against their owner’s personal beliefs and access to new credit card processors were on the line. Meanwhile individuals like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro have made being censored FSW™s a central part of their brands, which has netted them millions of dollars, but time and again, they failed to live up to their reputations when push came to shove. Far worse, FSW™s will often repeat slanders that would get people censored, then proclaim their opposition to censorship when the targets of the smears eventually get censored. Successful gaslighting by FSW™s is incredibly difficult for casual and even seasoned observers to properly detect, diagnose, and criticize. FSW™s are often able to proclaim their opposition to murdering Murray Franklin on his Live Television set, despite repeated past statements of “You get what you fucking deserve!”
Ralph has the FSWs' number. He just got it through keen intuition instead of working the equation.

FSWs like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson are cynical grifters who pay lip service to free speech like the CLs. But they take it a step further and bilk free speech absolutists like crooked TV preachers conning old ladies.

The mistake of a guy like Torba was writing checks his ad hoc ideology couldn't cash. Billing his social media site as a temple to absolute free speech was always doomed to end in a tragedy of the commons. We've made the experiment, and contra the utopian hopes for free speech, the best ideas don't rise to the top. Instead, the best hucksters sway the mob.

You can't seriously blame Torba for not wanting smut on his site. Legal hazards aside, no good comes to an outfit's officers or users for allowing that garbage. Torba actually took a moral stand in opposition to the Cult, but he stumbled over the free speech block he himself set up.

The Cult has no qualms against using the institutions it controls to push its moral vision. That's how it's always operated. People who call out Progressives' hypocrisy for abandoning support of free speech miss the point. Progressivism is, as the name implies, progressive. It bows to no limits. As such, it's never satisfied, and it never stands still. It's also perfectly willing to make alliances of convenience only to throw its former bed mates under the bus when their usefulness is exhausted.

This was the same dynamic motivating the Left's embracing and subsequent ditching of free speech. They correctly saw Classical Liberal notions of liberty as useful tools for disarming their only real opposition--the Church. Within the lifetime of some people reading this, Christians had the power to levy a social toll for blasphemous speech and immoral acts. The fist time Hollywood debauchery ran amok, a coalition of Presbyterian and Catholic leaders forced the studios to adopt moral guidelines that reined in the poz.

Now that the First Amendment written to safeguard Christians' rights has been used to shackle them, the Death Cultists in the media are turning the tables and forcibly censoring Christians.

Here's how the moral code which now governs public discourse works. The media is the new inquisition that enforces the Death Cult's morality. Anyone who doesn't want everyone dead--even utopians who only want enough dead people to usher in the revolution--will eventually be cancelled.

In short:
  • Wants everyone dead = brave and fierce!
  • Wants < everyone dead = Nazi!
If the last four years have taught us anything beyond a reasonable doubt, it's that you don't fight fanatical adherents of a depraved moral vision with appeals to value-neutral license. You fight it with a superior moral vision, and the only vision the Death Cult fears is the Beatific Vision.

Captivating theological horror!


A Gen Y Tale in Audio


Author and musician David V. Stewart presents his expert rendition of my viral short story "A Gen Y Tale".

Folks have been asking to hear my work in audio for years. Thanks to David, here's your chance. Listen now!

From my biased perspective, I think David not only delivered a faithful performance, he substantially elevated the material. What do you think?

NB: It's encouraging to see people born between 1979 and 1989 reclaiming the Gen Y label from the Madison Avenue memory hole. For those who are accusing me of trying to impose my interpretation of social phenomena on the zeitgeist, I'm an award-winning, best selling author. Getting to influence public discourse is a perk of the job.

So is filling the void left by dreary Death Cult propaganda with fun, escapist stories. Buy my space pirate horror novel now!

Nethereal - Brian Niemeier


Pseudo Language


Reader reaction suggests that yesterday's post may have gone too hard on the Z Man, so here's a classic post that showcases his strengths. Here he demonstrates his penchant for exposing the Death Cult's deliberate corruption of language.
Maybe it has always been true, but it seems like we live in an age of esoteric language or pseudo-language. Everyone is familiar with the gag of using “undocumented worker” in place of “illegal alien.”  Janitors became sanitation engineers and teachers are now educators. It’s a part of how the American Left makes war on our civilization. By destroying the language they destroy the truth. If words no longer have common and concise meanings, then there is no truth, only force.
Quick aside: doing away with reason so that everything is reduced to the blatant will to power is a hallmark of postmodernism.
There’s another aspect to this. The Progs create pleasant sounding phrases and neologisms that are packed with danger. It’s a natural outgrowth of the passive-aggressive tactics popular with the Progs. The new word or phrase is not intended to clarify or explain idea, but to warn people that the official truth has been decided and any further debate will be seen as a challenge. As everyone knows, the Left responds to a challenge with violence so the new phrase means “shut up or else.”
A partial list of pleasant-sounding yet perilous pseudo-language terms follows. Here are some of the highlights:
Have a conversation: Whenever you hear someone say they want to have a conversation about something, what they mean is they want to shut down all debate and impose their will with regards to the subject. Having a conversation about marriage led to the end of the homosexual marriage debate in favor of the sodomites. Having a conversation about race means Progs screaming at white people about racism and white privilege. Having a conversation always means sitting through a lecture.
Here’s What You Need To Know: This is a favorite of female millennial writers, who imagine themselves as brilliant because they got a gold star from their lefty teachers in school. It’s a phrase that sets themselves up as the arbiter of what is and what is not worth knowing about a topic. Unsurprisingly, what never needs to be known is anything that contradicts the one true faith. As soon as you see this in a post, it means that what you need to know is they are right and shut up.
Conservative Principles: Alternatively, “first principles” or “principled conservative.” The Conservative Industrial Complex loves throwing this around to benefit themselves and damage anyone questioning their project. As soon as you hear Official Conservatives™ talking about their principles, it means they are either about to throw in with the Left against you or they are preparing to surrender on some cultural issue.
Inclusive: This means normal people need not apply. Something that is inclusive is something that excludes the things normal people consider to be normal. A club that is inclusive, for example, will be full of homosexual males, blue haired lesbians and people with fashionable mental disorders. Inclusive is code for fringe weirdos only.
Divisive: Since uniformity and conformity are the highest virtues of Progressivism, anything that contradicts the tenets of the faith are labeled “divisive.” This lets coreligionists know that the person or argument is a major hate crime. This is also a mortal sin. There’s not much worse than being divisive.
Polarizing: Like divisive, this word is used for people or ideas that contradict the faith, but have not yet become mortal sins. The person or idea is causing conflict in the cult, but not so much that it is a threat. This is a venial sin.
It’s Complicated: This means it is not complicated, but we’re going to pretend it is so we can get a bunch of our friends jobs in the bureaucracy. Health care is complicated, for example, so it means thousands of jobs for liberal arts majors out of swank private colleges.
There’s a lot more work to be done: Politicians love saying this, usually after they rattle off a long list of their alleged accomplishments. Professional barnacles also love using this phrase when promoting whatever cause it is they represent, a cause that is fully funded by tax payers. In both cases, it means nothing will ever be solved and the racket will go on forever or until the treasury is empty.
The whole lexicon of lies is well worth reading.

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Candidate Y


The confusion among the lovable Gen X bug men over at the Z Blog as to Mayor Pete Buttigieg's generation is typical of blind men groping the tame elephant that is Gen Y.
Pete Buttigieg is the millennial candidate in every way. Most likely his support came from his age cohort. Further, it was heavily female, with the male portion being the sorts, who support the case against consuming soy products. On the other hand, Klobuchar is picking up the old Hillary vote. These are the old hens, who think having a female president is the only thing that matters. Her bitchy obnoxiousness reminds them of every fight they won with their ex-husband.
That is the democratic coalition right now. On the one hand it is spoiled, entitled millennial voters. On the other it is their divorced mothers. Sure, blacks, Hispanics, legacy whites and bronze age communists are there, but the people who run the party are of the two groups rallying to Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Those other groups are just accessories. They always have been, but now it is becoming explicit. None of the top-tier candidates have any appeal outside honkyville.
The image of the spoiled rotten, self-entitled Millennial soyboy skulking around the quad is now a fixture of intergenerational discourse. Like all stereotypes, there's a grain of truth to it. The error lies in trying to stick this label on Pete Buttigieg, who at 38 is closer to AARP membership than to college age.

Here's the Z Man from an older post on student debt relief ca. the 2016 election:
My bet is the Liberal Democrats are going to be testing a bunch of these ideas for the 2016 election. The idea is to promise the young free money so they will be vote for the Cult. Inevitably, the other side will offer up their own basket of goodies to the millennials.
Z had it right there. Democrat student loan schemes designed to bribe college-age kids into voting for Hillary would indeed have been aimed at Millennials. They weren't primarily targeting voters of Buttigieg's age. Unless you include 33-year-olds in your definition of "the young".

This is a prime example of the nonsensical stretching the Millennial label has been subjected to since Madison Avenue's memory holing of Generation Y.

More fun examples:


The Millennium did indeed lends its name to the Millennial Generation, but the hermeneutic key the Z Man is missing is that Millennials' formative years occurred around the turn of the millennium. The generation that came of age around then--with 9/11 as the demarcation line--is Generation Y.

Party Line

Lumping people who grew up pre-smartphone and pre-9/11 into the same cohort with people who don't remember a time before the internet and endless war gives you a category of no descriptive or predictive use.

D&R Boomers

And just so Jonesers don't feel left out again, here's Generation Jones getting left out ... again.

The value of a model is determined by its predictive utility. Mayor Pete, AKA Candidate Y, will not be elected President of the United States. Neither Generation X nor Generation Y will be allowed to produce a President. Instead, the Boomers will cling to power until the last possible second before handing the reins to their Millennial clones.

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Combat Frame Data: CCF-09V-2

CCF-09V-2 Veillantif Kai

CCF-09V-2 Veillantif Kai

Technical Data

Model number: CCF-09V-2
Code name: Veillantif Kai
Nickname: Veillantif
Classification: custom close combat high mobility combat frame
Manufacturer: Zeklov Corporation
Operator: Nouvelle France
First deployment: CY 2
Crew: 1 pilot in cockpit in chest
Height: Head height 18 meters, height with wings: 20 meters
Weight: 66.7 metric tons
Armor type: palladium glass microalloy/carbon ceramic composite
Powerplant: cold fusion reactor, max output 2332 KW
Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 2x 73,543 kg, 4x 18,391 kg, 2x 9,050 kg thrust each, top speed 3000 kph; maneuvering thrusters: 21, 180° turn time 0.81 seconds; legs: top ground speed 205 kph
Sensors: radar, thermal, sonar, optical array; main binocular cameras mounted in head
Fixed Armaments: x4 heat wing, mounted on back
Hand armaments: heat rapier, battery-powered, hand-carried in use; shield, attaches to left forearm, mounts retractable heat whip, powered by main generator

General Notes

Jean-Claude du Lione's CCF-09V Veillantif combat frame emerged from the Battle of Kisangani victorious but severely damaged. The Nouvelle French monarch resolved to not just repair his prized dueling CF, but to use the occasion for upgrading its already high performance.

Adding a second pair of circulating heat blade-edged wings doubled Veillantif's offensive and defensive power on its rear arc. The extra wings also increased stability and maneuverability in flight. To offset the additional weight, Jean-Claude installed two more rocket thrusters, plus four more maneuvering thrusters for an overall speed increase. Zeklov technicians improved upon Veillantif's already powerful generator with a cutting-edge reactor approaching the prototype series XSeed threshold.

Zeklov christened their latest masterwork the CCF-09V-2 Veillantif Kai. Jean-Claude simply continued calling his trusty war mount by its original name. Arming his dueling CF with its trademark heat rapier, shield, and heat whip, he resumed his vigil against all threats to Nouvelle France.

One of which would come in a form he did not expect.

Brutal mech action!


GOP Delenda Est

Kristi Noem

We already knew that Conservatives couldn't conserve the little girls' room. Now, the South Dakota GOP proves they can't even conserve little boys, full stop.
Legislation aimed at stopping South Dakota physicians from providing puberty blockers and gender confirmation surgery to transgender children under 16 failed to get enough support Monday in a Senate committee.
A Republican-dominated Senate committee voted 5-2 to kill the proposal, likely ensuring the issue won't be considered by the Legislature again this year.
Proponents already had amended the bill to get rid of criminal charges for doctors who provide gender confirmation treatments, including puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgery. But it would have allowed children to sue if they later regretted the treatments.
Before anyone chimes in with warnings about the slippery slope fallacy, note how the chemical and surgical castration of boys younger than 16 has been reframed by the Death Cult as health care. Even Fox News is paying lip service to the diabolical inversion of calling sterilization "gender confirmation".
But some Republican senators and GOP Gov. Kristi Noem had expressed concerns and questioned whether the Legislature should be delving into the issue.
Here's how far out of touch the GOP has veered from normal Americans in its mad dash to stay one step behind the Left: Stopping quacks and child abusers from mutilating young boys is now deemed an act of government overreach. Protecting kids from being turned into gelded freaks now violates the sacred Conservative principle of small government.

The vapid quislings in charge of the Republican party are not serious people. They do not stand in opposition to the Left. They are a soulless suicide cult bent on enabling the most twisted Death Cult enormities.

Conservatives may talk a good game about standing up for the principles of limited government enshrined in the Constitution. But not only has the government ballooned on their watch, what's the point in shrinking government when you still allow that government to destroy the posterity the Framers intended to defend?

The Republican party no longer represents the posterity of America's founders. They are nothing but coat holders for the Death Cult that is busily driving the United States over a cliff and into Gehenna.

If the American nation is to survive, GOP delenda est.


The Cult Knows Better

... Than Christians when it comes to the Bible, or so we're repeatedly assured by the Death Cult.

More Atheists

The character of the smug atheist who can quote Scripture chapter and verse better than Christian rubes from central casting is a shopworn oldpub cliche. Neither the fact that it's a dead meme nor that it's an obvious lie stops the Death Cult from reciting it like a litany.

More Atheists 2

Their Twitter handles give their game away. No one blasphemes Thor, because no one believes in Thor. These two accounts aren't nonbelievers rationally making their case for nonbelief. They're proselytes beholden to a heretical offshoot of Christianity. They know that whoever holds the moral high ground wins, and they know damn well that Christian morality is the moral standard of the West.

That's why the Death Cult can't propose a moral vision truly distinct from Christianity. Instead, they must always try to present themselves as the legitimate arbiters of the Christian moral code.

This is why the Witch Test is not just effective, but 100% effective at identifying these wolves in sheep's clothing.

Note that you don't see Death Cultists claiming to know the Koran better than Muslims. That is because enough Muslims have shown themselves willing and able to exact a toll on those who insult Islam.

It's a foreign concept to most people reading this post, but Christians were once willing and able to impose a cost--though more economic and social--for violating the moral traditions of the Church.

What happened? Christians in the West spent so long living among other Christians that our defenses atrophied--much like people who are never exposed to pathogens develop weak immune systems.

Now that the social and economic costs are being levied against Christians, lukewarm and nominal hangers-on are boiling off. Those who remain are like survivors of a plague--immune to the same attack. And the enemy has only one tactic.

The increasingly shrill--and yes, desperate--babbling from the Death Cult betrays their awareness of this dynamic. To their credit, they do have a base, animal sense of which way the wind is blowing which keeps them more in tune with the currents of social change than most Christians.

The tweets above, and the myriad others like it, don't arise from triumphal gloating over a cornered foe. They are the nervous mutterings of inmates who are locked here with us in the civilization we built.

You can impose your own costs on the Death Cult. Don't give money to people who hate you. Support Christian authors who want to entertain you. The first book in Glen Sprigg's Cameron Vail Mysteries is now only 99 cents. Buy it now!

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Return to Mel's Hole

Mel's Hole Seal
Art by Chris Holm
Continued from our previous tale of high strangeness.

In December of 1999, Mel Waters returned to the United States after two years of running a wombat rescue in Australia. He'd intended to visit friends and family for the holidays, but the government had other plans. They served Mel with papers claiming he'd made illegal developments near the site of the original hole and seized his land. The once-regular lease payments immediately stopped, and Mel found his bank accounts empty. The wombat rescue was shut down by parties unknown. His already frayed marriage bonds finally snapped, and his wife left him.

Mel boarded a bus bound for Olympia to visit his nephew. A fight broke out between two other passengers. The driver stopped the bus and called the police, who asked Mel for a statement. When he declined due to pressing family business, the cops offered to drive him to Olympia.

That conversation with the police was the last thing Mel remembered before he woke up badly beaten in an alley in San Francisco. To Mel's dismay, his handmade belt buckle containing one of the 1943 Roosevelt dimes from the hole was missing. So were his back teeth. Needle marks pocked his arms. Upon staggering to the street corner and consulting a newspaper, he learned his missing time encompassed twelve days.

But the worst blow would come soon thereafter, when Mel received a diagnosis of advanced esophageal cancer.

With six months to live and nothing left to lose, Mel threw himself into researching the hole that had turned his life upside down. Serendipitously, it was his parallel research into natural remedies that brought him into contact with an obscure Indian tribe from Nevada. The Indians claimed to have a peculiar plant on their reservation with potent medicinal properties. They said it grew in the vicinity of a curious hole.

Mel spent most of his meager remaining funds on a ticket to Nevada. His Indian hosts told him they'd long ago vacated the area around the hole, but a clan of Basque settlers had built a village there in the 1800s.

The Basque shepherds welcomed Mel and didn't seem perturbed at all by his strange story. They led him to their hole, which seemed to suddenly appear like a mirage when they neared it. Like the hole in Ellensburg, the Nevada hole measured nine feet across. Unlike Mel's original hole with its stone-clad sides, the Basque's hole had a metal rim two feet wide which rose two feet out of the ground. The metal lining descended as far as the eye could see, and the collar bore guide notches as if a great metal lid had once been fitted over it.

That was only the beginning of the Nevada hole's strangeness. Like Mel's original hole, it had sound-cancelling properties. Shouting down the hole produced no echo. Furthermore, the metal collar cancelled all sound within its circumference. Even when struck with a wrench, it remained silent.

Mel questioned the Basques about the hole, but they knew little more than him. It had been there when they'd arrived, they said, and it had probably been there for a long time before them. The metal collar gave off a pleasant amount of heat, and they grazed their flocks around it in winter.

After exchanging hole stories, Mel and the Basques decided to perform a series of tests. They bought two bags of party ice, each of which they poured into a separate bucket. They lowered one bucket into the hole while the other remained topside as a control.

When they'd reached the end of their 1500-foot line, they waited for half the control ice to melt and hauled the test ice back up.

The test ice hadn't melted at all.

Not only that, it felt warm and dry to the touch--like silica.

Mel and the Basques next tried to melt the ice over a campfire. The solid cubes kindled into flickering, shimmery flames. The flames didn't seem to consume the ice, and they never went out.

One of the Basques took the bucket of burning ice home and put it in his wood stove to heat his cabin. The ice kept him toasty all winter, but not without side effects. He was always thirsty, and his skin began to crack and peel. What startled him most was that the stove began sinking into the floor. One day, he returned home to find his cabin reduced to fine wood powder and the stove sunk five feet into the ground. Men claiming to be from the National Park Service came to remove the sunken stove, repeatedly failing despite bringing in heavier and heavier equipment. They finally raised it after filling the hole with water and chaining the stove to a crane. Of course, the bizarre artifact was immediately hauled off to parts unknown.

Somehow, this incident gave Mel and the Basques the bright idea to try a new test--this time with a living subject. One of the Basque men actually volunteered to go down the hole. Thankfully, the others talked him out of it and chose a sheep as their guinea pig instead.

As with the Ellensburg hole, animals feared to approach the metal-clad Nevada pit. It was necessary to stun one of the sheep and place it in a crate to get it near the hole. The subject came to when the crate passed the collar's edge, but the sound-dampening effect prevented Mel and the Basques from hearing its screams.

As with the ice, the sheep was lowered to 1500 feet. When the crate reached that depths, the hole's metal lining began to vibrate at a high frequency. The experimenters waited half an hour before pulling the crate back up. This time, there was no struggling from inside the box.

The crate was opened, and the sheep was found--unmarked but quite dead--inside.

A Basque butcher took it upon himself to perform an autopsy. Upon cutting the sheep open, he found that it had been cooked from the inside. A massive tumor had engulfed all its internal organs.

Someone noticed that the tumor was moving. The butcher cut out the pulsating sac and set it on a nearby table. He steeled himself and cut into the throbbing mass. Viscous gel smelling of ozone poured out.

An unearthly creature wriggled from the incision. It measured eighteen inches from nose to tail and according to Mel resembled a fetal seal with haunting, human-like eyes. Following a compulsion he couldn't name, Mel cut the umbilical cord joining the seal-thing to the tumor and placed the newborn creature on the ground.

The seal creature looked over the gathered humans with a compassion Mel had never before experienced. The stunned men gazed back at the creature from the hole--for two solid hours.

Once again heeding an unspeakable compulsion, Mel picked the creature up and set it on the metal collar's rim. The creature turned back, gave him a slow, knowing nod, and hopped back into the abyss.

The experience had clearly shaken the Basque men. They dumped the sheep carcass and the other remains of their experiment into the hole, thus concluding their research.

Mel sensed it was time to move on. Before he left, the clan elder pressed a thin square object into Mel's palm and told him not to open it until he'd left the reservation.

When he returned home, Mel removed the elder's gift from the pocket he'd stuffed it into. The object turned out to be a red lucky money envelope adorned with golden Chinese characters.

Inside, Mel found a 1943 Roosevelt dime.

Perhaps the envelope really did contain some luck as well, because after his next medical checkup, Mel's doctor declared that his cancer had disappeared.

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Nethereal - Brian Niemeier